Saturday, November 15, 2008

JPPhilly Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

After several weeks of being in transit on a Saturday, I finally had a chance to play in my own tournament while I was holed up in LA.

We had 23 runners this week and the top three were paid. Special guests included TequilaMom, The Rooster, and SweetSweet Pablo. BiskoKid was back after a long hiatus. My starting table included linkocracy, zagga, bayne_s, docGonzo, thomasbay, L0K1, and Derek.

Gilgi honors went to Jeciimd. He was all in on the flop of 10s-5d-5c with K-K against JPPhilly's A-A-A-x. JPPhilly won the pot and Jeciimd headed to the rail in 23rd place.

The Rooster jumped out to an early lead and almost had 4K in chips in the first 20 minutes. He turned a Wheel against Chompy and doubled up. Ah, the Rooster would fade out before the first break. Ingoal got most of his chips with a boat over boat. The Rooster was eventually taken out by JPPhilly's Kings. The Rooster was nevermore in 16th place.

I got moved to a new table that included... Katitude, jahs34, JPPhilly, AcerbicOne, AlCantHang, and Ingoal. TequilaMom busted out in 15th place courtesy of AcerbicOne's full house. JPPhilly took out AlCantHang in 14th place. AlCantHang had A-A snapped off by Qh-Qs-10s-9h when JPPhilly rivered trips. JPPhilly increased his stack to 8K in chips and was in first place by sizable advantage.

I busted out in 13th place when I flopped trips against JPPhilly's full house. I got it all in on the turn and whiffed on the river. He had almost 10k in chips.

Derek was supershort and outlasted me but by only a few hands. He went out in 12th and Bayne busted on the next hand in 11th. Ingoal bubbled off the final table in 10th place.

The final table was set.
Final Table:
Seat 1: JPPhilly (15305)
Seat 2: jahs34 (3185)
Seat 3: zagga (2720)
Seat 4: AcerbicOne (1910)
Seat 5: docGonzo (2735)
Seat 6: peacecorn (650)
Seat 7: Katitude (1820)
Seat 8: L0K1 (3705)
Seat 9: linkocracy (2470)
JPPhilly had an overhwelming lead with 15K when no one had more than 4K. The final table also had two former champions including the defending champ.

At the first break, JPPhilly was out in front with 9 to go. Gracie was the shortstack with a mere 600 compared to JPPhilly's 15K. But on the second hand after the break, Gracie doubled up with Aces. That would be the start to an amazing rush.

Last week's champ, AcerbicOne, went out in 9th place. He shoved with Kings and ran into jahs34's Aces. His quest for consecutive wins was thwarted.

JPPhilly picked up a few small pots to add to his stack. The action slowed a bit until linkocracy was all in. He shoved with 5-6-7-8 upagainst jahs34's K-K-Q-6. Both players rivered a straight, but linkocracy held the bitch end and went out in 8th. Jahs34 was second in chips with 7K, but he still trailed JPPhilly by a 10K margin. With seven to go, JPPhilly had over 50% of the chips remaining in play.

docGonzo went out next in 7th place. Three-way all in...
JPPhilly: Ah-Ad-10d-7c
docGonzo: Ks-Kc-Qc-8c
Katitude: Qh-Qd-10s-3c
Guess who won? That's right, Kat took it down with a set of Ladies.

L0k1 was short and busted in 6th place after running into Acornman's A-A. Acornman would get gobbled up shortly after by Gracie's Ks-Qh-10-10s. He went out in 5th place. With four to go, Gracie jumped up to an 8K stack and was second in chips. According to Gracie, she "finally got some cards."

Bubble time. Kat was all and looked like a lock to double up with As-As-Js-2s, but JPPhilly sent her packing as the Bubble Girl. He looked like he was toast with Kh-Ks-6c-3s but he hit a nasty nasty flop of 9c-6h-3c for two pair. It held up and Kat was eliminated on the money bubble in 4th place. With three to go JPPhilly had 22K or 67% of the chips in play.

The lone representative from South America, Jahs35, went out in third place. He shoved and said, "Here is hoping." However, his Kc-Qd-6d-5c did not improve against Gracie's monster... Ah-Kd-Ks-4s. Gracie actually won with a straight. Jahs34 was out and cashed in third place.
Heads up chip counts:
Seat 1: JPPhilly (23590)
Seat 6: peacecorn (10910)
Gracie only trailed 2.3 to 1 in chips. That was a much more comfortable margin than being down to her last 600 with nine to go. She doubled up with Aces and never looked back. She caught some cards and hit a few hands and put herself into position to win it all. However, she definitely had a lot of work ahead of her.

Gracie was heads up with only player who was on a better rush. That was JPPhilly who took the lead during the early levels and never looked back. He eliminated a large percentage of the field before the final table was even set. The closest anyone at the final table got to him was Gracie... when they began heads up.

They played passive the first six hands and on the 7th hand of heads up, it was all over. Gracie raised to 1,200 and JPPhilly called. The flop was Kd-Jc-9c. Gracie bet 2,400 and JPPhilly called. The turn was the 8c. Gracie shoved for 6,710 and JPPhilly called. He had her covered.

Gracie: As-Qd-10c-7h
JPPhilly: Qc-7c-6s-4h

Gracie flopped a straight, but JPPhilly turned a Queen-high flush. She was drawing dead. Propelled by an amazing comeback, Gracie's run ended right there and she went out in second place. JPPhilly won it all and became the latest Saturdays with Dr. Pauly champion.
Week 42 Money Winners:
1. JPPhilly - $115
2. peacecorn - $69
3. Jahs34 - $46

Congrats again to JPPhilly for winning it all and thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. I'll be back next week and hope to see you then.

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