Saturday, May 23, 2009

Run Good 3.0... TripJax and Matt Showell Runs Goodest

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

The gang at Poker Listings from the Great White North were kind enough to throw another Run Good Challenge. This time, the third incarnation included two juicy opportunities to grab three different $1,500 WSOP seats, which were up for grabs during satellites over at PokerStars.

The Poker Grump won the first Run Good 3.0 event last Saturday and already locked up the first seat. This weekend? Two more seats were available. I wanted to win one and freeroll into a donkament. Buy a ticket and take the ride, as the saying goes.

The field of 25 players included an eclectic mix of poker media and poker bloggers. And when then dust settled.... Matt Showell and Trip Jax emerged victorious. Congrats to both lucksacks players. They run goodest.

My starting table...
Seat 1: Michalski
Seat 2: S.t.B
Seat 3: Poker Grump
Seat 4: Jay "whojedi" Newnum
Seat 5: DrPauly
Seat 6: DrunkBlonde
Seat 7: AlCantHang
Seat 8: TripJax
Seat 9: Chops
On the second hand of the tournament, I doubled up with Aces. Shocker. Usually I get kicked in the junk. Some how, the poker gods decided to smile upon thee. I opened from UTG and DrunkBlonde raised to 200. Everyone folded to me and I shoved. She called with Jacks. My Aces held up and she went out in 25th place. Gigli. Before I was even settled in, I found myself the early chipleader.

I took a sip of iced tea. I have been brewing my own iced tea these days in recycled mason jars. Good shit.

I spewed some chips early on when I doubled up TripJax. I love foreshadowing moments and ominous signs, like the candlestick above the mantle in Act 1 of a play because you know someone gets killed with it later on in Act 3.

After TripJax's A-J beat out my K-J, I slipped to the middle of the pack where I'd remain for most of the middle stages of the tournament.

I kept my head above water when I busted Chops who was too busy watching Temptation Island instead of focusing on poker. My A-K held up against his A-J, and Chops was out and back to looking for nipple shots on Drunken Stepfather.

My table got broken and I was moved. I found myself 18th in chips and a super shortstack after I whiffed with A-K versus my nemesis Dan S. We had many previous battles... like the Run Good 1.0 when we played a marathon heads-up battle. And then there was the time in that bar in Calcutta when he fuckin' stabbed me with broken pencil! That's a whole other story for another time. But for now, I was not happy to have him to my left.

However, just when things started to look bleak, I doubled through Iggy with J-8 in battle of blinds to stay alive.

At the first break, I was 10/16 with a paltry 1.8K. Sap-player was the chipleader.

Shortly after the break, I picked up a small pot against Dan S. and improved to 2.5K. I then jumped up to 3.7K when my A-Js held up against his A-6. At the same time, Michalski was involved in a hand with Dan S's fellow Poker Listings colleague. At one point, Michalski held the early chiplead, before he took a small hit. In the hand with Matt, he semi-slow rolled his Aces against Matt's K-10 on a 10-high board. They got it all in on the turn but Matt rivered a ten to win the hand and send Michalski to the rail.

"i am out. have never screamed so loud at my computer ever. (and i have screamed before!)" wrote Michalski on Twitter.

The next thing I knew it, I advanced to the final table. I was 4th in chips, but only the top two won seats. Everyone else got zip. Nada. Nothing. Nil. Zero. Jack-shit covered in cheese.
Run Good 3.0 - Final Table Event #2:
Seat 1: DrPauly (4190)
Seat 2: sap-player (8655)
Seat 3: AlCantHang (2200)
Seat 4: Dan S. (5010)
Seat 5: change100 (3105)
Seat 6: badblood44 (2820)
Seat 7: Matt S. (6990)
Seat 8: Short-stacked Shamus (186) (1860)
Seat 9: TripJax (2665)

Click here for screen cap of the final table.
Early on, I busted Shamus in 9th place. Dan S. opened and Shamus shoved from the button for 1.7K. I woke up with Kings in the big blind and re-shoved. Dan S. folded and Shamus' treys were way behind. My Cowboys held up and he was out in 9th. I was third in chips with under 7K.

Dan S. took out AlCantHang in 8th place. Al's K-9s were no match for Dan's A-K.

I took over the chip lead after I won a pot against Matt. I moved up to 8.6K. Soon after, I busted Bad Blood in 7th place. He open-shoved and I woke up with pocket eights in the big blind. I called and won a race against Qh-9h. Blood was out and I held the chip lead with 11.3K.

Dan S. was eliminated in 6th place when he lost to TripJax's A-K. Jax took over the chip lead at that point and I trailed in second place with five to go.

I lost big hand to Matt. He open-shoved with 7s-6s. I called with Ad-Jd in the big blind. He flopped a 6 and I couldn't chase him down. He won the 7.3K pot.

Matt continued to run good after Change100 lost a race to him. She busted out on the next hand in 5th place. I was second in chips with 4 to go. Then I ran into a bitch of a hand.

Battle of the blinds. I had 10K. TripJax at 11.5K. He limped and I checked my big blind. I saw a flop with 10d-9c. The flop was Ah-10c-6d. He checked. I bet the pot to see where I was and he just called. The turn was the 9h. He bet 950 and I figured he had an Ace or was betting a flush draw. I popped him big and he re-raised to put me all in. I called with two pair and I was fucked. He had A-9 for a significantly better two pair. I was down to two outs... and whiffed on the river. I was out in fourth. Fuck me.

Sap-player went out in third place shortly after the second break. That meant Matt and TripJax won seats. Congrats to both guys.

Thanks again to Matt and the gang at Poker Listings for a fun event and a shot at the WSOP. Hope to see all my Canadian friends in Las Vegas shortly. Travel safely.

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