Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sundays with Dr. Pauly and Fantasy Football Updates

By Pauly
New York City

Over in the Tao of Poker football pool, there's a three-way tie for first place with jaguar9499, Scotty's Mich Ultr, and Rummy's TaoPicks leading the way.

Week 8 Winner: Any Given Sunday - 13 Wins
Week 9 Winners: Rapidrowe, Zappa, Hitwise14, BigHeeb's Creepy Avatar, VinNay, and wndywitch - 11 Wins
Tao of Poker Football Pool - Top 5 Thru Week 9
1 jaguar9499 (r. zacharki)89
1 Scotty's Mich Ultra (P. Grotjohn) 89
1 Rummy's TaoPicks (E. Rummel) 89
4 PokerFool's Purple Power (P. Fool) 87
4 PatsRevenge2008 (E. Kalis) 87
Click here for complete standings.

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I'm having an awful year at Fantasy Sports Live. Yikes.

Fantasy Sports Live blog has full updates for Sundays with Dr. Pauly. Head over there for more information including who qualified for the TOC.

Congrats to jrf361 for winning Week 8 and belly2bar for winning Week 9. One more week left in Series 2.
Series 2 Update - Top 10 Thru Week 9:
belly2bar 467.8
jrf361 451.8
ebk03001 448.5
Resino 446.3
Expensive Wino 445.6
Buffalo66 435.5
Chuckdnb 431.7
spitball 431.7
repete oiffenders 412
Series 3 starts next week. Click here for more details how you can participate for Weeks 11-15.

And if you don't have a Fantasy SportsLive account, you can sign up for one today! It's legal in the US and you can fund your account with a credit card.

And by the way, the NBA season is off and running. Head over to Fantasy Sports Live for daily NBA contests.

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