Friday, October 14, 2005

Reloads, Jackpots, and Wil Wheatons

I played exclusively on Party Poker yesterday per the advice of Iggy. The Party Poker bad beat jackpot was over a half a million dollars for fuck's sake! I happened to be at the same table as Jorgen for a little bit yesterday afternoon. I spent all night on the tables. As of 8:45am, the jackpot was over $557K. Yikes! I happened to also talk to Iggy yesterday for a little while. We both joked how it's a coincidence that the jackpot is reaching half a million a few days after Party Poker lets loose their skins. I wonder if it will hit sometime this weekend?

By the way, Poker Stars has a rare reload bonus going on... 25% up to $150 max which expires on Sunday, October 16th. You have to deposit $600 to get $150. You have to earn 5 FPP's for each $1 in bonus money. Bonuses on Poker Stars never expire. I just reloaded to play in a slew of Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure satellites.

Don't forget that Wil Wheaton is hosting a private tournament on Poker Stars today. Details are below. Can't wait to drop the Hammer on Mr. Wheaton. I think that Derek will also be playing.

That's it for now. I have a ton of work to do in the next 24 hours. My friends Gil & Elite are getting married on Saturday and we all hope it finally stops raining after a week of non-stop rain in the big city, just in time for their nuptials. They also posted an odd photo of me on their wedding site. Also, I return to Las Vegas on Sunday so the next few days are going to be crazy. See you at the tables.

Recent Poker Playing Music...
1. The Velvet Underground
2. Radiohead
3. Jerry Garcia Band
4. Django Reinhardt
5. Galactic with Karl Denson


By the way, stop by Iggy's blog and read his excellent trip report from Europe!


Update: Wil's Where's my Buritto? Invitational

4:01pm... 96 players. Top 9 get paid. First place pays $288. I got Tokyo James and Obie VIP at my table. Derek had Heather and Drizz at his table. April (West Coast), Jaxia, Joanne, and Wil are all at the same table.

4:05pm... Derek flopped a "joint" with A-J. Heather flopped second pair and a straight flush draw in a three way pot on a board of K-Q-10. The other guy moved all in with J-9. Derek's "joint" held up and he tripled up.

4:28pm... Both Bugsy and Maudie joined my table. I had T1300 and folded every hand. Obie ran over the table.

4:38pm... I got crippled when I moved all in with the Hammer against Surgu. He ended up calling with Q-Q and I picked up a gutshot draw which never materialized. Hiltons kicked me in the junk. Ouch.

4:39pm... Wil suggests I get called for a Dial-a-Tilt. Joanne ended up calling.

4:40pm... With Joanne on the phone I found K-K at the cutoff and just T500. I limped and got three callers. I moved all in on the flop and Obie doubled me up.

4:42pm... I was knocked out when I tried to resteal from the LB with A2 to a button raise. The button called my all in with 8-8 and I lost to a higher flush. I wa sbusted in 65th by DietDrThunder.

5:10pm... Drizz was busted.

5:15pm... Wil was knocked out when he moved all in with the Hammer and got busted by A-K.

5:20pm... Joanne and April get moved to Maudie and Obie's table. April went from the short stack to over 4K in chips.

5:23pm... Derek won a 6K pot with Ace high.

5:35pm... I started playing a cash game with Alan and Wil. I almost tilted Alan when I won a big pot with the Jack Hammer!!!

5:38pm... Derek won another pot with A-J. He moved up to 2nd in chips.

5:45pm... Derek moved up to 15K in chips when he won a huge pit with K-10 vs K-J and 10-10. He caught a runner-runner full house and busted 2 guys.

5:49pm... 7 bloggers are in the Top 10... Maudie, Joanne, April, Jaxia, Derek, Bugsy, and Colombo.

5:55pm... Derek took over the chip lead with 28K when his A-A won another big pot against 10-10.

5:57pm... On my cash game table, Wil's Hiltons were cracked by A-K. Ouch.

6:17pm... I had to take a break and upload new tunes onto my iPod so I folded for like 10-15 minutes straight. Derek is still the chipleader with 17 players left.

6:24pm... I took Wil's last $5! Sorry Wil. He had A-Ks and I had Hiltons. He flopped an Ace but I flopped a set. Rebuy!

6:35pm... I doubled up Papergrrl in my cash game. She flopped two pair against me.

6:38pm... The Where's My Burrito tournament reached a final table when Jaxia bubbled out! Here's the final table players:

6:45pm... Just found out that I'm a Top 10 Referral to the Online BLogger Championship.

7:00pm... Down to 8 at the final table. Derek has 14K and is in 4th. Joanne's the new chipleader.

7:10pm... Derek got crippled when his 66 lost to A4s via the river. He got half his stack back on the next hand when AQ beat KT... on the river.

7:12pm... Derek was just busted in 8th by Joanne. Great game!

7:13pm... I flopped top pair and a nut flush draw with AQs. I picked up a decent pot catching a flush. Jaxia and Beck joined our cash game table.

7:20pm... I went for a piss break and Maudie (6th) and April (7th) were busted.

7:23pm... Joanne is heads up with whoispain with a slight advantage.

7:26pm... Congrats to Joanne who won the Where's My Burrito Invitational! She won when she flopped top pair with K3s against the Hilton Sisters. Good job!

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