Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peter Eastgate Wins 2008 WSOP Main Event; Scandi Become Youngest WSOP Champion

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

It's over. Say hello to our new champion...

Peter Eastgate - 2008 WSOP Champion
Photo courtesy of Flipchip

On the 105th hand of heads up play and Hand #274 of the final table, Peter Eastgate knocked out Ivan Demidov.

Here's the final hand... Both players limped. The flop was Ks-3h-2d. Demidov checked. Eastgate bet 1.25m and Demidov called. The turn was the 4c. Demidov checked. Eastgate bet 2m. Demidov check-raised to 6m. Eastgate called. The river was the 7s. Demidov moved all in for the rest of his stack. Eastgate insta-called.

Demidov: 4h-2h
Eastgate: Ad-5s

Demidov's two-pair was not good enough because Eastgate turned The Wheel. Eastgate won the hand and Demidov was eliminated in second place. The Russian won $5,809,595. Eastgate collected $9,152,416 and became the youngest ever WSOP champion breaking Phil Hellmuth's 19 year record in the process.

"This was a good final table, obviously, because I won it," joked Eastgate. "There was a lot of competent players at the final table. It's was tough. I'm really tired. I'm exhausted."
2008 November Nine Final Table Results:
1. Peter Eastgate - $9,152,416
2. Ivan Demidov - $5,809,595
3. Dennis Phillips - $4,517,773
4. Ylon Schwartz - $3,774,974
5. Scott Montgomery - $3,096,768
6. Darus Suharto - $2,418,562
7. David "Chino" Rheem - $1,772,650
8. Kelly Kim - $1,288,217
9. Craig Marquis - $900,670
Yep, that's it. Peter Eastgate from Odense, Denmark is officially the biggest swinging dick in Las Vegas after winning the 2008 WSOP. That kid is definitely gonna get laid tonight.

With that being said, thanks to everyone for tuning in to the Tao of Poker. It's been a wild, indulgent, poignant, insane, and epic 2008 WSOP and the November Nine is officially over.

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