Friday, November 04, 2005

Wednesday Is Hump Day, But Friday Is Wil Wheaton Day

Why haven't you signed up to play in Wil Wheaton's tournament scheduled for 7pm later tonight on Poker Stars? It's only $10! Three words for you... Wil fuckin' Wheaton!

Why haven't you signed up to play in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly scheduled for 1pm on Saturday on Poker Stars? It's only $10? The password = hiltons. Three words for you... free fuckin' iPod!

Don't forget to visit Bill Rini's blog for info about the WPBT shootout on Full Tilt on Sunday.

Moving on...

By the way, I've been reading a pretty cool poker blog from Jeff Pulver. I've read his main blog before but I've been getting into some of his great posts from playing in this year's WSOP.

I finally played some online poker yesterday. My bender is officially over and I was sober enough to return to the tables. I fired up every site I had money in... to make sure it was still there. I played a few SNGs on Titan and tried to work off some more of my bonus. I don't care what the masses say about Titan. I like playing on it because of all the bad players there.

I played a little Razz on Full Tilt with Jaxia after I gave her a few pointers on the most brutal game in all of poker. I'd rather scrape my knuckes on cheese graters for three hours staright than play razz. I quit pretty quickly because I was reminded why playing Razz is like asking to getting asked to get kicked in the junk by Chris Gardacki. It just hurts so much finding four cards to the Wheel to start and getting three conescutive bricks. I returned to my Midnight Madness on Full Tilt in their 11:59pm MTT. I've played almost a hundred of those and only made one freakin' final table. I was due... but not last night. I took 63 out of 140 when I made a bad call with AJs. Late night, I settled into a mini-blogger NL table with Jaxia and Chad.

I've also been playing some PLO on Party Poker. I like where my PLO game is at. I'm improving every session.


I posted a recap of Vegoose Day 1 on my main blog. Take a peek. Here's a bit:
One of the other girls wore a freaky costume with red tights, a yellow dress, and a small red fireman's hat. The Joker went over and asked her to elaborate on her costume.

"I'm sexy disco firefighter chick," she said.

"Very cool. Where are you girls staying?" the Joker responded.

"Sleep?" she said at him in a condescending tone as she poured herself a mixture of vodka and orange juice, "We're not sleeping at all. We're staying up the entire time we're here." ... More

By the way, best of luck to a few bloggers (Joe Speaker, Bobby Junklet, Otis, Human Head) who are doing NaNoWriMo. It's national novel writing month, and in the past three years I completed four NaNo novels including my first novel Jack Tripper Stole My Dog in 2002 while I was working on Wall Street. I even wrote two inside of a month (Blind Kangaroo and Bar Hopping with Buddha) in 2003. And last year I took a month off from blogging and moved to Rhode Island to write Gumbo. Some of you have read one (BG, Otis, Bad Blood) or all of them (like AlCantHang, Derek, Briana, EvaCanHang, Haley, Jerry, Senor, Molly and Joanne) with the sole exception of Bar Hopping with Buddha... which no one has read except Haley and I only showed her about 1/5 of that piece of crap. My favorite is my first, Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. The best written one is probably The Blind Kangaroo. But I think Gumbo is my most mature, where I finally wrote in the first person weaving several autobiographical moments involving ten different relationships. Briana called it 110% pure Americana trash and I took that as a compliment. My most twisted and fucked up novel was written in the summer of 2003 and that's called Sweet Nothing: The Baby & Winky Novel. I adapted it to a screenplay called The Baby & Winky Movie. Sadly, all of my novels are unpublished.

Alas, this year I don't have the time to crank out a half-baked Nano novel. I'm trying to find time to finish my Vegas book. I'm seeking a publisher. If you happen to know one who would love to have a book about my Las Vegas adventures including several trips to strip clubs, please shoot me an email.

By the way, happy belated birthdays to Felicia and Special K!

See you at the tables.

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