Wednesday, November 02, 2005

End of a Bender

My five day long Las Vegas Halloween bender is over and I'm starting to finally sober up. I'm getting on a plane to head to NYC in a few hours. Upon my return to the city, I expect to get back to posting about poker again and finishing my Vegas book.

Until then, I finally got around to writing up some of my Las Vegas bender on my main blog. Feel free to read the first installment called: Vegas Friday: The Day Before Vegoose. And yes, there are plenty of stories about hookers and spun out hippie chicks including a concert review or two.

Here's a bit:
After a late night of Blackjack, strip clubs, drinking, and poker, I woke up a slightly hungover and a tad on the ashamed side. I went over my stripper budget after another decadent night of canoodling with exotic dancers at Olympic Garden. I vaguely recalled that I bought Grubby a lap dance from a former late 1980s porn star with breasts that were as rock hard as marble. She couldn't keep her hands off of Grubby's chest and continuously shoved her hands down his shirt and pants. After objectifying naked women for three straight hours and pissing away the equivalent to Paraguay's GDP on lap dances, the Joker and I headed to the poker room at the Excalibur for late night, drunken donkey poker... More
Here's another excerpt:
Thousands of spun out hippies, Phishkids, wookies, and other weirdos flooded the Aladdin casino floor just around 4am. For a tourist couple who had no idea there was a music festival going on in Vegas, they must have been freaked out to see so many dirty hippies walking around in a jovial daze. The unleashed freaks did nothing to deter the degenerate gamblers from plugging away at the slot machines. The kept their heads down and continued to gamble while they ignored all the weirdness that went down right behind them... More
And one more excerpt:
The Joker picked up on what girls where hookers and who weren't. As we walked by one of the bars, we saw about a dozen at work. He was amazed at what was going on, but for me, it's just part of Las Vegas. It's not anything out of the ordinary for me to see hookers crawling around a Strip hotel bar. It's simply another integral part to Las Vegas, just like the Bellagio fountains or the all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet... More

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