Monday, October 31, 2005

November Private Tournaments: Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

Shake off your hangovers with a tournament featuring your favorite poker bloggers!!

I would like to cordially invite all readers and bloggers to participate in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Thanks to the kind folks over at Poker Stars, they are allowing me to host a series of 4 tournaments on Poker Stars every Saturday in November at 1pm EST. Since everyone already has an account on Poker Stars, this is the perfect place to host the events. My only regret is that Otis cannot play.

The first tournament is scheduled for this Saturday, the 5th. The buy in is low at $10 + 1 and I hope that will get more people to play. These are not associated with the WPBT... they are separate events. Wil Wheaton has been running Friday tournaments so I figured... "Why not another one on Saturdays?"
What: Saturdays with Dr. Pauly
Where: Poker Stars
When: Saturday November 5th at 1pm EST
Tournament Info: #14338880 (check under Private Tournament Tab)
Password: hiltons

Eligibility: Anyone with a Poker Stars account
Attire: Pants optional

Special Prizes & Bounties:
First place (weekly): Phil Gordon's Little Green Book
My Bounty (weekly): Free iTunes Gift Card (Bust me and get 15 free songs!!)
Grubby's Bounty: Visit the Poker Grub for more info
John "Shecky" Caldwell's Bounty: Bust John aka "Shecky" and you get a free Poker News t-shirt and $20 added to your Poker Stars account!

Saturday's with Dr. Pauly Champion... Overall Winner: iPod Nano
Overall 2nd Place: DVD of the Big Lebowski
Overall 3rd Place: Daddy calls you on Christmas to wish you Happy Holidays

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Tour Dates:
Tournament #1: Sat. November 5th at 1pm EST
Tournament #2: Sat. November 12th at 1pm EST
Tournament #3: Sat. November 19th at 1pm EST
Tournament #4: Sat. November 26th at 1pm EST

Yes, that's not a typo you see. I will also be giving away a special bonus prize... a brand new iPod NANO... to the player who does the best in all four events!! I'll even try to get it engraved for the winner.

Disclaimers: To be eligible for the iPod and DVD, you have to play every Saturday. If you are not of the Christian persausion and finish in 3rd place, you are eligible to get Daddy to call you on any other day of your choice. Offer is valid from December 24th, 2005 thru July 4th 2006.

Here's a loophole: If you are busy with life stuff, and can't play in all 4 tournaments, you can always sign up and post and fold until you get blinded out in order to maintain your eligibility for the free iPod.

How will I determine a Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion? Simple. You add up all your places in the four events. The player (that plays in all 4 events) with the lowest total number wins.

Iggy finishes 5th, 27th, 33th, and 15th. He has 80 points.
Pauly finishes 11st, 119th, 5th, and 25th. He has 160 points.
Derek finishes in 9th, 2nd, 17th, and 54th. He has 82 points.

Iggy would win the iPod beating out Derek by 2 points.
So here's your chance to have fun on a Saturday morning (for you West Coasters), a Saturday afternoon for you East Coasters, or Saturday night for my European friends, bloggers, and readers. In addition you have a shot at winning cool prizes including a brand new iPod. I have no problem if you want to regift the prizes for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or Festivus.

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly are a series of small buy-in tournaments... on purpose. It gives you a shot at winning cool gifts for a small investment. Be sure to stick around after you get busted and play cash game tables with your favorite bloggers. That will probably be more fun than the actual tournaments. A couple of years ago, a small group of 10 of us (that group rotated) used to all play small buy-in tourneys on Saturday mornings followed up by cash games. I hope to start that tradition back up this November. So please feel free to stop by and play. Again, these private tournaments are open to all readers and bloggers. This would not be possible without the awesome help from the cool folks over at Poker Stars. Mucho thanks to them.

So who is going to get crowned the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion and walk away with the iPod? Who will come in 3rd and get a phone call from Daddy? Stop by Poker Stars to find out.

Any questions or comments? Shoot me an email. Feel free to pimp the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tourneys on your blogs, or email your friends and family and tell them all about it. I can't wait. See you Saturday!!


Side Note: Happy Halloween to everyone! I have one more day to go in my 5 day long Las Vegas bender. The Joker and I have been hanging out with spun out hippie girls all weekend long. I have been posting some mini-recaps, pictures, and setlists from Vegoose on the Tao of Pauly. Take a peek. I have a Widespread Panic concert tonight, which should be kick ass. I love Halloween in Las Vegas because it's a time when the weird becomes the norm and all the freaks come out from the wood work and take over Sin City. Plus, Halloween gives average girls their one and only chance a year to get dressed up in slutty costumes and they don't get labeled trashy for doing so. Lots of skin and cleavage. My favorites are the Catholic school girls and sultry cowgirls in short skirts (my new favorite). Cowgirls. Nice.

And Halloween in Las Vegas means plenty of wasted people stumbling around the Strip in odd costumes and gambling their last dollars away. Should be fun. I'll be back tomorrow, if I can survive one more day of debauchery...

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