Monday, March 13, 2006

WPBT POY #1: PLO on Poker Stars

The first WPBT Player of the Year Circuit event kicked off. Byron did a great job setting it up, despite starting the tournament in the middle of the first episode of the new season of the Sopranos, which totally sucked by the way. I waited three years for a new episode and it was all rubbish. Anyway, 55 players showed up for the PLO tournament and the Top 9 would get paid prize money. Some of your favorite bloggers were playing, including yours truly. The top 28 players earned POY points.
My Starting Table:

Seat 1: Derek... The self-professed Don Swayze of poker bloggers was moved to the table mid-way through the first level. By day he's underwriting insurance for the porn industry and by night he's plotting to take over the Jets management with The Rooster.

Seat 3: Geek... He's the photoshop God among dorks and one of the many players you'd find donking off chips at the infamous Murderer's Row homegame in West LA. We think he overslept for the event, but my sources told me he was seen at a Star Wars convention in Van Nuys getting his light sabre autographed by Mark Hamill.

Seat 4: TripJax... The Greensboro, NC native used to work as for a minor leaue baseball team. Although he started out as the mascot, he eventually graduated to bullpen car driver and would take relief pitcher to the mound in a golf car that was dressed up like a badger.

Seat 5: Pauly... Your hero is actually the prototypical anti-hero. He's back from a three week stint in Hollyweird which fried his brain. His two secret addictions are PLO and writing poems about Scarlet Johansen's nipples.

Seat 6: DoubleAs... He's the best non-professional poker player around. An engineer and super-dad by day, he's a shark luring around the NL tables at night. He'll discuss all the poker strategy you want in the chat while taking your entire stack in the process.

Seat 7: Change100... The former sitcom child actor turned sleazy studio executive and everyone's favorite pot-smoking blonde from Hollyweird was here to donate some of her winnings after she cashed in the $1M Guarantee earlier in the afternoon. She giggled everytime some one bet "pot."

Seat 8: Spaceman... The man from Tennessee is deep in the heart of Dixie where the most PLO is ironically played here in America. He had Mrs. Spaceman riding shotgun in the tourney so they would be a tough duo to take down.

Seat 9: Drizz... The former silver medalist in the 1992 Olympics in men's fast-pitch softball team (it was a demonstration sport) is also an O8 guru. Can he make magic happen in PLO?
I had been working off my reload bonus by multi-tabling the $3/6 tables at Poker Stars. I randomly sat down at CC's table. I think I junxed him because he had a lot of big hands cracked. Anyway, back to PLO... I saw a lot of flops with hands I'd usually fold since everyone at my table was playing tentative. I had DoubleAs to my left which is good and bad. It's good because I can act before him. It's bad because even though it's PLO, he's still an excellent tournament player. Plus Drizz was the darkhorse. He plays a lot of Omaha 8, so he's used to playing games with four cards. Derek was moved to my table which a lot of railbirds were suggesting was a TV table. Meh.

My second table had Byron, Chops, FFLPlague, SpiderK, Iggy, Pauly, Bad Blood, and Change100. I had some good hands but didn't get any action after I hit a few flops. I had a boat against Iggy and he didn't pay me off.

I got moved to a third table that featured ResetDave, Vegaas, Wes, Jorgen, Gracie, CraigNY, Iggy, and CawtBluffin. (I apologize in advance if I can't think of your url off hand.) I wasn't there for too long. I was one of the shortstacks, sitting in 20th out of 30 when I arrived and action was so very close to the points bubble. I ran into Wes's quads and doubled him up. Two hands later I busted out by a straight flush. I raised on the button with A-A-5c-6c and got popped back by ResetDave. He had me covered and I was out.

I finished in 26th place. At least I lost all my chips to qauds and a straight flush. I made the cutoff and earned points in the event. The fuckin' pencil necked Poker Geek sat out and folded his scrawny ass "into the points." Bastard!

Congrats to StB who won the first event after he beat SpiderK heads up. If you don't know, StB took down a WWdN event last week too. The dude from the Beer City is fuckin' hot. H. O. T. Fear StB!

Thanks again to Byron again for setting this up.

* * * * *

Before I go, two quick things. TripJax and Jordan is hosting a short-handed event tonight. I can't make it. These tourneys are always schedule at a bad time for me.

Don't forget about Iggy's WSOP tournament next Sunday! Here are the details:
What: WPBT WSOP NL Satellite Tournament
When: March 19th - Sunday
Time: 9pm EST
Where: Paradise Poker
How Much: $30
Password: email iggy at allimcbeal_69 -
Restrictions: Bloggers only!

Winner wins a seat in the 2006 WSOP $1500 event of their choice. Because of Paradise's software, we now need 55 players to pull this off. The $30 buyin fee includes the juice, so in reality its a $27 + 3 event.

* * * * *

If you want to play in my annual 2006 March Madness Pool, shoot me an email and I'll tell you the password. It's $20 to enter and it's set up on ESPN. My brother and his team Chico's Bail Bonds is the defending champion.
Top 4 teams win prize money.
First place gets a phone call from Daddy.
Last place wins a Snail Trax t-shirt.

2005 Pauly's Pub March Madness Money Winners:
1 Chico's Bail Bonds (Derek) $200
2 Stop Your Begging (Coach) $100
3 Inside the Paris Hilton (Pauly) $60
4 Austin Paulbearers (Matt S.) $40
I'm a huge North Carolina fan, so I pick them every year on at least one sheet. I'm also going with Derek's alma mater Bucknell to go far.

Oh, and if you are looking to gamble on some of the college hoops games, you can set up a Bodog sports book account. I'm not an affiliate just a member, but if you use my referral code P1B5DB7 then I get a few bucks added to my personal account. Let me know if you sign up. I shall thank you in advance.

I posted some LA photos over at the Tao of Pauly called 21 Flavors: LA Picture Dump. Yes, there are 21 random pics. Take a peek. There's also tons of food pics that I posted there over the last few weeks.

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