Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nominate Andy Glazer for the WSOP Hall of Fame

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Photo credit: Perry Friedman

I never had a chance to meet Andy Glazer. He passed away the summer before I started my job as a tournament reporter. But the ones who knew him, said that he was the best in the business.

Amy Calistri recently penned a post titled Nominate Andy Glazer for The Poker Hall of Fame. Here's a bit:
There is no tribute large enough to encompass the contributions Andy Glazer made to this sport. But I can’t think of any higher honor, for the writers that cover this game, than receiving an Andy Glazer Award for Journalist Integrity.
Please read Amy's piece and then head over to the WSOP website and nominate Andy Glazer for the Poker Hall of Fame (voting is open through July 2nd). His contributions to poker should be recognized.

Nominations for Poker Hall of Fame can be made by clicking here.

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