Saturday, November 22, 2008

markoflnk Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly; GMoney Is Bridesmaid Again

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

We had a nice turnout for Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, which featured one of the longest tournaments since this weekly event kicked off 43 weeks ago.

32 players this week and the top 6 were paid. The remaining six made a save for 6th. We had some special guests such as Mookie, BuddyDank, and Chad Pukarama.

My starting table included JOHN-E-FLUSH, 777GMoney, Er_gan, AlCantHang, wolfshead, Skow-go, and BamBamCan.

ClintonStain was Gigli and busted out on the third hand courtesy of LorraineLove.

I took a hit early on and lost a pot to JOHN-E-FLUSH. My Q-Q-x-x got outrun by his K-10-10-x.

I made an early exit in 29th place. I held Kc-Jc-8c-6d and flopped two pair on a board of 8h-7c-6h. I got it all in when the Qc fell on the turn. I picked up a flush redraw and had two callers. Er_gan was ahead with a ten high straight and GMoney had a nine-high straight but also had outs for a flush draw.
DrPauly: Kc-Jc-8c-6d
Er_gan: 10c-9s-5s-3s
777GMoney: Kh-9d-8d-5h
The river was the Jh. GMoney made his flush and I went out. Two pair and a flush draw are always the death of me. That hand thrust GMoney into the chiplead.

GMoney surged to almost 10K and added to his lead when he busted two players on the same hand. The flop was Ah-4s-4s. Two small stacks were all in against GMoney, who flopped top boat with Ad-Ac-Qs-8c. sigzilla's smaller boat and AcerbicOne's flush were no good. Both hit the rail and GMoney increased his stack to almost 10K.

At the first break, 18 players remained and GMoney was the chipleader with 9.7k.

TJPackMan bubbled off the final table in 10th place as GMoney began the final table as the chipleader.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: markoflnk (6120)
Seat 2: SmBoatDrinks (6125)
Seat 3: JOHN-E-FLUSH (4488)
Seat 4: pungissunob (3780)
Seat 5: AlCantHang (3840)
Seat 6: BiskoKid106 (4987)
Seat 7: BamBamCan (3230)
Seat 8: 777GMoney (10445)
Seat 9: irongirl01 (4985)
IG was the first out at final table. Bisko Kid took chiplead with over 11K until JOHN-E-FLUSH doubled through Bisko and busted BamBam in on the same hand. BamBam finished in 8th place.

At the second break, seven players were left but three of them had less than 7 BB remaining on the money bubble. JOHN-E-FLUSH held the chiplead with 15K, with BiskoKid and markoflnk in a close race for second with 7.5K each.

BiskoKid was crippled on the first hand after the break when he ran into markoflnk's Aces. And on the very next hand, Bisko was all in from the big blind and markoflnk woke up to Aces. Again. Consecutive hands. markoflnk won the pot and seized the chiplead. Bisko was out in 7th place. BiskoKid was BubbleKid.

AlCantHang busted out in 6th. He was short and shoved with Ac-Ks-Js-10h. JOHN-E-FLUSH called with Kc-Kh-Qc-5c and Al was doomed. JOHN-E-FLUSH had the chiplead.

pungissuno went out in 5th place. He shoved with Ac-Kh-8c-6c and SmBoatDrinks won with Ah-Jd-10h-4d when he rivered a flush.

Down to the final four with SmBoatDrinks as the only previous champion remaining. He didn't get a chance to repeat when GMoney took him out. GMoney's Aces held up as SmBoatDrinks busted out in 4th place.

With three to go, JOHN-E-FLUSH was ahead with a 24K stack. GMoney and marko both had about 12K.

GMoney struck blood early on and doubled through JOHN-E-FLUSH. GMoney took the lead with Aces when he doubled through JOHN-E-FLUSH for the second time. He was up to 24K, but wouldn't hold the lead for long. Marko regained the lead when he doubled through GMoney. GMoney flopped two pair against Marko's Kings, but Marko turned a set to win the pot and avoid the elimination.

JOHN-E_FLUSH was crippled when his two pair couldn't cut the mustard against GMoney's two pair. JOHN-E_FLUSH didn't give up and he doubled up in consecutive hands to avoid elimination. Sadly, he was postponing the inevitable and finished in third place when marko took him out with a straight.

We were heads up. GMoney has a second place finish a couple of months ago and wanted to finally take this down. markoFlnk was standing in his with with almost a 2.5 to 1 advantage.
Heads up chip counts:
Seat 1: markoflnk (33264)
Seat 8: 777GMoney (14736)
Heads up went quick. On the second hand, it was all over. GMoney min-raised from the small blind to 4,000. markoflnk called. The flop was As-10d-3c. markoflnk bet 4,000. GMoney raised all in for 8,736 and markoflnk called.
markoflnk: Ac-10h-2h-2c
777GMoney: Ah-Ks-Qs-Qd
markoflnk flopped two pair and was ahead. The turn was the 8s and the river was the 7h. Neither helped GMoney and he was out in second place. markoflnk won the pot and took down Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. His only other previous cash was way back in Week 5. Nice job.
Week 43 Money Winners:
1. markoflnk - $123
2. 777GMoney - $72.80
3. JOHN-E-FLUSH - $48.20
4. SmBoatDrinks - $36.40
5. pungissunob - $24.60
6. AlCantHang - $15

Thanks again to everyone who pimped and played the event. Congrats to everyone who cashed and to markoflnk for winning his first Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

Hope to see everyone next weekend. I know it's Turkey Day weekend, but if you want to take a break from shopping or need to get away from the family for a few hours, you can always join us for Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Check you later...

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