Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meet Bobby iPod

Last night the anticpated tie-breaker heads-up match to settle the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion took place. It was the battle of Michigan as on_thg took on Bobby Bracelet after they both tied for first place on the leader board. In many ways it was the most anticpaed heads-up match in the history of bloggerdom. The winner would get bragging rights, an engraved iPod Nano, and a free bikini wax job at the salon of their choice.

After encountering a minor problem finding an available heads-up SNG on Poker Stars, the two guys chose Titan Poker since they knew they'd get the table of their choice.

The match didn't last too long, probably due to the scalting blind structure. Bobby Bracelet got out to a quick chip lead and at one point had on_thg outchipped 1500 to 500. But on_thg won a big pot to get back most of his chips to even the score. He took the chiplead for a few moments before Bobby Bracelet stole it back.

On the winning hand, on_thg and his Kournikova outflopped Bobby Bracelet's A-J. Alas, Bobby rivered a straight to take down on_thg and become the first ever Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion.

Congrats again to Bobby and all of the prize winners.
First place: Bobby Bracelet = iPod Nano + free wax job
Second Place: on_thg = Big Lebowski DVD
Third Place: CJ = phonecall from Daddy
Boobie Prize: LifesaGrind = mystery gift (shoot me an email!)
Thanks to everyone who particpated in any of the tournaments and especially those of you who pimped them on your blogs! Extra special thanks to Poker Stars for allowing me to host Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. I think we have a good thing here and I'm excited about trying to set up more events in 2006. Stay tuned!


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