Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Friday Night in Vegas, Bad Blood Flexes, and Where's BJ?

Check back on Wednesday for a new installment of my Playboy Mansion trip report.

Congrats to Bad Blood who won the WPBT deep stacks event on Full Tilt Sunday night. Great job. The Balco seems to be working on your MTT game. I busted out early after I had K-K cracked by the Hiltons. Derek took 11th.

By the way, on Friday afternoon in Las Vegas a bunch of us headed over to the Aladdin to play in a tournament. Mr. Subliminal was there playing cash games. Anyway, Senor played in the tourney. He's a stud player and rarely plays NL tournaments. He ended up 16th out of 84 and outlasted all the bloggers including Joe Speaker, CJ, Change100, and myself. Aterwards we headed to Excalibur with Spaceman and played craps with BG where we all took a bath.

On Monday night after returning to Las Vegas I dropped a buy-in. A lot of bad plays from yours truly coupled with a few suckouts and badbeats. I decided that I was running bad so I walked away.

Be sure to check out Spaceman's coverage of the WPT Reno over at Bluff Magazine.

* * * * *

By the way, if anyone knows where BJ Nemeth is... please call me! We're worried about you BJ, especially Heather from Poker Wire. I know you read my blog BJ, so I hope you are some three day bender somewhere or knocking boots with a hot French-Canadian chick and that's why you haven't answered my phone calls!

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