Monday, July 11, 2005

Radio Free Pauly

I taped my interview with Sean on Friday night, live from the floor of the Rio, for the Lord Admiral Card Club Radio Show and Podcast. If you don't know by now, it's the best podcast dedicated to poker in the universe. Over the last few months, I've become a huge cult figure in Canada. I'm happy to be a part of their amazing show.

Sean and Brent are working hard every week to get their podcast done (for free) so stop by and show your support. They taoe dthis show outdoors.

You can download the MP3 of this week's show... Episode 34: Here. (Right Click and Save As)
You can download the MP3 of this week's show... Episode 33: Here. (Right click and Save As)

We discuss the fifth week of WSOP action including several sound bytes that I picked up at the Full Tilt party including a hilarious interview with Daniel Negreanu and a great one with Wil Wheaton.

If you want to catch up and listen to previous episodes, please visit their archives over at Brainscat. Stop by their site and download the extra nuggets. Thanks again to Sean and Stacks for having me on.

Hanging with Wil

Go stop by Wil's blog and read some of his latest entries. I was mentioned in one called doubled up inside. Here's a bit:
I hung up the phone and made my way to the bathroom. For the first time since I got there, I didn't feel the need to shove my way past the throngs of tourists meandering through the too-narrow walkways.

After a quick piss, I called Doctor Pauly, and told him the news.

"Oh man, I'm sorry." He said.

"Thanks," I said. "Where are you?"

"I'm paying too much for a chicken sandwich," he said.

I laughed, because I knew that meant he could only be in one place.

"I'll be right there," I said. Ninety seconds later, I was.

I hardly know Pauly at all, but I like him. We have poker, writing, blogging and getting busted out early in common, so he was the best friend I had in the room. It closed a circle to see him after I busted, because he was the last person to wish me well before the tournament began.... More

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