Thursday, May 07, 2009

PLO Hands: Against Two Flopped Sets....

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I will not claim to have seen everything in poker. When he's not making Joan Rivers jokes on Twitter, even the almighty Texas Dolly himself admits from time to time... "Well, I never saw that before."

Alas, I came across one of those odd hands that comes up every now and then if you play PLO. I ran into a player who flopped two sets. It's not the first time that has happened to me and won't be the last.
BoneDaddy84: 10s-10c-4c-4h
Pauly: Ad-Qd-5s-3s

Flop: 10d-4d-3c
Turn: As
River: 3h
It happened in the Skillz game on Tuesday night. Down to the final three tables. I was 7th in chips with 22 to go with almost 16K. The chipleader, BoneDaddy84, sat to my right with a 24K stack. Both of us combined had almost 60% of all the chips on our table.

Action folded to BoneDaddy at the CO. He limped for 400. I limped behind him on the button with Ad-Qd-5s-3s. Both blinds called.

The flop was 10d-4d-3c. I had a nut-flush draw, a gutshot Wheel draw, and a paltry bottom pair. The blinds checked to BoneDaddy who bet 800. I potted to 4K and wanted to win it right there. Both blinds folded and BoneDaddy raised to 9,999. A few hands earlier I bluffed him with a pot-sized raise on the flop. I put him on a much wider range of check-raising hands since he knew I was playing very loose in position. At worst, I was a 60/40 dog. I shoved for the rest of my stack. He quickly called with two sets... 10s-10c-4c-4h. He flopped top and middle set, but I had one of those durrrr draws. Lots of outs. 60/40 indeed.

The turn was the As and I improved to two pair. An Ace would give me a bigger boat and I still had a flush/straight draws, but I slipped to a 67/33 dog.

The river was the 3h. I boated up. Alas, my baby boat lost to BoneDaddy's tens full of treys. He won the 32K pot and added even more chips to his massive stack as I hit the rail in 22nd place.

Two sets? One of those days.

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