Saturday, October 01, 2005

Week 3 Update: Pauly's Pub Pigskin Pick'em Pool

Team(s) of the Week: (Tie) I Like Pie and Sycophantic Sheep with 12 wins each

The Skinny: Looks like we have a three way tie for first between Armen's Speed & Weed, the Poker Geek's World of Dorkcraft, and BG's Sycophantic Sheep. Killer Beas and Austin Drunks are not far behind. In the battle of the basement, Acrobatic Ass Assassins and JustaDrunkCanuck are tied for last place. It's still Week 3 and anything can happen. Hang in there. Oh, and don't forget to do your picks!!

Top 5 Overall:
1 Speed & Weed (Armen) 29
1 World of Dorkcraft (PokerGeek) 29
1 Sycophantic Sheep (BoyGenius) 29
4 Killer Beas (JK) 28
4 Austin Drunk (Matt S.) 28

Visit Pauly's Pub to see complete standings and results. My team The Redneck Riviera is currently tied for 10th.

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