Saturday, May 16, 2009

Run Good 3.0

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

The cool Canucks over at Poker Listings put together another installment of the Run Good Challenge. In this series, a seat to any $1,500 WSOP event was at stake. Winner take all. The only challenge? Fade a field of 25 players comprised of various entities in the poker media and blogging community. Heck, even Iggy played.
My Run Good 3.0 starting table:
Seat 1: Mad Harper - Everyone's favorite British ex-pat living in Spain played "fast and furious" because she had guests coming over for a dinner party

Seat 2: Amy Calistri - She's been beating up the financial markets ever since she stepped away from poker, but not before she helped pen Check-Raising the Devil with the Poker Shrink and Mike Matusow

Seat 3: change1OO - Everyone's favorite Hollyweird blonde was living the California Dream. The tournament started literally minutes she came home from the gym and fired up a binger of medicinal goodness.

Seat 4: F Train - Former regular at the Blue Parrot games, he shed his suit and tie and left the mean streets of Brooklyn for Sin City.

Seat 6: AlCantHang - The walking party. The next incarnation of the Dali Lama. Flowing robes. Grace. Stunning.

Seat 7: Matt Showell - Everyone's favorite Mac Daddy. He schooled me for a bunch of Hungarian bucks in Budapest on an apple eating prop bet at 4am.

Seat 8: Your Hero - Your hero almost missed the tournament because of Big Brother Tilt. I was slightly paranoid about reading a controversial book in public in a coffee shop frequented by LAPD, who kept peering over at my attempt at opening my mind.

Seat 9: DrunkBlonde - Unfamiliar with this person. I'm assuming it was a bot. Long live the machines.
I took a hit early and lost a pot to AlCantHang. Luckily, I wasn't Gigli. That went to Matt. I busted out in 22nd place. I was getting short and went out with A-K against F Train's pocket fives.

Benjo knocked out Iggy on a crazy hand where Iggy slow played Aces and let Benjo catch a runner-runner flush with 4s-2s. Oooooommmmmph. Iggy rivered a Broadway Straight, but that also gave Benjo his petite-flush.
Here's the final table:
Seat 1: DrunkBlonde (1755)
Seat 2: F Train (3615 in chips)
Seat 3: Mad (3025)
Seat 4: Michele Lewis (3045)
Seat 5: Spaceman (3130)
Seat 6: Poker Grump (3965)
Seat 7: Benjo (13135)
Seat 8: sap-player (3405)
Seat 9: Chops(2425)
Benjo had the chiplead, but Marty from Poker Listings did everything possible to tilt-a-Benjo. Benjo eventually lost the chip lead.

Spaceman played Spaceman heads-up for the seat. Despite the chip disadvantage, Spaceman made a stand, but his comeback fell short and Poker Grump prevailed. Congrats to Poker Grump for winning Run Good 3.0. So what event will you be playing in?

Even though I busted out early, I still had a good time playing with solid folks with tremendous senses of humor. Hope to see everyone from PokerListings in Las Vegas shortly.

Thanks again to Matt and PokerListings for setting this up.

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