Friday, November 25, 2005

Truckin' - November 2005, Vol. 4, Issue 11

Editor's Note: This is a repost. I prematurely published this month's issue of Truckin' by accident. This is the actual issue! I also apologize to Jaxia for omitting her from the original publication. Because Jaxia is a Texan, and a heavily armed lesbian, I offer up my most humblest of apologies. I don't want to have a Valerie Solanas/Andy Wharol situation when Jaxia attempts to knock me off in Las Vegas next month. I'm afraid that she's a much better shot than Valerie. Anyway, here's my "final cut" or the November issue including Jaxia's poem(s) Gemini. Thanks again! McG

Yes, I finally published another issue of Truckin'! Thanks to everyone who particpated this month. It looks like it turned out to be one kick ass issue. After all, anything from AlCantHang is a bonus!

1. Las Vegas Blvd. Hookers by Tenzin McGrupp
The Joker wanted me to teach him how to spot a hooker in Las Vegas and I gave him a quick tutorial. We identified the ladies as they walked right next to us... More

2. Dead of Night by Joe Speaker
I shade my night eyes toward the floor, groping with my left hand for the chair I know is there somewhere, cradling my pen and pad in my right. Sleep has eluded me again, pushed aside by the wall of thoughts stacking impenetrably in my head... More

3. To Be Determined by Human Head
The only two people he had ever been exposed to with that name came in the form of a television show about a retard named Bill, and his grandpa, who smelled like a mix of body odor and dirt... More

4. The Shit House by Al Cant Hang
I think I recently killed my new co-worker and friend. I'm not saying that I murdered him, but I think my actions led to his demise... More

5. Walk by Scuba Steve
After getting bleary-eyed on Buddha, nothing is better than a Marlboro and a Mountain Dew. Man, what I wouldn't do for a Mountain Dew right now... More

6. Me, Bob and the Blonde by Tom Love
We walked a couple of more blocks, eyes bloodshot, eyelids puffy. In front of a pharmacy, we were approached by two cute British girls in miniskirts who started a flirting conversation with us... More

7. Gemini a poem by Jaxia Kiley
To pulverize a living, beating heart... More

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