Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Dump Day: Referrals, Pauly's Pub, and Party Poker

Yesterday was interesting with this new twist added to living in the big city. Anyway, I continued to live my life like always. Because if I don't play online poker, then the terrorists win, right?

I played in a MTT on Party Poker yesterday and grinded my way into the money. I finished in 71st out of 1615. I achieved Joanne's 10% mark of greatness in MTTs. I was up until 6am writing and didn't get out of bed until a little past 11am. Within a hour or so, I was on a table at Party Poker. In the first five hands... I tripled up. I folded the first hand 8-8 UTG. I would have turned quads and tripled up because two guys with A-x moved all in on an ace high flop. The second hand I had J-J and flopped a set against A-10. He flopped an ace and put me all in the flop and I doubled up. I also won a pot in the LB with 5-5. I folded the button and then I found J-J again. Two limpers in front of me and I raised. I got one caller and we saw the flop of J-J-9. Yikes, I flopped quads. Player bet into me on the flop and the turn. I called both times. On the river, he bet and I raised. He reraised all in and I called. He had 9-9 and flopped a boat! I tripled up and held the chiplead for a few minutes.

Last night, I played a ring game on Party Poker while I watched the Rangers/Canadians game and got the Hilton Sisters three times in a half hour. They held up 2/3 of the time.

I have a busy weekend with the Yankees and the MLB playoffs along with writing, so I'm going to try to find some time to play ring games and at least one tourney per day this weekend.

Five Top 5 Poker Lists

It's been a while since I did some of my Top 5 lists so let's have 5 of them, eh?

5 Fearless Pros I Don't Want to See at My Table...
1. Layne Flack
2. Gus Hansen
3. Chip Reese
4. Phil Ivey
5. Devilfish

5 Pros I'd Like to Get on Tilt by "Dropping the Hammer" on Them...
1. Phil Hellmuth
2. Mike Matusow
3. Annie Duke
4. Josh Arieh
5. Scott Fischman

5 Random Pros I'd Drink All Night and Play Poker With...
1. Minneapolis Jim Meehan
2. The Unabomber
3. Humberto Brenes
4. My Main Man Freddy Deeb
5. Scotty Nguyen

5 Random Pros I Make a Prop Bet With...
1. Phil Ivey
2. Mike Matusow
3. Robert Williamson
4. Rafe Furst
5. Sammy Farha

Recent Poker Playing Music...
1. The Grateful Dead
2. John Butler Trio
3. Widespread Panic
4. John Coltrane
5. The Beatles


Now's the time when I thank everyone for the referrals over the past week, especially the following bloggers:
Top 12 Referrals:
1. Las Vegas and Poker Blog
2. Iggy
3. Up for Poker (CJ, Otis & GRob)
4. Aaron Gleeman
5. Wil Wheaton
6. Tao of Pauly
7. Double As
8. Bill Rini
9. Card Squad
10. HDouble's The Cards Speak
11. The Poker Grub
12. The Poker Nerd

Pauly's Pub Football Pool Week 4 Update

Team of the Week: World of Dorkcraft 12 wins

The Skinny: The World of Dorkcraft (Poker Geek) is still hot. I wonder if the Geek is getting a herd of Ewoks to run crunch numbers all week for him before he submits his picks? Speed & Weed (Armen) is a close second. Austin Drunk (Matt S.) and Sycophantic Sheep (BoyGenius) are tied for third and Killer Beas (JK) rounds out the Top 5. Good news is that I'm finally beating Donavon McNabb's momma!!! Everyone is still in this. There's plenty of time left to make a run. The battle of the basement continues with CornRowsNCrunkJuice (Spider) joining JustaDrunkCanuck (Joanne) and Acrobatic Ass Assassins (Johnny Flopbot).
Top 4:
1 World of Dorkcraft (PokerGeek) 41
2 Speed & Weed (Armen) 40
3 Austin Drunk (Matt S.) 38
3 Sycophantic Sheep (BoyGenius) 38
Visit Pauly's Pub to see the complete standings. My team The Redneck Riviera is tied for 16th place.

Some Other Notes

Usually I discourage readers from asking me to post stuff and personal messages on this blog because if I accomodate one person wishes, I have twenty others requesting the same thing. However, there are two things I would like to mention because I believe in ther causes.

Firstly, Paul, the admin. of the Card Clubs Network, which hosts the forums for The Lord Admiral Card Club Podcast, is hosting a Katrina Relief Tournament at on Saturday, October 8th at 13:00 eastern or 1pm ET. The buy-in is $15, of that $10 will go to the Red Cross and $5 will go to the prize pool. There will also be other prizes such a registered copies of Digital Donohoe's Tournament Poker, subscriptions to Bluff Magazine, A copy of Phil Gordon's Little Green Book on Audio CD and several others as well.

Secondly, Hatch is walking in the Nashville American Heart Association Heart Walk two weeks from Saturday to raise money for the AHA. Hatch had a pacemaker put in two years ago (at 35 years old) so he has a keen interest in Heart Disease research and awareness. For more information visit this link.

That's it for now. Have a good weekend.

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