Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back to Being a Tourist

Editor's Note: Congrats to Shirley who won an Omaha Hi/Lo event at the Bike earlier this morning for the Legends of Poker. Great job! Thanks to "Tully Mox" for the info.

I crashed at Grubby's place last night. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I was up by 9am to write. I had to check out of the Redneck Riviera at 11am then move the rest of my crap to Grubby's. By 1pm, I went to the post office to mail all the books and DVDs I accumulated. When you start to become famous, people give you free stuff. I had two boxes I had to ship back to NYC. Grubby showed me his "hood" which resembles more like Southern California than anything else. You could see the faint glimmer of the Strip in the backgrounds, but the mountains are the most impressive sight here. There is a Wendy's just a few blocks away.

Grubby lives near Green Valley Ranch and we checked that place out. They have a series of shops that are trying to replicate SoHo in New York City. They forgot to import the hipsters and Eurotrash, along with the faint aroma of marijuana, Thai food, and a homeless man's urine stenched pants.

We ate at Al's Garage where the menu is spray painted on the wall. Our waitress was super cute. I gave her a good tip in hopes she'd rush out into the parking lot to give me a handjob. That never happened of course.

Green Valley is a nice local's casino but looks like a real spa. The pool area is kick ass. We stopped by their poker room, which is scheduled to open next week. With 11 tables, they said they are gonna spread 4/8 and higher limits. The shift manager said he'd like to spread NL Omaha Hi. Interesting, eh? I've been playing a lot of the PLO tables recently on Party Poker.

We headed to the arcade and gambled on all sorts of video games. As a former high school basketball star (I can boast that I played against Kenny Anderson many many moons ago), I held my own at Pop-a-Shot. But Grubby knew about my serious urban hoops skills and refused to wager on that. We played a few auto racing video games and settled on air hockey. He won the first game and I fared better in the rematch.

Late night we ate in the cafe at Sunset Station, which is Grubby's local casino. They have all this trippy stained glass in the center near the blackjack tables, which have lava lamps. I'd love to take a hit of liquid sunshine and head over there one night. We skipped playing in their poker room since it looked dead.

We also played a slew of online poker instead. I even watched Grubby play online blackjack at River Belle Casino. He ran $10 up to over $100 in a few minutes. Amazing seeing the Grubmeister at work. He four tabled a few SNGs on Noble Poker and a ring game on Party Poker. It's funny when you get to see how your favorite bloggers play online. I caught a behind the scenes glimpse of Grubby's life.

I played a MTT on Full Tilt and multi-tabled a few ring games before I was busted out. My AA were cracked by 6-9o. The guy rivered a four flush on me. Ouch, indeed. I also played on Noble Poker in pursuit of the $1 Million Challenge. No luck. But those SNG players are soft and at least I padded my bankroll.

Thanks to everyone who signed up at Noble through this blog. You guys rock. Maybe I can finally pay off my lap dance tab here in Vegas. Somehow, some way, my readers are indirectly paying for some stripper's rent, car payments, and/or their cocaine habit.

We're off to the Monte Carlo. Grubby has a free room there, so I'm back to being a tourist. We'll be playing at Strip casinos tonight. Tomorrow I head off to Colorado for a weekend of music and relaxation. Who am I kidding, I'm gonna party it up and try to pick up hippie chicks. For the first time in months, I'll be taking a day or two off from blogging. I need this vacation. I'll have one more post up tomorrow.

By the way, Flipchip and Poker Prof published up a funny post about me. Check out... Dr. Pauly Photos.

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