Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Event #2: on_thg Shanks a Big Pirate

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It's was another brisk autumn Saturday afternoon in the big city and time to shake off that hangover to play a little poker. After catching one of my favorite New Orleans based bands in concert, I was up partying to the wee hours and my lackluster 77th place finish reflected upon that. One week after SirWaffle won Event #1 and began his glorious comeback, 93 devoted bloggers and readers gathered for Event #2 of the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly series. The top 9 players won prize money and the winner got a free copy of Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. Players actually set their alarms to insure that they would not miss the event. After all, an iPod is at stake. We had 66 players return from last week and they are all eligible for the iPod. Thanks again to everyone who played!

It was tough final table featuring two bloggers (Wes & Joe Speaker) who won 2005 WSOP seats along with on_thg, who might be the greatest (and most humble) tournament player in blogger history. Here are some highlights from his resume:
  • Made more final tables in blogger events (WPBT and non-WPBT) than any other blogger in history
  • Most career MTTs wins in blogger events
  • Made consecutive final tables on the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tour
  • Currently sitting in 1st place on the iPod leaderboard
  • Currently the career money leader on the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tour
  • At the last WPBT points leader update, on_thg was in first place
  • Finished 2nd to Russell Fox in the WPBT WSOP Satellite #2
I must say that his numbers are pretty impressive. Keep up the excellent work, on_thg!

Here's some random things from my notes:

1:03pm... I didn't get enough time to write down everyone who sat at my first table. I was moved fairly quickly to Sarah Bellum's table. I know BG started at my initial table. Derek was at a table with Wes, but CJ, the Poker Nerd, and Brandon Schaefer were all sitting out at the table. Derek joked that he would have been at the TV table had those guys actually showed up!

1:04pm... Change100 aka Pot Committed was the first player busted. She won the "boobie prize" which was a free roll into next week's event! Congrats... I transfered you $11 to your Poker Stars account.

1:23pm... Derek was busted in 86th place when his Hiltons ran into Wes' K-K. Not only did Wes flop a King, but he also rivered quads! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

1:30pm... I was out in 77th place when my 10-10 ran into A-J. AcesFull2221 ended up busting me and won the bounty this week. Congrats!

1:32pm... StB's A-A held up against Frankl's K-K.

1:34pm... Maudie turned a straight with A-Q but she happened to run into StB's flopped boat. She was out in 75th place.

1:40pm... I started playing several cash games; 3/6 on Full Tilt with Boy Genius, Chad, Maudie, and Spaceman; $25 NL with Jaxia on FT; and micro limit NL on Poker Stars with Rod and Joanne and a few readers.

3:35pm... The final table began and poor Philly was the bubble boy this week. Wes was the chipleader with 37K and Joe Speaker sat in second with 23K. Everyone who made the final table, made the money. Congrats to all the money winners.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: Joe Speaker (Moreno Valley)
Seat 2: Systems2005 (Strafford)
Seat 3: on_thg (Grand Haven, MI)
Seat 4: Kelli1977 (Anderson)
Seat 5: Columbo777 (Farmington Hills)
Seat 6: Rick Lang (Chicago)
Seat 7: Wyndigo (Victoria)
Seat 8: Donegal aka Chad (Minneapolis)
Seat 9: a10419 aka Wes aka Big Pirate (West Columbia) = chipleader

Welcome to the final table!!

3:39pm... Columbo was eliminated by on_thg in 9th place.

3:42pm... Systems2005 was eliminated in 8th place by Wyndigo when 6-6 lost to A-9 via an ace on the river.

3:43pm... Chad's K-Q was busted in 7th place when Wyndigo's A-4 held up.

3:44pm... Rick Lang finished in 6th place when his 2-2 lost to a flopped flush by Wyndigo's Qc-9c.

3:47pm... on_thg was shortstacked and doubled up against Wyndgio. His 7-7 won a coinflip against AQ.

3:50pm... Wes dropped the Hammer against Wyndigo and doubled up against A-10s. The flop was 10-7-x and Wes caught trips 7s on the turn to double up. He had 67K and was the new chipleader after that hand.

3:59pm... Kelli1977 took 5th. A-K lost to on_thg's 3-3.

4:00pm... Wyndigo's K-7s was knocked out in 4th place by Wes' A-4s.

4:04pm... In the hand of the tournament, on_thg tripled up when he flopped a set with K-K. He moved into the chiplead and never looked back.

4:06pm... Joe Speaker lost a chunk of his stack when his K-J lost to Wes' Big Slick.

4:07pm... on_thg busted Joe Speaker in 3rd place. Joe was leading preflop with A-3 against Q-J, but on_thg caught a Queen in the river to send Joe Speaker to the rail in 3rd place.

The Last Hand: The Pirate walks the plank

4:08pm... On the winning hand of the tournament, Wes and K-7 ran into on_thg's pocket Aces! Congrats to Wes for second and to on_thg for first place!!
Saturdays with Dr. Pauly #1 (Tourny #14328904) Money Winners:
1: on_thg (Grand Haven), $279.00 (30%)
2: a104l9 (West Columbia), $186.00 (20%)
3: JoeSpeaker (Moreno Valley), $111.60 (12%)
4: Wyndigo (Victoria), $93.00 (10%)
5: Kelli1977 (Anderson), $74.40 (8%)
6: RickLang (Chicago), $60.45 (6.50%)
7: Donegal (Minneapolis), $51.15 (5.50%)
8: Systems2005 (Strafford), $41.85 (4.50%)
9: Columbo777 (Farmington Hills), $32.55 (3.50%)

First Place Bonus (Phil Gordon book): on_thg
Dr. Pauly Bounty Winner (iTunes gift card): AcesFull2221
Boobie Prize (freeroll into Event #3): PotCommitted

93 players
Total Prize Pool: $930.00
Buy-In: $10 + 1
Tournament started @ 13:00:00 (ET)
Tournament finished @ 16:08:00 (ET)

Winner of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly event #2: on_thg

See everyone next Saturday for Event #3.

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