Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Super Monday, Online Poker Stud Boys, and Vacation Time
And I keep waiting for the time when I can finally say,
That "this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way."
But when I think it's time to leave it all behind
I try to find a way to, but there's nothing I can say to make it stop
- Phish
I played in the $150 Super Monday on Party Poker and talked Iggy into playing in it with me. I won my entry on Saturday via a $9 satellite. The prize pool was well over $200K with 1344 entrants. First place would win $42K. Not too bad for a non-rebuy tournament. As I told Iggy, most Americans don't make $42K in a year, and Party Poker is giving that away for first place.

Nothing happened for me in the first level. I folded while I played a $3/6 table trying to hit the 3 Billionth hand bonus, which passed me by. Iggy won two monster pots early on. With the Hilton Sisters he cracked K-K and busted A-Q when A-Q-x flopped. Unreal. Later on with A-J he flopped two pair against Q-10 who flopped a Broadway straight. Another ace fell to give Iggy a boat and he was one of the early chipleaders.

Iggy would eventually get busted in 637th place. His Hiltons ran into pocket Kings and he was crippled. I was eliminated in 651st place when 4-4 lost a race to K-Q. Although there are some excellent tournament players in those higher buy-in events, like ZeeJustin, for the most part there is still a decent amount of nimrods to pick on.

Stud Boys

Afterwards, I played a $5 Stud tourney with GMoney on Party Poker. He ended up getting busted out early 545 out of 632. I was short stacked most of the tourney and played super tight until Level 5 when the levels were 100/200. I doubled up on a flush and then ended up catching great door cards. Since my table was full of short stacks, when I completed with my ace showing, people actually folded. I picked up a few small pots and added to my stack and busted two guys in the process. My stack went from 800 to 4000 in ten minutes and I was by far the table chipleader. That's when the suckouts started coming. Even with trips showing one guy chased a straight and ended up with a backdoor flush. Runner-runner-runner. I ended up finishing 203 out of 632.

The other night I played in a $7K guaranteed Seven-card Stud tourney on Party Poker. I took 45th out of 342 and just missed the money by a few spots. I had rolled up aces cracked by a guy who caught runner-runner quads on me. If you can't handle bad river beats and suckouts in Hold'em then don't play Stud. So many suckouts.

Oh well. I had been running well in tournaments especially on Party Poker and I made the decision to make an effort to play in 4 or 5 a week. That's nearly impossible with my crazy schedule. During a conversation with Double As a few weeks ago, he talked me into playing one big tournament a week ($150 or more buy-in). I need to grind it out more during the week at the cash game tables to generate the tournament buy-in fees and I'm willing to put more hours in to do that. So now I'm trying to fleece the fish in order to pay for my impending expensive tournament habit.

The lovely Jaxia called me on her way home from a live tournament. She was excited because it was her first big cash after she took down a second place finish. Those Dallas tournaments aren't easy either. Nice job, Jax! Talk about a perfect way to pad your bankroll for Vegas. (Oh, and she's also running a contest on her regular blog where you could win the chance to see her boobies.)

Vacation Time

Now some bad news for all you hard core Pauly-junkies. I'm going to take a few days off from blogging. I'm losing the enthusiasm to blog everyday and I'm starting to lose the passion to write about poker every day, which is not good because that's what pays the bills. I need some more time away so I can get refreshed. The 5 day bender in Las Vegas was great, but I need a few sober days away from the freelance and professional grind. I have two concerts to see this week (Trey tonight and Galactic on Friday) and everyone's favorite malcontent elevator button heiress is back home in NYC a little earlier that expected. Anyway, looks like I'll be spending some time with her this week admiring the foliage during leisurely strolls through Central Park. Briana had been living in France and unless you have your head in your ass, there's a civil war breaking out in cities and towns all over France. With riots going on everyday for the past two weeks, you start to get that impression that France is gonna be asking for our help pretty soon. C'est la guerre.

I also want to take a few days and crank out a few major sections to my Las Vegas book. I can't seem to find more than two hours in a row to do that. I wanna get a few 10-12 hour intense writing sessions done, like I used to undertake during previous atempts at writing novels or screenplays.

On Sunday, I drive up to Rhode Island and will be at Foxwoods starting Monday all the way through Friday. I'll be doing a ton of blogging/writing/picture taking while covering the WPT event and will try to find some time to play some $5/10 Kill in the poker room.

See ya on Saturday on Poker Stars! I have to skip Wil Wheaton's friday tournament and I'll be back here with an update on Sunday for the iPod Leaderboard and the Saturday's with Dr. Pauly event. Don't forget... this event is open to readers and bloggers. If you played last week, you must play this week to maintain your eligibility for the iPod.
Saturdays with Dr. Pauly
Poker Stars
$10 + 1 NL
Saturday, November 12th
1pm EST
Password = hiltons
Tournament #14328904

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