Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rare Day Off, Foxwoods, Sir Waffle, and Online Poker

Since Hemmingway would insist that brevity is the key, no word noodling from me.

  • Junking kicking session at the 20/40 tables at Foxwoods. Q-Q lost to J-8. Balls still swollen.
  • Mr. Sublimial witnessed me suck out & double up on a Full Tilt NL table. I flopped a set with Q-Q on a board of Q-J-10. Guy had A-K. I rivered a 10.
  • He typed "Fucking Hiltons!" into the chat. He's hilarious.

  • Played NL on Full Tilt with Jaxia. I donked off one buy in. Also got ass handed to me at $3/6 tables. Balls still swollen.
  • Al CantHang called for a dial-a-shot. A Phish song was playing in the background.
  • Met SirFWalgman at Foxwoods and at the same $1/2 NL table with him.
  • Here's what he had to say about meeting for the first time:
    I was a little nervous about sitting down and playing by myself so I just watched until the good Doctor arrived and took charge. As many of you know Pauly is an average looking guy. He does not dress fancy. His appearance might even be called a little disheveled, much like my own, but I have to say there is something special about him. Call it an aura or a sense of hidden power. A force that flows out from him, making you instantly comfortable in his presence. It has nothing to do with external appearance or what he says or does, it just emanates from his being. He has done a lot of remarkable things so far and I predict much greatness from him in the future.
  • Sir Waffle is very normal in real life. I know everyone was expecting me to tell you tales of Sir Waffle going on mega-tilt and flipping over a table or bitch slapping a blackjack dealer for catching a five card 21... but none of that happened. We had a great time at the tables.
  • I have the dubious distinction of being the only blogger to have met both SirWaffle and Lord Geznikor.
  • I also made a final table at the 2005 WSOP. (Completely irrelevant and shameless ego stroking.)
  • A cute chick sat in between us. I would have hit on her more, but she wore a pink Red Sox cap. SIr Waffle was chatting her up.
  • Saw Sharla from Poker Pages in the room along with my friends from NYC, Michael and Roy.
  • I was spotted by a reader... cool guy named Roman at the table next to me. Always nice to meet fans. He had one guy there with over $1500 in chips ($100 buy in).
  • Raised 10x BB preflop with the Hammer. Thought everyone folded. I flipped up my cards and Sir Waffle had yet to act. He called and I had to play my hand face up. On the flop he moved all in. I knew he had nothing but I had to fold. The entire table thought I was a fish the rest of the session.
  • Biggest hands: 4-6o and 4-7o. I limped on one and limp-called a 2.5x BB raise on another. Both times I flopped open ended straight draws and turned straights both times. I blame the porn funk. I told you I was a total fish.
  • Sir Waffle battled it out with super loose Asian guy in Seat 10 with a stack of $100 bills in front of him. He lost a big pot with A-10 to A-2.
  • Sir Waffle got A-A during his first session ever in a casino and they held up. That's like hitting a HR in your first MLB at bat.
  • Kid sitting next to us looked like Eminem. He wore a hoodie the entire time. He said he'd like to smoke blunts at the table. I grinned then raised his blind from UTG.
  • I spotted a tell on Sir Waffle (which I won't reveal). He flopped trip 3s. He bet out and he won uncontested. I said, "A-3 is good." And he flipped over A-3. I felt like I could almost fly.
  • Walked away up $80. Sir Waffle was up too.
  • Fun to play with him live since we used to play online every night together.
  • Got a free Ben & Jerry's chocolate shake.
  • Drove 90mph back to Outside Providence in order to play in Wil Wheaton's Poker Stars tourney.
  • Chilly, Dr. Jeff, Brian, Marty & Co. called me for a Dial-a-shot all the way from Missouri. Man, I really miss Canada.
  • Had April (CA) and JoeSpeaker at my table (and I forget who else, I'm sorry, I wasn't taking notes!)
  • Upon my arrival April mentioned, "Drive faster next time."
  • Shortly after the break, Mike from Crooklyn busted me when he flopped the Wheel with 4-5. I flopped top pair with an awful kicker and moved all-in on the turn. I turned to Jodd (who's two years-old) and I told him "If he's got 5-4, I'm fucked." He replied, "Grrrrlsssh!" which is Thai for "You fuckin' fish."
  • I finished 31 out of 72.

Friday (just added!! early morning update):
  • I returned to Foxwoods and attempted to avenge my 20/40 losses.
  • My table broke up after 80 minutes, but I won a few $$$ when I flopped quads with 8-8.
  • Jumped on a 2/5 NL table and got my aces cracked by Jacks on the third hand I played (Thank God it was a small stack).
  • Guy who looked like Bull from Night Court tilted away $1200 in three consecutive hands. He put $450 into a $30 pot with Ace-rag. Skanky girl in Seat 3 called him with 3-3 and busted him.
  • Around 4:20am, I doubled up my buy-in when I flopped a nut flush and K-rag suited bet into me the entire time.
  • My weekly Foxwoods losses went from $1K to $100 in one day.
  • Ate a free breakfast buffet. Viva la bacon!

I will be back live blogging the final table of the WPT, which begins at 4pm on Friday. See ya then.

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