Monday, August 15, 2005

Colorado Trip Report: Mini Review

I'm back in Las Vegas after a quick weekend trip to Colorado. I had an amazing time. Truly, it was an original experience. Man, I really dig Boulder. It's gotta be one of my favorite places to hang out in America. In many ways this trip ended up being more important to me creatively than the entire Las Vegas experience. More on that later. It was finally great to get some real perspective on things after being in Las Vegas for two and a half months. I had a long drive on Sunday up to the mountains to clear my head. I also let loose an epic weekend bender. Hunter would have been proud that I was partying it up like a rock star in his state.

Boulder is a unique place and in many ways, is a city of cliches. Are there hordes of hippies wandering around? Absolutely. Did I mention how much I love happy hippie girls?

Colorado has also been the spot where I witnessed some amazing music in my life. On Saturday, I saw a kick ass concert at Red Rocks courtesy of STS9 and Trey Anastasio Band. The Joker and I also sampled some other local bands as well such as Luna Sol and Rose Hill Drive.

For now, I'm too exhausted from a weekend of non-stop partying to say everything about this weekend. Plus my flight to Las Vegas was delayed two hours and I spent another ninety minutes stuck on the tarmac at McCarran. I'll be back with a full trip report and a concert review after a quick SNG on Noble Poker and a nap.

Here are some random points that I'll be talking about in a full recap of the weekend:
  • Friday = partying in Boulder and Denver
  • Saturday = raining at Red Rocks and Trey Band concert
  • Sunday = Rocky Mountain National Park
  • We crashed a private party in Boulder at a hipster joint
  • Went to a loft party a few blocks from Coors Field
  • There are more dogs in Boulder than kids
  • I met a cute blonde hippie chick with a dog who chewed on it's tail when I pet it
  • Same hippie chick used to have "a huge crush" on Wil Wheaton
  • Same hippie chick went to the same college as me... at the same time!
  • Joker and I were shithoused inebriated at the concert
  • Rock climbing above the "treeline"
  • High school girls on mushrooms who fell in love with Joker's guitar playing
  • The funniest Trey story yet... or two
  • Some guy selling a used car stereo in Shakedown at Red Rocks
Colorado Pictures

Over the last three days, I took a few pics in Boulder, at Red Rocks, and at Rocky Mountain National Park. Enjoy! You can click on the pics to enlarge them.

Boulder Falls

Rocky Mountain National Park

Tundra Sign

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Road that cuts into the mountains


Rocky Mountain National Park

On the Road

Above the Treeline at 11,400 feet

Donkey-lopes when they are not playing on Party Poker

The Joker playing guitar in Shakedown Street at Red Rocks

Red Rocks

We crashed a private party in Boulder with trendy fruit

A few miles Outside Boulder

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