Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saturday Night Twang in Vegas and Who's Going to the Bahamas?

Yesterday, I woke up early after a few hours of sleep and had to write a ton of stuff before my Party Poker affiliates freeroll late in the afternoon, where I finished in an unimpressive 212 out of 213. Ouch. My junk is still swollen from the bad beat.

Afterwards, Grubby and I headed to Sunset Station so he can pick up his weekly free gift. Grubby gets tons of free shit from the locals casinos. My favorite free item is a scale that he got, which I use everytime before I get into the shower. It's a reminder that I need to lose weight and exercise more.

The lovely Jaxia is in town and I got to meet another blogger for the first time. Since I know she reads me almost everyday, I have to say really nice things about her! The easy part is that I don't have to fluff this entry up, because what I have to say is 100% true. Jaxia is what I call a "triple threat." She's smart, cool, and beautiful. Too bad she's taken, because I was smitten. I think it's the Texas accent. Cute girls with accents get me everytime, and twice on Saturdays.

Anyway, let me wipe the drool off my laptop and continue.

We met up for drinks at Mandalay Bay near the Sports Book. The last time I was there was on Monday with Grubby and Bobby Bracelet and the now infamous bathroom fucking scene unfolded. Last night, Grubby was playing $2/4 in the poker room with two of his female friends who live here that are just getting into poker. Jaxia was over at the Bellagio killing the $4/8 game and came down to meet me. She had no idea how far the Mandalay Bay was from the Bellagio, so she walked! That was impressive. Lucky for her it was not too hot outside.

I sat and had drinks with Jaxia after I got cold-decked on a video poker machine waiting for her arrival. We sat chatted for a few hours, mostly about non-poker things, which was refreshing. We jumped back and forth between a ton of random topics. Sometimes you meet a poker blogger for the first time and the conversation is 99% about poker. That's great sometimes, but these days, I'm getting so burnt out on poker that it was invigorating to discuss other common interests.

Jaxia has had an interesting life and I hope she'll submit a future story or two for Truckin'. She asked me about some specifics about the Redneck Riviera (I even pointed it out to her) and she told me a hilarious story involving a goat. Well, four actually. I'm hoping that she'll write up that wicked tale up... Jaxia and the Four Goats. I love a good goat story.

OK, what make people interesting to me are their odd quirks. I have plenty, too many to list in a blog entry. But Jaxia... the girl loves sugar. Grubby, his friends, Jaxia, and myself went to the cafe at Mandalay Bay for some late night food. We counted how many sugar packets Jaxia used for her coffee. 12 for two cups. Sweet Jebus.

"Twelve fuckin' packets? Why don't you just do cocaine?" I suggested after I sipped her cup.

"Sugar is cheaper," she quickly answered.

I think I'm gonna start snorting sugar.

Anyway, I have to go. I'm checking into a hotel in an hour so I can play in the Bloggers Championship on Poker Stars later today. The winner gets a free trip to the Bahamas to play in a WPT event. There are like 40,000 players signed up as of now. And I don't read like 39,000 of them. The chances that I get seated at a t able with anyone I know will be slim.

For the record, I will not be live blogging this event. I repeat, I will not be live blogging this event. But check back on Monday for a recap. I'm sure I'll have a bad beat story or three.

If you are a reader who would like to watch some of your favorite bloggers, internet celebrities, and poker pros with blogs... then feel free to download the Poker Stars software. It's free to download. It starts at 1pm Pacific time or 4pm East Coast time. Check the "Private Tournament" tab and look for the "PokerStars Blogger Championship" which will be in green font.

See you there. Good luck everyone.

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