Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Brain Dump and Link Pimp: Turkey Week Edition

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Shortened week because of Turkey Day. Hope everyone survives the hectic holidays. To kick off the week, here are a few links that you should help alleviate your case of the Mondays....
Iggy Makes Final Table at LSOP (Guinness and Poker)
Congrats to Iggy for making the final table of the LSOP down in Costa Rica! He finished up in 8th place after a bad beat.

Poker Shrink on Keep Flopping Aces (RoundersRadio)
Download the MP3 of the Poker Shrink's appearance on Lou Krieger's radio show Keep Flopping Aces. The Shrink talks about writing a book with Amy Calistri about everyone's favorite Adderall chomping loud-mouth Mike Matusow.

Hierarchy of Cheating in Poker (Nat Armem)
Nat Arem had an interesting post where he quantifies the different levels of online poker cheating. From multi-accounting to ghosting, Nat is on the ball with this post.

Poker in Pictures (Up for Poker)
Otis is feeling nostalgic. As he wrote, "You cannot argue poker's place in history." Excellent post with many vintage black and white photos to illustrate his point.

Hold Me, Darling - Part 1 (Bigger Deal)
Tony Holden, one of my favorite authors, recently released his latest book Holden on Hold'em. To celebrate the latest release, published a five-part extract chronicling the origins and history of Texas Hold'em. I'm sure you will dig the first part because Holden is a fantastic scribe. You can find links (on the right side) to the remaining parts to this historical series.

11/22 - On This Date in History (Hard Boiled Poker)
Shortstacked Shamus wrote about the historical events of last Saturday... November 22... a day which took the lives of both JFK and Stuey Ungar.

And here's a few non-pokery links for you music enthusiasts...
Russ Brown's New CD: The Fugitive Peace (Coventry)
Russ Brown... poker blogger and musician... has a new CD out titled The Fugitive Peace. If you like Wilco and alt-country, then this is right up your alley.

What is the Rolling Stones' signature song? (Coventry)
A special post by Otis. Everyone's favorite keno crayon eating navel gazer wonders what's the one Stones song that everyone knows them by?

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash circa 1969 (SendSpace)
Do you like Johnny Cash? How about Bob Dylan? How about Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash? Here's a gem for you music junkies that I recently uploaded.

On deck... get ready for the second annual Turkey Cup! Yes, I'm hosting a private tournament on Thanksgiving night over at PokerStars. Stay tuned for details.

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