Saturday, November 29, 2008

Merde! Benjo Runs Good

By Pauly
New York City

Maybe Benjo has been watching Scandis play too much poker, or perhaps he's been hanging out with all those lucky French pros. But everyone's favorite chain-smoking malcontentjournalist and Tao of Pokerati sidekick won the second event of Run Good 2.0.

Nice catch, Eurodonk.

15 runners this week trying to win $600 for first place. The special pro playing in this week's event was Liz Lieu. My starting table included Dave Schwartz, Jen Newell, Poker Shrink, Kid Dynamite, Benjo, Liz Lieu, and Michele Lewis.

I won a pot early on with pocket Jacks. I flopped a set against Benjo and he didn't pay me off! I lost a pot to Liz Lieu. I raised with A-Ks. She three-bet me from the big blind. I called and missed the flop. She bet and I folded.

Kid Dynamite can't catch a break in the Run Good. He's a magnet for bad beats. He got it all in with Aces against Benjo's Hilton Sisters. Yep, a Queen spiked on the river. Benjo won the pot. Kid Dynamite hit the rail. Say hello to Gigli.

I misplayed two hands which were my downfall. I lost a hand to the Cougar. Top pair versus two pair. And then I couldn't get away from a hand against the Poker Shrink. My nines lost to his A-Q. He flopped a Queen and I was out in 11th place.

The final table for Event 2...
Seat 1: PokerShrink (1915)
Seat 2: The Cougar(4016)
Seat 3: MattS(1005)
Seat 4: DanS (3735)
Seat 5: Benjo (5644)
Seat 6: Liz Lieu (425)
Seat 7: Amy Calistri (680)
Seat 8: change1OO (2515)
Seat 9: CJ (2565)
Benjo had a massive lead at the final table. He busted the Cougar on the Bubble. Shrink went out in third and CJ as heads up with Benjo. Behold, the Luckbox versus the Eurodonk.

On the final hand, Benjo had a 6 to 1 chiplead over CJ. They got it all in preflop. Benjo held Ks-Jh and CJ was behind with Qc-Js. The flop was Qs-10c02d and CJ took the lead. The turn was the Kc and Benjo regained the lead. The river was the 8s. Benjo won the pot and CJ was eliminated in second place. Benjo runs good.

Congrats to Benjo for the win. And I know he's gonna be pissed that I called him a Eurodonk, but I use that term with the warmest regards.

Anyway, in honor of Benjo winning the Run Good, here are some of my favorite Tao of Pokerati episodes where Benjo makes a cameo...
Tao of Pokerati - Best of Benjo:
Episode 17.1: Barley Legal (0:55)
Episode 17.2: Hooker Tournament Chips (1:05)
Episode 17.3: Le Masturbe (1:20)
Episode 26: Agents, Frenchies, and Polacks (3:48)
Episode 3.1: EPT Afterparty (3:39)
Episode 3.2: Hungarian Hooker Halloween (4:14)
Episode 3.3: Competitive Apple Eating (4:08)
Episode 3.4: Euro Core-tossing (3:17)
Well done, sir. Thanks again to the gang at Poker Listings for the invite.

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