Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sitting at a Final Table in a Wil Wheaton Private Tournament

First of all thanks to Wil Wheaton for setting up these Friday night events on Poker Stars. Tons of fun. Congrats to Alan who won and Iggy who came in second. Last week G-Rob and Daddy went heads up. Always cool to see bloggers representin' at the final table.

I took 6th place and at one point I held the chip lead. Sir Waffle came from behind after been short stacked early and he survived the first break, which netted me a cool prop bet. Thanks Sir Waffle. And for all you newbies out there... I get credit for dubbing SirFWALGMAN as Sir Waffle, which is a nickname I gave him during our blogger games on Party Poker last year.

Wil live blogged the event on Card Squad. Take a peek. 127 players played. Top 18 won prize money.

Here's my recap.

7:00pm... My starting table:
Seat 1: Murmur12
Seat 3: Pokahbear
Seat 4: Chrisowns
Seat 5: Pauly
Seat 6: BDidde
Seat 7: Ackbleh
Seat 8: BDR1968
Seat 9: Maudie
7:03pm... I had AA and doubled up against JJ. Then I got moved tables.

7:12pm... Mellon101 dropped the Hammer!

7:19pm... EvaCanHang got moved to my table.

7:20pm... I won a big hand against Eva with AQ. I had almost 3K.

7:22pm... Mellon101 dropped the Hammer... again.

7:25... I was 10th out of 109 with T3070.

7:27pm... I won another pot against Eva when my K9s beat out her busted straight draw.

7:29pm... Gracie was moved to Derek's table.

7:38pm... Noteable Bustouts: StB (125), MVilla888 (123), April98 (109), GRob (104), SarahBellum (102), Shane "Big Pimpin" Nickerson (99), EvaCanHang (96).

7:42pm... With 4-4, I flopped a set with an ace on the flop. I busted someone who had A-J. I moved into 5th place with 88 players remaining and a stack just below $5K.

7:43pm... Maudie was out in 88 and Gracie followed in 86th place.

7:44pm... KyHunny dropped the Hammer twice inside of an orbit.

8:00pm... Just before the break, The Poker Prof was sucked out on by SoxLover when he caugth a two outer. Ouch. Prof finished in 71st place. At the break, I was 12th out of 68 with T4475 and I won the SirWaffle prop bet.

8:15pm... Chad busted out in 66th and Joanne was eliminated in 64th place.

8:24pm... I dropped the Jack Hammer at my table. I was 13/55.

8:25pm... VegasGreg got Quad 6s at my table.

8:30pm... Derek was eliminated when he moved all in with a short stack and 7-7. Unlucky for him 8-8 and Q-Q both called! He finished in 48th place.

8:32pm... Wil was moved to my table. With him came a flock of railbirds and the start of the most overheard comment of the night... "This looks like the TV table." My favroite comment was from Sloshr, who said, "I know who Pauly is, but who the hell is Wil Wheaton?" To which Wil replied, "I was in Star Wars."

8:39pm... As soon as the antes kicked in, I shifted gears and started picking up small pots. I moved up to 8th out of 42 and had a stack around T6100.

8:44pm... Wes the Big Arrrggggghhhhh Pirate was moved to my table and he promptly busted a player with K-K when he had A-A. Argggghhhh! He then had 10K in chips.

8:55pm... I won a pot with A-Q and had about T7800.

8:56pm... Taking a move out of Derek's playbook, I limped with the Hammer and took down a pot on the flop when a 7 fell. I was 5th out of 29 with T9600.

9:05pm... At the break, I was 6th out of 26 with T8175. SirWaffle was 3rd in chips.

9:14pm... I was still at Wil and Wes' table and developed a maniac image. I was stealing a lot of blinds and antes, although I was getting some juiced hands. I was hoping I'd get called. I found A-K at the cutoff and raised. Someone with A-8 thought I wa m aking a move and called. I was ahead when an ace flopped, but the turn gave him an open ended straight draw. My hand held up and I had 19K in chips. I typed in the chat, "I was sweating like a junkie in rehab."

9:23pm... Wil had been getting irked that I was stealing his blinds. I found JJ on the button and knew I was gonna get paid off. I raised a small amount and Wil went over the top of me with a middle ace. I called and he flopped an ace. I doubled Wil up. I wrote in the chat, "Make sure you blog it was a bad beat blog boy!" I was so close to getting next week's tournament named the "Dr. Pauly Invitational!"

9:26pm... I was all in preflop with the Hilton Sisters against A-K. Again, an ace flopped, but I caught running hearts to fill in a four flush. River justice. Karmic payback? I moved into second place out of 18.

9:34pm... In the hand of the tournament and possibly the bad beat of the day, Iggy and Sir Waffle went heads up when they both had Top 10 stacks. With 10-10, Iggy flopped a set against Sir Waffle's A-A K-K. Ouch. Sir Waffle bubbled out and Iggy had a huge chip lead once we reached the money.

9:39pm... Wil's 8-8 lost to Toby039's J-10. Skecthy call from Toby. When he asked Wil if he wona bounty, Wil joked, "Yeah you win a book on How not to call all ins with J-10o."

9:40pm... Wil called my cellphone to apolgize about the A-8 vs my J-J. He tells me to go on and win it all.

9:43pm... 2 out of 10th as we reach the final table bubble.

9:45pm... I made the final table with 19K! Here's who else made it:
Seat 1: RAH2 (Oslo)
Seat 2: maureen73 (Minneapolis)
Seat 3: torgeauxSA (Fairfax)
Seat 4: PhoebusX (Princeton)
Seat 5: DrPauly (New York)
Seat 6: heffmike (Fairfax)
Seat 7: Iggy (cincinnati) = CHIPLEADER
Seat 8: Alan (Santa Barbara)
Seat 9: Toby039 (Nepean)

10:00pm... I got cold decked at the final table. Whenever I wanted to make amove, someone beat me to it and moved all in in front of me.

10:01pm... I found A-A in the big blind and doubled up against 5-5. I was 2/8 with 40K.

10:15pm... At the break I ws 2/7. Iggy was the chipleader. Alan was 3rd.

10:23pm... I tried to make a steal with Q-2. Iggy moved over the top of me from the BB. I folded. I almost called. He had Q-4. I lost a huge chunk of my stack.

10:24pm... I moved all in with 3-3 against 6-6 ad had just 124 in chips. I 4x up on the next hand and was out in 6th place.

Iggy donked off most of his chips to Alan who came from behind to win Wil's tourney. Congrats to Alan and thanks again to Wil!

Congrats to Alan from Geek and Proud!!

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