Monday, August 01, 2005

$1M Sit & Go Challenge and Other Poker Tales

Here's a reason to play on Noble Poker! Starting August 1st, Noble Poker is offering up a $1 million prize to anyone who wins 7 SNGs in a row. They also offer consolation prizes for 5 and 6 in a row.

Here's the email I got:
Noble Poker is thrilled to announce its exciting new promotion - The Million Dollar Sit & Go Challenge. The search is on to find the world's best Sit & Go player!

The first player who wins 7 consecutive $10 Sit & Go tournaments will walk away with a cool million!

As with our other Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments, there are additional prizes to be won:

* Win 6 tournaments in a row and you'll get $75,000!
* Win 5 consecutive tournaments and we'll pay you $25,000
* Finish in one of the top 2 positions of this tournament 5 consecutive times and you'll take an easy $250.

So if you don't have a Noble Poker account... get one today. Just click on this link and download the software. They are offering a first time new player sign up bonus up to $700. If you have an account but you have no money in it, they are also offering up a 60% reload bonus. If you consider yourself a SNG specialist, then you can't pass up that challenge. I expect there will be an interesting mix of complete donkeys and slick sharks who often dominate the $100 SNGs and up.

I know that Grubby and I will be trying for $1 million. I'll see you at those tables!

Moving on...

Did you know today is Jerry Day? Jerry Garcia would have been 63 today. Wow, I still miss the guy.

I played a combination of live poker and online poker over this weekend. Since Senor arrived in Las Vegas, I've played poker at the MGM, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, and the Aladdin. I've also hit up a couple of strip clubs including Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino. Stay tuned for my Sapphire report. Maybe Grubby will be writing up his experiences?

I had an off session at Full Tilt the other night. I also had a losing session at the $3/6 tables on Party Poker. I did a lot better on the Pot Limit Omaha tables. I'm assuming it's just beginner's luck or I'm playing against newbies as well. PLO is all about flopping those redraws.

During my live play here in Las Vegas over the past week, I think I'm up a little. I had a tough session at the $10/20 tables at the Mirage earlier in the week. I'm not killing the tables and I'm only winning a few bucks a day. But hey, that's enough to cover cab fare and a few meals. I wish I won a few more bucks to significantly pay off my Strip Club bender.

I'm enjoying the $4/8 with a half kill tables at Mandalay Bay. There are enough locals and tourists that make the game interesting. I find myself playing there a lot on Sunday mornings and early afternoon and watching the Yankees game in the background. Grubby really likes their $1/2 NL game.

I wish I played better at the $8/16 tables at Bellagio last Friday. Again, I had a wicked bad start to the day and I found myself in a 10 BB hole within the first orbit. My Ks-Kc was no good on the first hand I posted with. I wisely folded on the turn when an ace hit and one of the blinds check raised me with three hearts and two queens on the board. Later in the LB I flopped two pair with Big Slick and ended up getting beat by trips. I somehow won all of that back at Senor's $4/8 table, mostly on two big hands... which ended up being my first and last hands. I spotted Charlie Shoten playing cash games. I also saw Minneapolis Jim Meehan and David Levi playing in the Bellagio's daily tournament.

I played at the MGM late on Saturday night. It was really more like Sunday morning. Nothing better than finding yourself casting a net and trying to snag drunken tourists after a full weekend of partying. I sat in a loose $200 buy in, $1/2 NL game filled with Kettle One and Red Bull guzzling frat boys from California and two smoking hot girls from Maui in pink g-strings who were knocking back whiskey sours. Players would raise $20 preflop and still get 5 or 6 callers. I won only one hand when I limp reraised all in UTG with A-A. I was shocked to get two callers (both short stacks) yet still won. One of the hot chicks had 8-8 and a frat boy pushed with Qh-Jh. I flopped a set and took down the $500 pot. Too bad I lost a big hand with Big Slick to the other hot chick. I flopped top pair with a top kicker and the braless wonder paired her kicker on the river. K-3 always beats my A-K it seems.

That's it for now. I'll be playing a lot at Noble Poker this week trying to win $1M. And I'm gonna try to play at Wynn sometime this upcoming week. Stay tuned for a stripper story. Don't forget to read the review of Charlie Shoten's book which appears in the very next post below.

4:01am Update... I wrote for a while then I tired to go to sleep early. That never happened. I had a craving for a donut and ended up walking over to the Krispy Kreme at Excalibur. While I was there, I stopped into the poker room to play a few hands. I ended up playing NL for over three hours and lost about $80. That was one expensive donut. I realized that I had played with one of my dealers before at the MGM. There was a hot chick at my table. She was wearing tight jeans, a white wife beater t-shirt, and a pink cap which she wore sideways. I was at a loose table with 5 players seeing the flop every hand it seemed. Of course when I found pocket aces, I only had one caller and he folded on the flop when I bet out.

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