Friday, September 30, 2005

Second Annual WPBT Holiday Classic in Las Vegas

I was going to wait until Monday to write about this, but since Poker Stars made their huge announcement about their WPT Bahamas exclusive satellite for bloggers only, I figured the timing was right.

Bill Rini has been hard at work trying to nail down the final details for the next blogger get together in Las Vegas. It will be in December. And here's the skinny...
What: 2nd Annual Holiday Classic
When: Saturday Dec. 10th
Time: 10am (tentative)
Where: Imperial Palace poker room
Buy-in: $50 + 15 (juice plus dealer's tip)
Stop by Bill's blog to see who's going to be playing and how you can get a discounted room! Also make sue you shoot him an email telling him your info like blog name, real name, and contact info. I am trying to see if I can upgrade to a suite like last time at the Plaza. Some of the highlights of last trip happened in the wee hours in the morning in our suite that Derek and I shared with Eva and AlCantHang. We had a few SNGs, watched Drizz play on Full Tilt, and the Poker Geek passed out on our couch after trying to run with the big dogs.

I'm looking forward to playing in this event at Imperial Palace. It should be fun and we can take over the casino for the weekend. Of course, we'll find time to storm the Castle, gamble on football on Sunday morning at Mandalay Bay, and possibly go beer bowling or hit up some strip clubs.

In last year's event at Sam's Town, Felicia Lee won it! I made the final table as the chip leader and bubbled out when Julie from the Blue Parrot rivered me. In June, Chad issued a Minnesota bad beat on me when his 9-9 beat my 10-10. I am seeking revenge!

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