Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twitter and the WSOP

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Early conversations with different poker industry figures have indicated that Twitter will play a large role in the upcoming WSOP. For the last episode of The Poker Beat, I took part in a panel that devoted an entire segment to Twitter and the WSOP.

So, you're a poker fan who just signed up for Twitter and you're wondering, "Whom should I follow?"

Good thing that you asked, because here are five people in poker that you should be following on Twitter...
1. Jeffrey Pollack (@JeffreyPollack): The WSOP Commish has embraced the latest social media trend. He's been actively promoting the upcoming WSOP and sharing music selections with the Twitterverse.

2. Joe Sebok (@joesebok): Without a doubt, Joe Sebok has accumulated the most followers out of anyone in the poker community. The founder of Poker Road will be utilizing a cool Twitter feature called Poker Road Nation. Stay tuned for more info.

3. Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly): I love the fact that Texas Dolly absolutely loves Twitter. He tells lots of corny jokes and even gives you a glimpse into his sports betting picks.

4. Liz Lieu (@LizLieu): The Poker Diva has been using Twitter since last summer. Since she's an active traveller, she's been tweeting from locations all over the world.

5. Eskimo Clark (@eskimoclark): I'm pretty sure this is a fake account, but it's hysterical. I mean, giving blood for a buy-in? That's gold.
I used Twitter last year as an accompanying feature to my overall WSOP coverage on Tao of Poker... and I will continue to do the same this summer. Signing up to Twitter is free, but make sure you have unlimited text messaging before you opt in for cell phone updates.

Just so you know, my Twitter username is @taopauly. I own @DrPauly and @taopoker but I do not update any of those. My main Twitter feed is @taopauly.

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