Thursday, March 09, 2006

L.A. Fadeaway

I'm finally leaving California after being here for 23 days. I'm looking forward to sleeping and recovering from a three week left coast bender. This weekend will be reserved for watching college hoops with my brother, finishing up a few freelance assignments, and posting photos like the one on the right from Zuma Beach.

Yesterday afternoon, I played in a PLO MTT on Poker Stars. I was top 10 in chips for most of the tourney after I doubled up in the first orbit. At one point, I rivered quad aces. I got all my money in the pot on the flop with A-A-K-J after I flopped a set of aces. One guy pushed with bottom two pair and another guy had a monster draw (OESD and nut flush). He promptly hit it on the turn. I prayed to Lee Jones that the river would pair the board even though one of my opponents held several of my outs in his hand. The river didn't pair the board. It was a much better result as the case ace fell. I busted out soon a little later after someone else caught some river magic on me. In the past week, I've also busted out of a PLO MTT when my opponent caught a gutshot Royal flush on me.

Last night around 2am, I had just finished up partying with Change100 and Showcase. Earlier in the night we saw his play for the first time. It had some pacing issues and technical problems with the lighting and sound, but Showcase was great!

Anyway, I fired up a $10 Horse SNG on Full Tilt and guess who was at my table? Jen from Poker Wire. I figured we were the best two players. So what happened? We both got bounced first. Jen had her aces cracked in the first level. There was a random reader at my table. My vision was blurry at the time and I forgot his name. He wanted me to live blog the SNG so he had something to read at work today. Jen and I got a chuckle out of that. Well whoever you were, here's your random shoutout!

The Human Head sent me this in a text message the other day:
Haiku of a Depressed Employee
That fuckface Pauly,
Basking in the LA sun.
Donkey Paradise.
That's it for now. I leave for the airport soon.

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