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WSOP Day 4 - Live Blog for Event #2 40K NL - Day 3 and Event #3 1K Donkulus Day 1A

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Today is the first busy day at the Rio for the 2009 WSOP. There's two re-starts (40K NL and 1.5K omaha 8) and the first donkament, otherwise known as the donkulus because Stimulus + Donkament = Donkulus.

Today's live blog will focus on the remaining 23 players in the 40K NL event. However, I will be providing plenty of snarky commentary about all of the broke dicks playing in the reduced buy-in event.

To start off, here's some important stats for the 40K...
Event #2 40K NL - Day 3 Starting Chip Counts:
Justin Bonomo - 2,678,000
Ted Forrest - 2,586,000
David 'WhooooKidd' Baker - 2,367,000
Greg Raymer - 2,287,000
Lex 'RaSZi' Veldhuis - 2,103,000
Alec Torelli - 1,725,000
Keith Lehr - 1,257,000
Vitaly Lunkin - 1,166,000
Matthew 'adz124' Marafioti - 1,003,000
Brian 'tsarrast' Rast - 912,000
Doshi Suresh - 771,000
Dani 'Ansky' Stern - 762,000
Clark Hamagami - 691,000
Brian Townsend - 671,000
Matthew Glantz - 671,000
Noah Schwartz - 541,000
Isaac Haxton - 539,000
Tony G - 481,000
David Chiu - 318,000
Neil Channing - 270,000
Andy Black - 210,000
Frank Kassela - 167,000
Andrew 'good2cu' Robl - 112,000

And here's the starting seat assignments for the 40K NL Day 3...

Table 1:
Seat 1 - Frank Kassela - 167,000
Seat 2 - Brian Townsend - 671,000
Seat 3 - Justin Bonomo - 2,678,000
Seat 4 - Keith Lehr - 1,257,000
Seat 5 - Clark Hamagami - 691,000
Seat 6 - Ted Forrest - 2,586,000
Seat 7 - Andrew Robl - 112,000
Seat 9 - Greg Raymer - 2,287,000

Table 2:
Seat 1 - Doshi Suresh - 771,000
Seat 2 - Alec Torelli - 1,725,000
Seat 3 - David Chiu - 318,000
Seat 4 - Vitaly Lunkin - 1,166,000
Seat 6 - Neil Channing - 270,000
Seat 7 - Matt Glantz - 671,000
Seat 8 - David Baker - 2,367,000
Seat 9 - Isaac Haxton - 539,000

Table 3:
Seat 1 - Ansky - 762,000
Seat 3 - Brian Rast - 912,000
Seat 5 - Tony G - 481,000
Seat 6 - Noah Schwartz - 541,000
Seat 7 - Andy Black - 210,000
Seat 8 - Matthew Marafioti - 1,003,000
Seat 9 - Lex 'RaSZi' Veldhuis - 2,103,000
* * * * *

12:10pm... Here Come the Donkeys

I purposely arrived early because the crowds swell to uncomfortable amounts. Since this was a special "stimulus" event and Harrah's was generous to offer all those broke dick players a bailout package worth $500 per player. Instead of a $1,500 donkament to kick off the first weekend of the WSOP, the schedule included a $1,000 buy-in event. The result? A sold out tournament with almost 6,000 players.

The lower buy-in also meant that there was plenty of riff raff assembling in town for the event. I never saw so many people walking the bridge over I-15 from the Strip to the Rio. Those were the downtrodden souls who could barely scrape together $1K let alone cab money. Last night, I spotted some people paying for their buy-in with single dollar bills. A couple of homeless-looking guys paid with rolled-up pennies.

The donkulus players who couldn't afford hotel rooms camped out in the Rio's parking lot in a make-shift tent city. Unemployed donkeys in tents. Plight in America has not been that bad since shanty towns sprang up all over the States during the Great Depression. The media called those establishments Hoovervilles, which were named after President Herbert Hoover. In the spirit of that vernacular, I'm compelled to call the tent city in the parking lot... "Pollackville."

Yes, within a few minutes, the Amazon Ballroom will be covered in donkey blood. In order to prevent myself from being attacked by any rabid donkeys that wandered up into the press box, I attempted to purchase donkey repellent. Unfortunately, I was unable to acquire that item. It's on back order. Instead, I picked up bear pepper spray. It's highly affective and stuns donkeys (and bears obviously) with just one spray.

Bear mace that's highly effective donkey repellent

* * * * *

1:10pm... Annie Duke's Lemonade Stand

Norman Chad is trying to steal Annie Duke's thunder and as a part of a bunch of ESPN segments, he's challenging pros to different events. This one happened to be a lemonade stand against Annie Duke. Hundreds of fans lines up to buy lemonade from either Norm Chad or Annie Duke. Norm spiked his batch with booze and promised to pocket the proceeds, while Annie whipped up a booze-free batch with proceeds going to the charity of her choice Refugees International.

I wandered up to the casino and noticed that the tables in front of Buzio's were utilized even though there was a vague promise that those tables would never be used again for WSOP events. Oooops. Bill Chen, Maridu, Shaun Deeb, and Jason Mercier were among the pros stuck in the hallway. The other spillover rooms were also in full swing not to mention the Amazon Ballroom. There's a rumor that the Omaha 8 re-start will be pushed back to 3pm because the donkeys are not busting out as fast as they anticipated. The slaughter has been slowed down due to the triple-stack format of today's donkulus.

* * * * *

2:25pm... Down to 19 (aka That Was Quick)

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 19
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: Justin Bonomo and Ted Forrest
Shorties: Andy Black, Tony G
Busto: David Chui, Neil Channing, Frank Kassela, Good2cu

I stood around the re-start area for fifteen minutes and four players busted. They happened so fast that I couldn't even write down the hands. Thank God for using twitter as a notebook. The first to bust was Andrew "Good2cu" Robl in 23rd place. He went out against Greg Raymer in a battle of the blinds situation. Next up was Frank Kasella who hit the rail in 22nd when he ran into Brian Townsend's Aces. David Chiu was the next player to fall in 21st place. And everyone's favorite Brit, Neil Channing, is nolonger with us. Channing's run ended when he went out a minute later in a three-way pot. Bad Beat Channing busto in 20th place.

Down to 19. I anticipated the action to flow at an accelerated pace to start Day 3, but this was much faster than expected.

Alas, The G is shortstacked and looking for a spot to double up.

* * * * *

3:33pm... Andy Black Eliminated; Down to 18

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 18
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: Justin Bonomo, Greg Raymer, Alec Torelli
Shorties: Brian Townsend, Tony G
Busto: Andy Black

Tony G doubled up but he's still one of the short stacks.

After a rapid pace to start Day 3, action slowed down until Andy Black it the rail. Ansky took him out. Down to 18 and the final two tables.

* * * * *

4:20pm... Glantz Eliminated; Down to 17

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 17
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: Justin Bonomo, RaSZi, Alec Torelli
Shorties: Brian Townsend, Doshi Suresh
Busto: Matt Glantz

Just before the break, Matt Glantz hit the rail in 18th place. Down to 17. 8 more eliminations and we'll have a final table. Justin Bonomo is out to a substantial lead. Only two people have more than 3M.... Bonomo (3.6M) and Dutch pro RaSZi (3M).

At this point, ESPN's second unit has been filming the final two tables. Tucked away in the shadows of the stage, a small group of spectators are tightly packed on the rail watching the final 17 play down to a final table. Tony G has been rather quiet today.

Today's smoke break is brought to you by PokerStars...

* * * * *

5:30pm... Suresh and Hamagami Eliminated

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 15
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: Justin Bonomo, RaSZi, Alec Torelli
Shorties: Brian Townsend, tsarrast
Busto: Doshi Suresh and Clark Hamagami

Ansky took out Clark, while the best-dressed player in the 40K NL event just hit the rail. Doshi Suresh ran into Raymer's Queens and was elimianted in 16th place. Wasn't Suresh the name of the doctor in Hereos?

We're down to 15 players with Zee Justin out in fron.

MeanGene is a huge Penguins fan and just skipped out to watch some of the game in the sportsbook. Unfortunately, I never had that issue during the WSOP. My favorite hockey team is the NY Rangers, and they suck. In the previous five summers, I have never reached a point of conflict where I had to absolutely watch a game but had to work at the same time.

And yes, there was an Amarillo Slim sighting which indicates that there's a strong chance he plays in tomorrow's Champions Freeroll featuring former WSOP Main Event Champions. Winner gets a match box car and a year's supply of beef jerky.

* * * * *

6:30pm... Down to 12; Townsend Busted; I'm the Cooler

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 12
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: Justin Bonomo, RaSZi, Alec Torelli
Shorties: Keith Lehr, Tony G
Busto: Brian Townsend, tsarrast

Tough break for short-stacked Brian "tsarrast" Rast. He shoved with Kings but lost to Vitaly Lunkin's pocket fives when Lunkin flopped a boat.

Brian Townsend was next to go and busted in 13th. That pot pushed Torelli past the 5M mark.

Poker Road's Joe Stapleton busted out of the Donkulus. I think both Joe Sebok and I were coolers because we stood behind him during his elimination hand. The Two Jacks in the Hole host went out when his Jacks lost to A-A in a multi-way pot. There was an Ace on the flop and a Jack on the turn, but he couldn't suck out with the case Jack and headed to the rail.

In Event #3 Omaha 8, Matt Savage is clinging onto dear life and trying to make the money. He's sitting at a table that includes both Todd Brunson and Annie Duke.

* * * * *

7:50pm... The Almost Final Table; Ten to Go

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 10
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: RaSZi, Alec Torelli, Vitaly Lunkin
Shorties: Tony G, Noah Schwartz
Busto: Keith Lehr (11th)

The final ten players considlated ontoone table with five minutes to go before the dinner break. A couple of players wanted to finish the level, take a twenty minute break (instead of an hour dinner) and then play until one more player busted. A couple objected including Tony G.

"I'm waiting for the dinner break to get a glass a wine. It will loosen me up," he said. "Oh and instead of an hour, I'd like to take ninety minutes."

Here's the final ten seating assignments...
Seat 1: Ted Forrest
Seat 2: Noah Schwartz
Seat 3: Alec Torelli
Seat 4: Isaac Haxton
Seat 5: Greg Raymer
Seat 6:Justin Bonomo
Seat 7: Lex Veldhuis
Seat 8: Dani Stern
Seat 9: Tony G
Seat 10: Vitaly Lunkin
One more bustout and Day 3 will be complete.

* * * * *

9:05pm... Nothing to See Here

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 10
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: RaSZi, Alec Torelli, Vitaly Lunkin
Shorties: Tony G, Noah Schwartz

Nothing really happened during the first level after the dinner break. Greg Raymer picked up Aces again and found himself all in against Ted Forrest's Aces. Chop it up.

The G is super short and should be making a stand shortly. Isaac Haxton has taken over the chiplead with 5.5M. Plenty of railbirds sweating the final ten. Some of them waited an hour during the dinner break to get a good spot. Evy Ng is on the rail sweating her boyfriend RaSZi. Standing next to her is Maridu. Joe Hachem is also hanging out and rooting on Greg Raymer. At one point, Amarillo Slim was on the rail checking things out.

* * * * *

9:25pm... Tony G = Busto

Event #2 40K NL - Day 3
Remaining Players: 9
Total Players: 201
Prize Pool: $7,718,400
Chipleaders: RaSZi, Alec Torelli, Vitaly Lunkin
Shorties: Noah Schwartz

The G is nevermore. He failed to make the final table. There were whispers on the rail that Tony G declared that if he won the event, he'd double everyone's salary. A nice gesture, but a semi-bluff at best since he was super short to begin with. Regardless, the G made a stand and whiffed. He bubbled off the final table in 10th place. He won $172,120 which should cover his at-table-massage bill for the entire series.

The final table of nine is set. Action will resume tomorrow at 2pm.
Seat 1: Ted Forrest
Seat 2: Noah Schwartz
Seat 3: Alec Torelli
Seat 4: Isaac Haxton
Seat 5: Greg Raymer
Seat 6:Justin Bonomo
Seat 7: Lex Veldhuis
Seat 8: Dani Stern
Seat 9: Vitaly Lunkin

End of Day 3 Chip Counts:
1 Isaac Haxton - 5,955,000
2 Vitaly Lunkin - 4,565,000
3 Lex Veldhuis - 3,805,000
4 Greg Raymer - 3,345,000
5 Alec Torelli - 2,340,000
6 Justin Bonomo - 1,685,000
7 Dani 'Ansky' Stern - 1,300,000
8 Noah Schwartz - 660,000
9 Ted Forrest - 560,000
Greg Raymer is also scheduled to play in the Champions freeroll at 4pm. With 1.9M and a bracelet on the line, Raymer is definitely focusing on the 40K NL. Besides, that tiny little match box car that they are giving away? Raymer barely fits in there.

* * * * *

11:11pm... German Leads Pack in Omaha, Annie Duke and Erick Lindgren Still Lurking

Event #3 1.5K Omaha 8 - Day 2
Remaining Players: 52
Total Players: 918
Chipleaders: Sebastian Ruthenberg
Shorties: Andre Akkari
Busto: Chip Jett, Julie Schneider, Matt Savage

DonkeyBomber's lovely wife, Julie, went deep in the Omaha event. Sadly, she just busted out in 58th place and made the money. She outlasted Matt Savage, Robert Goldfarb from Team Pokerati, Toto "Please Don't Call Me Doug Lee" Leonidas, Fabrice Soulier, Greg "Flash" Pappas, Todd Brunson, and David Daneshgar. They all cashed as well.

Plenty of familiar faces left... Layne Flack, Annie Duke, My main Man Freddy Deeb, Erick Lindgren, and Eli Elezra. German bracelet winner Sebastian Ruthenberg leads the pack.

* * * * *

1:05am... After Midnight Edition: Lindgren Eliminated

Event #3 1.5K Omaha 8 - Day 2
Remaining Players: 30
Total Players: 918
Chipleaders: Alex 'Dracula' Michaels
Busto: Erick Lindgren

Yeah, the golden boy is busto And some dude named Dracula is the chipleader.

FYI... My buddy Wil is hosting a private tournament on PokerStars on Sunday. You're invited...
What: The Wil Wheaton Invitational
When: Sunday, May 31. 11am PDT
Tourney Number: 168008111
Buy-in: $5.50
Password: Monkey
I think that's it for tonight's live blog. I have a potential content thief to chase down and a recap to write. Thanks for following along. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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