Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday Pimpage, Online Poker, Podcats, and Top 10

I played a bunch of online poker on Wednesday in between unpacking and reading all my snail mail and email. Man, when I woke up jonesin' for a casino! Alas, I had to settle for online poker instead. My brother and Joaquin sent me invites to a local card room in Chinatown. The "A" room/club has been renovated and is currently under new ownership. Perhaps I'll take a peek next week sometime and maybe I'll piss in the stairs of some building with Derek.

I continued my quest to win $1 Million on Noble Poker. If you don't know, Noble Poker is still running the Million Dollar SNG Challenge... if you win 7 SNGs in a row, they'll pay you $1 Million. I've been winning one out of every three SNGs that I play. I take second or third in the one and bust out of the other. Overall, it's been profitable playing those SNGs and I never thought that I'd actually look forward to firing up Noble Poker every day... but here I am. My chances are slim to none of actually winning the Challenge, but it's hard to pass up against really bad players on Noble Poker, looking to move all in preflop with any weak ace and suited three gappers.

I forgot that I had a small bonus left to work off at Full Tilt and I returned to the $3/6 tables. Nothing significant to report aside that I still have a few bucks remianing to clear my bonus. I played 150 hands while listening to a killer Widespread Panic bootleg from Colorado.

Late Night, with Conan O'Brien on in the background, I headed over to Party Poker to play at a loose $5/10 full table. I cashed out most of my Party Poker bankroll when I moved to Las Vegas and I have yet to put any back in. I'm waiting for the next reload bonus. Alas, nothing to report either. I won a few BBs in less than 80 hands and logged off to answer a few phone calls.

I also played an SNG on Poker Stars with Joanne. Chad and Easy Cure were on the rail and saw me drop the Hammer!

When I lived in Vegas, I was an online action junkie. I played too many hands, mostly out of position and cold-called too many bets post flop. Now that I'm back in NYC, I've tightened up my game and remained patient and disciplined. However, I'm defending my blinds much more aggressively but still back to playing more ABC poker online. Sure it's not the Mirage, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay or MGM... but I'll gladly settle for Party Poker, Poker Stars, Full Tilt, and Noble Poker. And the cool thing is... I can go back to playing poker without my pants on.


Maudie has gotten into the podcasting ring. Check out her latest bit called... Biatch. I love it. Maudie riffing in iambic pentameter. Where are the chain smoking beatniks sipping lattes, wearing odd facial hair and nodding in agreement with Maudie's assertions on poker?

Don't forget to check out the latest episode of Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio. Sean took the week off to deal with duties involving being a new dad and Stacks took the helm. It was a great show and featured Gracie. I was in Colorado last weekend and couldn't make the show, but I should be back this weekend.

You can download this week's show Episode 39... Here. (right click and save-as)
You can download last week's show Episode 38... Here. (right click and save-as)

Top 10 Referrals

How about taking the time to thank those Top 10 bloggers who sent me the most traffic over the last 10 days. Here you go:
1. Las Vegas and Poker Blog (Flip Chip & Poker Prof)
2. Guinness and Poker (Iggy)
3. Wil Wheaton
4. Aaron Gleeman's baseball blog
5. Up for Poker (CJ, G-Rob, and Otis)
6. Tao of Pauly
7. Poker Grub
8. Chick and a Chair
9. Sound of a Suckout
10. Performity
Thanks again everyone!

Here's something that the Poker Prof wrote. I thought I'd post it.
Las Vegas: The Poker Prof's Las Vegas and Poker Blog is the goto stop for people who come to Sin city to hit the tournaments and poker rooms. From the World Poker Tour to the World Series if it's big poker in Vegas it's blogged here.

Strip Poker - Bill Rini's newly re-named poker blog, Strip Poker is the work of a twisted mind with excellent humor including the infamous Evelyn Ng table mod. Bill is organizing the next WBPT to be held in Vegas.

Online Poker: Visit Dr. Pauly at Tao of Poker for the best written journal on Poker Around. From on-line poker rooms to off-line live tournament coverage including the WSOP.

Texas Hold’em - The Pokerati Blog – DanM and his team cover all aspect of Texas Hold’em from the great state of Texas including Texas poker laws and poker interviews.

Poker - Guinness and Poker offer excellent posts taken from the gems of 2+2 and RPG, read the poker gems without having to sift through the rubbinsh

Professional Poker Player - The blog of Chris Halverson. Follow the daily life of a professional who also plays poker and on one of the oldest poker blogs around.

Poker Player: Poker Player Newspaper is one of the giants of the poker world and it's site matchs. With thousands of articles from noted poker author's such as Nolan Dalla and Mike Caro.
OK, that's it for now. Time to get a ton of writing done today. See ya at the tables sometime tonight.

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