Saturday, November 29, 2008

dfense072 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly for the Second Time This Year

By Pauly
New York City

dfense072 won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly back in September. And he just joined an elite group of two-time champions after winning this week's tournament. That group of multi-winners includes... Derek, Grouse14, Sydney 8, CSauve, and Resdent Evil (three time champion including back-to-back wins).

We had 32 runners this week and the top 5 paid out. Special guests included GRob, Spaceman, and Benjo.

My starting table included andynelson, GRobman, ArcticAction, Skow-go, SmBoatDrinks, Benjo_DiMeo, and last week's champion markoflnk

Derek said, "Dude, you are a table with Tony Soprano, Trey, Paul Newman and a young Obama."

Click here to see our avatars. During Turkey Cup, the eventual champion Daddy mistook my avatar for Obama as a child.

Anyway, back to the PLO tournament... Same old story. I didn't last long. I went out in 28th. My Kings were snapped off by Skow-go's trip tens.

At the first break, Chompy was the chipleader with 6.7k with 20 too go. After the break, Chompy lost the lead in two big hands. Skow-go took the lead.

Benjo's empty chair finished in 15th place. Change100 busted two on a cooler. Her A-A-x-x held up against Kings and Queens. StB bubbled off the final table in 10th place.
Final Table:
Seat 1: Skow-go (7597)
Seat 2: jeciimd (7670)
Seat 3: TNSpaceman (6125)
Seat 4: rocketman97 (7666)
Seat 5: ResdentEvil (1800)
Seat 6: change1OO (4335)
Seat 7: dfense072 (9432)
Seat 8: CheckRaise70 (3015)
Seat 9: markoflnk (360)
dfense072 began the final table as the chipleader, but bythe second break, there were rocketman97 snagged the chiplead. His stack was 14k with six to go.

Change100 was the bubble girl. She ran into Aces and finished in 6th. Spaceman went out in 5th. He had a rollercoaster ride. Aces cracked. Aces hold up. Then out. CheckRaise70 went out next when jeciimd took him out in 4th place. With three to go, dfense072 was regained chiplead.

Rocketman went out in third place. He got it all in on the board of Qd-7h-3s-Ac.
jeciimd: Qh-Jh-3d-3h
rocketman97: Ah-10h-7s-5s
jeciimd flopped a set and it held up. Rocketman finished in third and heads up was set.
Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 2: jeciimd (29103)
Seat 7: dfense072 (18897)
dfense072 won the first big battle when he doubled up. He was all in with a flush draw against jeciimd's two pair. He missed his flush but backdoored a bigger two pair to win the pot. dfense072 took a 3 to 1 chiplead.

Jeciimd was short until he doubled up to 10K, but his comeback ended right there.

On the final hand, both players got it all in on the turn. The board read Jd-Jh-4s-2c.
dfense072: Ac-Js-8c-3s
jeciimd: Jc-10h-8d-3c
Both players flopped trips, but dfense072 had jeciimd outkicked. The river was the 9c. dfense072 won the pot with trip Jacks and an Ace kicker. jeciimd went out in second place. dfense072 won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly and joined an elite club of folks who have won more than once. Congrats!
Week 44 Money Winners:
1. dfense072 - $128
2. jeciimd - $76
3. rocketman97 - $51.20
4. CheckRaise70 - $38.40
5. Spaceman - $25.60
Congrats again to dfense072 for taking down Saturdays with Dr. Pauly for a second time.

Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped in the event. See you next week.

FYI, Saturdays with Dr. Pauly will be running every Saturday in December but The last event will be on December 27th. Saturdays with Dr. Pauly will be going on haitus in early 2009. So get your PLO fix while you can!

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