Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Drive and Updated Blogroll

I posted a bunch of quality stuff this past week. Here's a quick rundown:
Brad-o-Ween Part 1
Brad-o-Ween Part 2
Return of Swish and Rick Blaine at the Blue Parrot
Nothing much more to say today aside from the fact I've been busy writing all weekend. I've been catching up on missed sleep and playing a little poker too during my breaks, which I'll chat about tomorrow.

I also read some blogs for the first time in months. I haven't had the time to read everyone but it was good to check up on the progress of some blogs that I missed reading since I moved to Las Vegas. I finally got around to updating my blogroll.

Here are the recent additions:
Poker Stage
Ros on a Rush
Poker Works
Seattle Poker Sport
Closet Poker Player
Kid Dynamite
Poker and Misc
Dr. Chako
Donkey Hunter

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