Friday, August 26, 2005

Forgetful Fridays

I played in a tournament at Townehouse last night. Toni hosted a game and unfortunately, my hot streak playing live tournaments has come to an end. I finished in 7th. Ferrari was busted in 8th when his 9-9 ran into 10-10. I lost most of my stack when I doubled up Toni with my AJ vs. her KQ. One level later, I was shortstacked and moved all in on the button with 2-2. Kathy in the little blind woke up to pocket Kings and I was out. I stuck around and lost $4 in a cash game, but left early so I could go home and write.

Man, I forgot how freaky the subways get just after Midnight. There was one old Asian guy who wore surgical gloves and was afraid to touch anything on the subway. A blind man passed out in the corner and while he slept, his fold-up cane slipped off his leg and fell on the floor. He freaked out when he woke up trying to find it. One lady calmed him down and picked it up for him.

I spent 90 minutes at the DMV yesterday. It was an "express" office too for fuck's sake. I managed to catch up on several phone calls with Human Head and Grubby. I discussed a trip to LA with Grubby in late November/early December so watch out you LA bloggers! The DMV is always a bad experience but I never went to one with a cell phone before. I stood outside and peered through the window and watched as the numbers slowly went up while I yapped on the phone. I also nearly forgot how many hot women there were in New York City... until I left and came back. Of course none of them read my poker blog so to them I'm just one of several million schleps wandering the streets of my hometown. That's a good thing. It keeps me humble. That's what I like most about NYC: I can walk around completely anonymous and just blend into the background.

Wow, for the past four weekend in a row, I found myself in a different part of the country. The last few weekends I've been in South Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, and now... I'll happily spend my first weekend in New York City in almost three months. Alas, I'll be holed up writing a ton of shit. I have a few deadlines including Truckin'. I was invited to the Hamptons, but I quickly passed.

I've also spent some time this week working on my untitled Las Vegas project. I've gotten 20K words so far and haven't even gotten to the juicy stuff yet. For the five other novels I've written, I've always sat down and cranked them out from start to finish with no interruptions. With my work/travel schedule, this will be impossible. I'll have to get as much done now, and try to work on it again in early October and again in early November.

My goal is to also play a little online poker this weekend. I spent late last night clearing bonuses on Noble Poker and Full Tilt.

Derek has been playing satellites for the EPT: Barcelona and the WPT: Borgata on Full Tilt. If you'd like a seat in either of those events, Full Tilt is the place to play. I love the cash games on Full Tilt. The laptop I used to cover the WSOP was paid for by the fishy players on the $3/6 tables over there.

Noble Poker still has the elusive Million Dollar Challenge. Bad Blood has been killing the tables at Noble Poker and Joanne is on hot streak there as well. She won a tournament yesterday and then made the final table in one a few hours later. The SNG players are awful on Noble Poker and the MTT players are just as bad.

This weekend should mark the return of me logging long hours on Party Poker. Damn, I miss those players. And according to Poker Tracker, I've been running well at the $5/10 tables there over the past month.

Moving on...

Someone over at Bodogbeat posted something about this blog called Taking Blogs to a Higher Level. I haven't had the time to read their entire site, but from what I've seen, I like it so far.

How about some random news clips... for some of your favorite bloggers?
For Daddy the Donkey Fucker come this blurb: Thank You Donkey Porn. I found it on Craig's List.

This is for Al Cant Hang and all those dial-a-shoters: Beware of Drunk Dialers.

Lastly, this one made me laugh... 65 Girls at Same HS Pregnant. For the record, I ike HS girls, but I've never been to Canton.
Before I go, here's a quick thanks to the following sites/blogs for the traffic over the last week.
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1. Las Vegas and Poker Blog (Flipchip & the Poker Prof)
2. Wil Wheaton
3. Up for Poker (CJ, G-Rob, and Otis)
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5. Tao of Pauly
6. Aaron Gleeman
7. Bad Blood
8. Al Cant Hang
9. The Poker Nerd
10. Double As
Thanks again guys. Have a good weekend everyone. Good luck fishing.

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