Thursday, October 20, 2005

Doyle Brunson North American Classic - Day 3

I'm back at the Bellagio. The WPT crew is setting up the final table in the Fontana Room, so we have to retreat to the poker room where the final 5 tables are being played. There is no room for media on the floor, so they opened up Bobby's Room for us to work in. Yes, this might be the only time I'll ever be allowed in Bobby's Room. This is kinda like getting to work in the locker room from Yankee Stadium. I challenged BJ from Card Player to a heads up freeze out... according to the Big Game rules! $4K/$8K blinds. BJ declinded. Good thing. I wouldn't even be able to afford one big blind.

Anyway, last night I played cards with Grubby and Bad Blood. We stormed the castle and played donkey poker at the Excalibur. Yes, I donked off $100. Actually it was $70. I dropped a good $30 in tips and prop bets. Grubby, Bad Blood, and I got to sit at the same table and we were betting on "wheel spins." The money wheel at Excalibur has 3 colors and we'd each pick one. I lost every single fuckin' prop bet. Bad Blood cleaned up.

One guy sat down at our table and Grubby turned to me and suggested that we get the new guy on tilt. And we did. The poor fucker blew through his stack and didn't know what hit him. Hhe lost two big hands to me and Grubby. I had the Hammer one time and Grubby rivered the Wheel with 2-6o. The guy was wicked pissed and stormed off. Yes, we are officially evil. Afterwards, we headed out to a strip club and spent almost four hours at Sin. Yikes. I dropped $300 in a strip club without buying one cocktail. I was driving and had two Red Bulls.

Some quick pimpgae before I begin my live blogging updates...
1. Jen Leo is in town doing a book signing this weekend.
2. Wil Wheaton is throwing a private tournament tomorrow on Poker Stars at 7pm EST. Visit here for more details.
3. Read my recap of yesterday's action at Poker Player Newspaper.
4. If you want a quick recap of my trip to a strip club, head over to the Tao of Pauly.
5. You can check out Special K and Flipchip's photo gallery of Festa al Lago... here.
Moving on...

Today is Day 3 and we will play down to the final table. There are several big names left and 39 players remain. Ernie Scherer begins today the chip leader with $675K. The average stack is around $215K.

***** Live Blogging Update *****

12:10pm... Cards are in the air. We are starting with Level 13. The blinds are $3K/6K with a $500 ante. Here are today's payouts:
1 $1,060,000
2 $620,730
3 $327,610
4 $189,630
5 $137,940
6 $96,560
7 $68,970
8 $55,175
9 $48,280
10 $41,380
11-15 $34,485
16-20 $27,590
21-30 $20,690
31-40 $17,245
41-50 $13,795
51-100 $12,000
12:25pm... Matt Lefkowitz's A-A were cracked by Gus Hansen's K-K when Gus flopped a King. Matt Lefkowitz finished in 39th place. He won $17,245.

12:30pm... Doyle Brunson walked into Bobby's Room and we challenged him to a game! He laughed in our faces. The Bellagio is playing 80s music in Bobby's Room.

12:35pm... Here is the Courtey Friel picture of the day.

12:40pm... Eskimo Clark was eliminated by 2005 WSOP braceelt winner Jan Sorenson from Denmark. Eskimo had A-K Sorenson had K-10. They both flopped a King but Sorensen rivered a Ten. Eskimo Clark finished in 38th place and won $17,245.

12:45pm... Jim McManus was eliminated in 37th place and won $17,245. I wonder if got Big Jim got some fodder for his NY Times article?

12:55pm... Wayne Lewis had 10-10 and ran into Minh Ly's A-A. Lewis finished in 36th place. He won $17,245.

12:57pm... For all you Rodeen fans... Rodeen Talebi was eliminated in 35th place and won $17,245.

1:01pm... Jesus 1, Bill Edler 0. Yes, Jesus Ferguson sent Bill Elder to the rail in 34th place, when Jesus's K-K held up. What's the deal with all these jucied hands early? Live poker is so rigged.

1:06pm... The players keep dropping out. At this rate we'll be done by 4:20 in time for me for a mid-afternoon session. Craig Hartman was knocked out by Minh Ly in 33rd place.

1:10pm... Jesus 2, Arnold Spee 0. Jesus is on a tear. He busted another player when his A-K out flopped 7-7. Arnold Spee finished in 32nd place.

1:11pm... Jen from Poker Wire, BJ and myself just played poker in Bobby's Room I won the first ever North American Doyle Brunson Media Classic when my 6-6 held up against BJ's Q-10 and Jen's Q-9s.

1:14pm... Joe Clapper was just busted by Minh Ly. Man, these bust outs are coming so fast, I can hardly keep up!

1:34pm... Mark Cole was eliminated in 30th place by Young Phan. Cole won $20,690. Davood "The Little" Mehrmand busted out in 29th place by Tony Grand. Mehrmand won $20,690.

1:44pm... Mike Gracz was knocked out in 28th palce. He won $20,690.

1:48pm... Here are some pictures that I took just now:

Ernie Scherer began today as the chip leader

The media in Bobby's Room

Young Phan

Minh Ly

Barry Greenstien

Gavin Smith

Dan Harrington takes a cat nap

2:01pm... Players are on a break. 27 remain. We're down to 3 tables. Both Gus Hansen and Barry Grennstien wandered over to Bobby's Room. When play resumes, we will be on Level 14. The blinds are $4K/$8K with $1K antes. Jesus is now the chipleader with $740K. Action Dan Harrington is a close second with $660K. The average stack is $311K.

2:20PM... Kathy Liebert's J-J knocked out Scott "I'm gonna have to ask you to come in on Saturday" Lundberg's 10-10 in 27th place. He won $27,590.

2:35pm... Three more eliminations. Khanh Hua was knocked out by Gavin Smith in 26th place and Jeff Brock was busted by Don Zerwin in 25th place. Sam Rashid was eliminated in 24th place by Don Barton. All three players won $27,590. 23 remain and 17 more have to get knocked out before I get to go home and sleep!

3:31pm... Here's who got busted in the past hour:
23 Neal Mathews $20,690
22 Tom Lock $20,690
21 Gus Hansen $20,690
20 Darrel Dicken $27,590
Gus Hansen was busted when he moved all in on the button with 9-3o. Gavin Smith called with Big Slick from the blinds and busted the Great Dane.

3:36pm... Bouncin Round the Room: I got kicked out of Bobby's Room for an hour while the WPT crew filmed some interviews. I went to the Snack Bar and bought an ice tea as I ogled at a couple of college girls with back tattoos in front of me. I made several phone calls and checked the spreads in this weekend's NFL games at the sports book.

3:45pm.... Players are currently on a break. 19 are left on 3 tables. The average stack is $442K. Here's the Top 5 in chips:
1 Ernie Scherer $1.1M
2 Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $850K
3 Jan Sorensen $560K
4 Minh Ly $560K
5 Dan Harrington $550K
3:47pm... I saw Young Phan find A-A twice inside of three minutes. He beat A-J in the first hand and got them cracked the second time by Thom Werthmann's set of tens.

3:55pm... We're on a new level. Blinds are $5K/$10K with $1K antes.

4:04pm... Jesus is giving handouts to the masses. He doubled up Barry Greenstien and Bob Feduniak. Feduniak rivered a set against Jesus.

4:13pm... Don Barton was just busted in 19th place. He won $27,590. Players redraw for seats for the final two tables. Ernie Sherer is still the chipleader with $1.1 million.

4:20pm... Thom Werthmann was just busted in 18th palce by Ernie Sherer. Wethmann had K-K and Sherer had A-A. Werthmann won $27,590.

4:30pm... Young Phan took 17th place after he was knocked out by Tony Grand.

4:36pm... The media is getting kicked out of Bobby's Room because Doyle Brunson is here ready to play in the Big Game with Jen Harman and David Grey. The floor manager brought in a few racks of $1K chips. I dunno when my next update will be. Stay tuned. There are 16 players left and 10 more until I get to go home.

4:43pm... I have set up temporary refuge in the Snack Bar in between Light and the Sports Book. Now I have sun-burnt tourists wearing socks with tevas gawking over my shoulder while they wait for their $9 hamburgers.

4:44pm... Massoud Nikjouian was just knocked out in 16th place by Abraham Gray. Nikjouian won $27,590. Kathy Liebert's K-K were cracked by Joe Sander's A-J. Her stack took a hoit.

4:55pm... Steve Brecher was just busted in 15th place by Action Dan Harrington's K-K. Brecher won $34,485. Ernie Scherer is still the chipleader with $1.6 million.

5:07pm... The food smells great in the snack bar. I think the chili is calling my name! Oh in poker news, Tony Grand busted Joe Sanders in 14th place. Sanders won $34,485.

5:17pm... Barry Greenstien rivered a straight flush against Jesus. Both players checked all the way to the river after the both bet $60K preflop. Barry checked to Jesus on the river hoping to trap him. Jesus had a baby flush and did not bet it.

5:30pm... Players are on a break. 13 remain and the avergae stack is $646K. Here's latest chipcount courtesy of Poker Wire:
1 Ernie Scherer $1.65M
2 Tony Grand $1.6M
3 Dan Harrington $800K
4 Barry Greenstein $715K
5 Jan Sorensen $680K
6 Danny Shiff $580K
7 Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $530K
8 Minh Ly $480K
9 Gavin Smith $400K
10 Abraham "Avi" Gray $390K
11 Don Zewin $240K
12 Kathy Liebert $200K
13 Bob Feduniak $150K
5:40pm... We're on a new level. Blinds are $6K/$12K with a $2K ante.

5:46pm... The shortest stack remaining, Bob Feduniak, doubled up against Dan Harrington.

6:20pm... Action has halted. I've been eating onion rings and chili and doing my fantasy football picks. No one has been knocked out in over an hour.

6:35pm... Bob Feduniak doubled up again. This time with J-J against Barry Greenstein's K-10. Ernie Scherer is still the chipleader with $1.55M.

7:36pm... After a short break to recharge my battery, I am back. We have reached Level 17. The blinds are $8K/$16K with $2K antes. Kathy Liebert doubled up against Jan Sorenson when her A-A held up, while Ernie Scherer doubled up Gavin Smith. Here's an updated chip count courtesy of the lovely ladies at Poker Wire:
1 Tony Grand $1.58M
2 Dan Harrington $980K
3 Barry Greenstein $690K
4 Danny Shiff $640K
5 Jan Sorensen $622K
6 Don Zewin $620K
7 Minh Ly $575K
8 Abraham "Avi" Gray $550K
9 Gavin Smith $550K
10 Jesus $308K
11 Kathy Liebert $240K
12 Bob Feduniak $190K
13 Ernie Scherer $140K
8:04pm... Kathy Liebert had 5-5 and ran into Ernire Scherer's K-K. Liebert finished in 13th place and won $34,485 for first place. It had been almost 2 hours since someone was knocked out.

8:20pm... On an unfortunate hand. Bob Feduniak was elimianted in 12th place when his Q-7s lost to Danny Shiff's steal with 9-4o. Fednuiak won $34,485.

8:45pm... Jesus has left the building. Minh Ly eliminated Chris "Jesus" Ferguson in 11th place. Minh Ly had the Hilton Sisters and Jesus had 4-4. Ernie Scherer is the chipleader again with $2.16M after he won a monster pot off of Tony Grand when he picked off Grand on a bluff. Dan Harrington is second in chips with $1M.

8:50pm... Players are on a dinner break. Play will resume at 10pm.

10:34pm... Play has resumed. Avi Gray doubled up twice, once against Barry Greenstien and the other against Ernie Scherer when he cracked Scherer's K-K with a set of 8s. Scherer still has over $2M in chips and Dan Harrington is second with under $1M.

11:07pm... Barry Greenstien was knocked out in 10th place by Gavin Smith who flopped a set of 2s. Greenstien won $41,380.

11:22pm... We're down to 8 players after Abraham "Avi" Gray was eliminated in 9th Place. His 10-10 was outflopped by Ernie Scherer's A-K. Gray won $48,280 for 9th. Two more players to go! Ernie Scherer has $2.76M in chips and is still the chipleader. Gavin Smith has $1.4M.

12:30am... Dan Harrington knocked out Danny Shiff in 8th place. He won $55,175. We've reached the bubble!!! Here's a quick chip count courtesy of Poker Wire:
1 Ernie Scherer $2M
2 Gavin Smith $1.45M
3 Dan Harrington $1.4M
4 Don Zewin $860K
5 Tony Grand $720K
6 Jan Sorensen $630K
7 Minh Ly $450K
As play reaches it's 12th hour at the Bellagio, I have to wonder if there is anyone still actually at home/work following this?

1:13am... Minh Ly was the shortstack and doubled up with Q-10 against Ernie Scherer's 5-5. However, very soon after, Minh Ly lost most of those chips when his Hilton Sisters could not hold up against Tony Grand's A-8o. Grand flopped an ace and doubled up. Don Zerwin is the shortstack and Minh Ly is not far behidn with $500K in chips. Ernie Scherer remained the chip leader with $1.94M to Gavin Smith's $1.85M.

1:25am... Denamrk's Jan Sorenson was crippled when his A-K lost to Don Zerwin's K-K. Sorenson is the shortstack with $300K. On the brink of elimination, Sorenson caught a miracle card on the river to survive his all-in against Ernie Scherer.

1:45am... Players are returning from a break. The level has increased. Blinds are $15K/$30K with $4K antes. Action Dan Harrington moved into the chiplead while Minh Ly became the shortstack.

2:05am... Minh Ly doubled up against Gavin Smith when his A-A held up.

World Poker Tour hostess Courtney Friel during a photo shoot yesterday

2:31am... Dan Harrington loves the Hilton Sisters. He doubled up with Q-Q versus Tony Grand's 10-10. Tony Grand slipped to the short stack with $200K while Harrington is the chipleader with $2.5M. A few minutes later, Harrington found Q-Q again and won a pot against Ernie Scherer to add to his big stack.

3:05am... Minh Ly eliminated Erne Scherer in 7th place. Scherer entered teh day as teh chip leader and won $68,970. Both players were all in on the flop of A-J-9 with two clubs. Minh Ly had a gutshot straight draw and a King-high flush draw, while Scherer flopped two pair. Minh Ly made his flush on the river, which sent Scherer home on the TV bubble.

Here's who made the final WPT TV table including seating assignments and chip counts, courtesy of Poker Wire:
Seat 1: Tony Grand 118K
Seat 2: Minh Ly 3.056M
Seat 3: Dan Harrington 2.937M
Seat 4: Don Zewin 552K
Seat 5: Gavin Smith 1.368M
Seat 6: Jan Sorensen 370K
See everyone tomorrow (later tonight) at 7pm Vegas time for the taping of the final table.

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