Monday, July 25, 2005

Lazy Sunday

I woke up late and missed Wil Wheaton play a heads up match against Noah "Exclusive" Boeken on Poker Stars. It seems that Wil won! Good job. CJ has a good write up of the game including some idiotic banter in the chat window.

When I finally got my ass in gear, I walked over to the Strip. Late night Saturday it rained and when I awoke, some showers still lingered. It was the coolest it had been in months it seemed and I took advantage of the opportunity to get some well needed exercise. I headed over to Mandalay Bay's sports book because I wanted to watch the Yankees-Angles game. Also on was the Red sox-white Sox match up. former Yankee Jose Contrares took the mound for the White Sox, who eventually hung on to beat Boston. The Yankees got a decent start from Mike Mussina, who gave up only one run - a lead off walk in the first inning that came around to score after a stolen base, a fielder's choice, then a ground out. Jarod Washburn was pitching a one hitter until Hideki Matsui took him deep for a two run blast. The Yanks held on to win.

During the second half of the game, I played some NL while I watched baseball. the last time I played at Mandala Bay was several months ago with Senor and Grubby minutes after I fell in love with a stripper named Jessina from Sin.

I didn't play too many hands during my session and my pocket aces held up to a guy who called two huge bets of mine with 10-8o. He flopped a 10 and rivered an 8 for two pair. Luckily there were two 2's on the board and my "aces up" won me the pot. I walked away up a few bucks... enough to pay for my laundry, both Sunday meals, a movie, cab fare, and drinks.

Grubby and I had the dinner special at Ellis Island. He got the prime rib and I chose the chicken parm. Afterwards, we headed for the IMAX theatre at Palms to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I dug it, especially because I was pretty wasted for the first 30 minutes of the flick.

We headed over to Hard Rock to gawk at the hotties. Then, I eventually met up with my friend Julie at the venetian. She's in town from NYC for a few days on business. I knocked back a few cocktails at the bar near the sports book with her while I lost $2 playing video poker.

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You should be reading.... Mean Gene and Up for Poker courtesy of CJ, Otis, and G-Rob.

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