Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Pimp Day: New WPBT WSOP Satellite and Other Extraordinary Things

First of all, Iggy set up a new WPBT WSOP Satellite for Monday night on Poker Stars. Here are the details:
What: WPBT WSOP Satellite #2
When: Monday, April 3rd @ 9PM EST
Where: Poker Stars
Tournament #: 21868191 (see private tourney tab)
Buy-in: $30 +3
Format: NL freezeout
Password: socoshot
Restrictions: Bloggers only
Attire: Pants optional
I've gotten smoked in my last two blogger events. A-A and K-K cracked viciously and I was out soon after each beat. At least I got knocked out early and instead of on/near the bubble. I'm hoping to make the final table in this event.

On the personal poker and writing front, I'm in Las Vegas and I've been doing more freelance writing than actually logging time at the tables. I penned articles about Doyle Brunson and Ted Forrest over the past two days. The Ted Forrest one is for Professional Poker, where I've helped build their entire player profiles section. It's taken me well over 15 months to write 41 bios and profiles. Talk about a long term project!

I'm working on an online poker article at Poker Player Newspaper. I may or may not become a regular columnist in their bi-monthly newspaper. It depends on the popularity of this piece. Let's hope I get it.

I do have a regular monthly column at Poker Pro Magazine, which can be found in your local card room. In the April issue of Poker Pro, I wrote an article about the WPT Borgata Winter Classic and they included several of my photos. In the May issue of Poker Pro, I have an article about the Heads-Up Championship that was won by Ted Forrest.

I have an article on poker blogs that should appear in the May issue of Bluff Magazine. I'm hoping that can give us a little more publicity.

And yes, the rumors are true. In the past week, I've been approached by Poker Pages, Party Poker, Bluff Magazine, and Card Player to join their respective teams. I need some time to think their offers through. Those organizations are seriously scared that I'll kick all their asses at the 2006 WSOP, just like I did last year. They all want to lock me up and I don't blame them. I'd prefer to work for the Tao of Poker and Las Vegas & Poker Blog just like in 2005.

Moving on...

Here's where I pimp several of other bloggers and let their hit counters go through the roof. Just kidding. However, you should make sure you stop by to see what's going on out there in bloggerdom.

Spaceman is busting his ass at the Reno Hilton covering the another WPT event. The final table starts later today and he'll be providing live blogging for Bluff Magazine. Take a peek.

Oh, happy birthday to Chops Wicked Poker!! Snake, Addict, and Chops blur the line between poker and almost-porn. Keep up the great work! I'll see you fucktards at the WSOP this summer. BTW, thanks for the pic of the Hilton Sisters' nipples!

Congrats to Double As who finished his poker book. I admire his commitment to complete the book despite getting dropped by a publisher a few months ago. I know how much it sucks to lose a book deal. I lost three last year. I'm still bitter. Anyway, I contributed a couple of chapters to Double As' book along with some of your other favorite bloggers like Iggy, Otis, HDouble and Grubby. I'll keep you posted on the details. And yeah, I can't wait to read it.

Otis had an interesting post on the "whys" of poker called Definition.

If you are in any sort of serious relationship, stop by and read an kick ass three part series on relationships and poker by CC. Check out Part I, Part II, and Part III.

BG is posting some great stuff over at Las Vegas and Poker Blog. Take a peek at his series called The Rake, particularly his latest installment.

Easycure is hosting a charity tournament on April 16th in conjunction with the WPBT-POY circuit. I'll post more details about "Hammer Out Cancer" when it gets close. But it's a worthy cause and you should play.

Change100 posted a funny scene from last Saturday and what she saw as the 8 of us stumbled out of the shuttle bus coming back from the Playboy Mansion. She also included her version of taking me shopping for new clothes called Outfitting the Doctor. By the way, I hate shopping. Here's a bit:
"Our first stop was Hugo Boss, where Pauly declared everything gay."
Joe Speaker also posted his version of our visit to a strip club last Thursday with myself, Change100, Grubby, and my buddy Senor. It's called Keeping Scores and here's my favorite part:
"The strippers were flocking to Pauly. He had the hardest-to-reach seat, the bottom of the 'u' in our semi-circle, but the man is a magnet. He turns strippers into bloodhounds. Every time I turned around, he had another female on his lap. And then every time I turned around, he had the same female on his lap: Nikki."
Lastly, make sure you stop by and read the other Playboy Mansion trip reports from... Spaceman, Bobby Bracelet, Chad, BG, Joe Speaker, CJ, and AlCantHang. I posted the first two parts over at the Tao of Pauly called Part I: The Arrival and Part II: Where's AlCantHang? I'll post Part 3 on Friday and Part 4 on Monday.

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