Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 12 - Sundays with Dr. Pauly Update

By Pauly
New York City

Only1Calvary had a record-setting Week 12 and won Sundays with Dr. Pauly. Out of 42 players, he managed to post the highest score of the entire season and has a shot at $75 bonus.

I had another dismal weekend. I can't explain it. I'm in first place in the Pauly's Pub pool. I can pick winning teams but I can't put together a team to save my life.

Week 12 Top 5:
1 only1calvary - 171.6
2 FSLFSF - 143.6
3 Chuckdnb - 143.2
4 Kaiseroll13 - 140
5 ebk03001 - 138.7

Click here to view complete Week 12 results.

Standings for Series 3 (Top 35):
Kaiseroll13 259.9
Jag 252.1
Acefilleddreams 251.6
Kev 245.7
cwfoot 245
greengoddess 241.5
Da Bidz 235.7
Sconie 234.9
FSLFSF 232.9
Pokerpeaker 231.7
etoppsfan 231.5
ebk03001 230
spitball 223.8
Chuckdnb 223.8
Expensive Wino 223
Brian 222.8
BobbyBracelet 222.5
jakehead 222.3
Zeem 221.2
Mattazuma 220.3
HermWarfare 215.4
bonds 210
Olliewood 209.2
Resino 208.1
RIP 204.4
Buffalo66 203.9
Chewbot 203.8
repete offenders 202.4
AlCantHang 189.5
belly2bar 178.4
only1calvary 171.6
jrf361 163.6
TaoPauly 163.4
bayne_s 163.1

Click here complete results and standings.

Needs to Beat Pauly's Score Next Week for TOC Entry: Jag, Acefilleddreams, Da Bidz, Sconie, FSLFSF, etoppsfan, BobbyBracelet, Jakehead, Zeem, HermWarfare, Olliewood, RIP

The following players won a entry in the TOC (Tournament of Champions) by beating my score for 3 consecutive weeks... Jag, Expensive Wino, AlCantHang, Buffalo66, Chewbot, Resino, Greengoddess, Kaiseroll13, Chuckdnb, Brian, ebk03001, Belly2Bar, spitball, cwfoot, Kev, Mattazuma, Big Pirate, bonds, Pokerpeaker, Repete Offenders

High Weekly Scores for the Entire Season ($75/$25 added):
1st only1calvary 171.6 (Week 12)
2nd jrf361 152.8 (Week 8)
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