Saturday, August 06, 2005

Quick Saturday Post

My brother is back from a quick trip to Atlantic City. His trip report is coming soon.

I posted an article about 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem over at Las Vegas and Poker Blog. Flipchip and the Poker Prof were in LA on business. They should be back today.

Party Poker is offering up a 20% reload bonus up to $100. Time for me to go back to bonus whoring and put some of my cash/Vegas bankroll back online.

Still playing a few SNGs on Noble Poker in an attempt to win their $1 Million Challenge. I was playing one with Joanne and one guy at out table (I think his screen name was Red Rockets1979?) recognized me. He said, "Are you Pauly the blogger?"

On Friday I headed over to Mandalay Bay and played for several hours. I really like playing at Mandalay on the weekends. Plenty of eye candy. There's a lot of hot chicks wandering around heading/coming from Mix, the Rum Jungle, or House of Blues. Back to poker, I had one guy who was raising blind preflop all the time. I won a big pot when I flopped a full house with 5-5. I was spotted by Jen Leo and John from Poker News. They were hanging out in the lounge area by the sports book. With them was Sarah Bellum, the winner of the Charlie Tuttle memorial event on Poker Stars. It was cool to meet her. All of them will be at Barge today.

I had a good session at Mandalay Bay and met Grubby over at Excalibur where I dropped a buy in. I missed all my big draws and Big Slick was a Big Loser.... twice. I was also kicked in the junk by the Kournikova. Damn K-Q sucks donkey balls. This month the Excalibur has double wheel spins! Makes it worth the effort to head over there.

I'm off to play some cards down on the strip. Later tonight, Wil invited me to be his guest at the Barge banquet, where's he's speaking. Should be interesting.

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