Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Charity Tournament Tonight

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

IlliniFan97 sent me an email regarding a charity tournament for an ailing friend....
A friend of mine is struggling to make ends meet while fighting kidney disease. He is unable to work, and his disability and medical coverage only cover so much. If you could all help me out in advertising on your blogs, to your friends, etc, it would mean a lot to me. This is a great community for helping people, so I am sure we will continue that tradition.

You can help out this Wednesday, Nov 12th. Here's the details:

When: 9pm ET on 11/12
Where: Full Tilt - Tournament #67971755
Buy in: $10+$10 NL
Name: Bad Beat on Kidney Failure
Password: CailtyssRulien
Spread the word and improve your karma. A couple of Full Tilters are signed up including Andy Bloch, Jen Harman, Marco Traniello, and Mandy Baker.

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