Thursday, October 27, 2005

Grubby Speaks

I interviewed Grubby about the Hammer. You can download the first ever known audio recording of Grubby... here!

You have to scroll down to the bottom of the first page you see and click "Free" then wait 20 seconds before you can download the clip. Trust me, it's worth the hassle and wait!! I hope to have Part II of the Grbby Hammer Interview up by next week.

I went bowling with Grubby and Poker Prof at Sam's Town. I challenged them to a prop bet and said that both of them can take the higher score of the two then add a 20 point handicap. If that score was higher than mine, they would win $10. Of course, I got smoked both times and lost the double-or-nothing. Poker Prof had the high score both games. Not to worry, I expect to get my money back when we play minature golf for $20 a hole later this week.

After bowling, Grubby and I headed to Sunset Station where we played at a $3/6/9 table with a bunch of chain-smoking locals. $3/6/9 is virtually $3/6 limit except, you can bet $9 on the river instead of $6. After Grubby told me I played too tight, I proceeded to win a couple of pots with J-7 and 9-4s. I also a rivered a Broadway straight with A-Q and didn't raise preflop from the blinds in a 6 way pot. There's nothing more satisfying then seeing one player bet into you when you have the nuts, then wacthing another player raise the pot. I three-bet and made it $27 to go. I won a huge pot and walked away up after two hours. I wandered past all the trippy blackjack tables with lava lamps and grabbed another late night shake at Fatburger.

I'm starting a five day old-fashioned Las Vegas bender today. Hunter would be proud of the exploits that I have planned. I'm finally done with the WPT reporting and writing a few parts of the Poker Hacks book for Double As. My work is complete for the month. It's time to celebrate. My buddy the Joker comes to town for the Vegoose music festival where we intend to getting all kinds of loopy. I also got a great Halloween costume. Stop by the Tao of Pauly for pics, setlists, concert reviews, and other sordid tales of Halloween hijinks.

I shall return next week with two special announcements. Hope everyone has a groovy weekend and a Happy Halloween.

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