Saturday, May 09, 2009

WSOP Main Event Satellites on PokerStars

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

It's been six years since Chris Moneymaker pulled off one of the greatest bluffs in the history of poker while sitting inside Benny's Bullpen in Downtown Las Vegas. Across the table sat the epitome of cool, Sam Farha, dressed in an expensive suit and an unlit cigarette dangling from his lip. Farha looked like a shady character who stepped out of the shadows in Casablanca. He could have been a dope smuggler, a double spy, or an arms dealer. If Farha sniffs out Moneymaker's bluff... who knows if this entire poker boom still gets facilitated? Without Chris Moneymaker, I wouldn't have a job and have the amazing opportunity to travel the world covering poker tournaments.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be for Farha and the stars aligned perfectly for Moneymaker en route to his victory in the Main Event. And in a flash... Moneymaker went from humping a shitty desk job as an accountant to being flown all over the world to participate in different events on the extensive international tournament circuit created by PokerStars.

Maybe, you can become that next big star? Isn't that why you really play poker? To become rich and famous enough that you tell your boss to fuck off because you quit your mundane day job. You want to win the Main Event to show off to all of those assholes in high school who used to pick on you and to flip the bird to that pyscho ex-girlfriend from college who broke your heart into a million tiny little pieces?

You want to purge all your personal demons? All it takes is a little luck and a PokerStars account. Win the Main Event and you become the biggest swinging dick on the planet.

Moneymaker won his WSOP seat via PokerStars. The next year, Greg Raymer did the same as he rumbled towards his world championship victory. Although Tom McEvoy, Joe Hachem, and Peter Eastgate were not homegrown talent (more like high-priced free agents that your favorite sports team signed after the fact) they still carry the torch for PokerStars as the former WSOP Champions who are representatives of the site and play in tournaments across the globe promoting the premier online poker site.

PokerStars will be giving away thousands of seats to the Main Event. As I'm writing this, 517 players have already qualified for the Big Dance. The Main Event doesn't kick off for almost another two months, which means you have some time to secure your seat. PokerStars is currently running Cash satellites, FPP satellites and Steps satellites. Look in the lobby under the Events > WSOP tab for a list of upcoming WSOP satellites.

Here's what you're playing for...
PokerStars 2009 Main Event Package...

** $10,000 Main Event buy-in
** 1,000 for travel and expenses
** 8 nights hotel accommodation at the Palms (plus extra nights after July 10 if you are still alive)
** PokerStars player bag
** Shuttle Bus to and from the Rio
** VIP Invitation (+1) to July 9 PokerStars Player Party
** SuperNova Status
The best part about winning your seat on PokerStars? They deposit 100,000 VPPs into your account which automatically qualifies you for SuperNova status.

If you don't have a PokerStars account, you can download the software below...

Download PokerStars

Good luck. See you in Las Vegas.

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