Friday, October 21, 2005

Wil Wheaton Private Tourney Reminder + WPT Final Table

Two quick things... the WPT will be taping the final table of the Doyle Brunson North American Classic in the Fontana Room in the Bellagio at 7pm tonight. Look for me. I'll be wearing all black. Here's who made the final WPT TV table including seating assignments and chip counts, courtesy of Poker Wire:
Seat 1: Tony Grand 118K
Seat 2: Minh Ly 3.056M
Seat 3: Dan Harrington 2.937M
Seat 4: Don Zewin 552K
Seat 5: Gavin Smith 1.368M
Seat 6: Jan Sorensen 370K
I wrote a recap of Day 3 for Poker Player Newspaper. Take a peek.

Also, here are the details of tonight's Wil Wheaton tournament:
What: WWdN: Decker711 Invitational
Where: PokerStars
When: Friday, October 21th @ 7:00 PM EST
Password: monkey
Tournament number: 13788952 (Look under Private Tournament Tab)
Buy-in: $10+1
I will not be able to play due to work obligations. However, best of luck to everyone who's gonna play. Joanne won last week's tournament and my brother also made the final table.

If you would like to play, but do not have a Poker Stars account... then what are you waiting for? Download their software... here!

***** Update *****

4:20pm... I signed up at the last second and played in the car on the way to the Bellagio, thanks to my new broadband wireless card. I should have just post & folded and played when I got to press row in the Fontana Room. Big mistake on my part. But I might have been violating Nevada Gaming Laws. At any rate, I pushed with any draw, any ace, and any suited connectors and wa sbusted in 132nd place. Good luck to everyone still remaining.

5:15pm... Derek was busted in 82nd and Joanne finished 89th. Poker Prof is currently in the Top 30! Heather is the chip leader.

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