Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chip Counts & Odds

Tonight was the last day of action at the Rio. Play resumes at 3pm on Thursday at Binion's Horseshoe and will continue until there is 9 players left. The average stack is $2.081M.

Here is the official chip count:
Top 10:
1. Mike Matusow (Las Vegas, NV) $5.14M
2. Phil Ivey (Las Vegas, NV) $4.635M
3. Steven Dannenmann (Severn, MD) $4.3M
4. Tex Barch (McKinney, TX) $3.9M
5. Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer (Stonington, CT) $3.84
6. Brad Koudrachi (Kingston, PA) $3.16M
7. Joseph Hachem (Melbourne, Australia $3.125M
8. Scott Lazar (Studio City, CA) $3.025M
9. Michael Kessler (Spotsylvania, VA) $2.7M
10. Daniel Bergsdorf (Umea, Sweden) $2.55M

11. Andrew Black (Dublin, Ireland) $2.09M
12. Minh Ly (Las Vegas, NV) $2.050M
13. Aaron Kanter (Lodi) $1.925M
14. Tuan Vu (Las Vegas, NV) $1.87M
15. Tim Phan (Westminster) $1.575M
16. Oskar Silow (Goteborg, Sweden) $1.44M
17. Bryant King Liberty Lake $1.44M
18. Conor Tate (Bury, Ireland) $1.265M
19. Tiffany Williamsen London, UK $1.125M
20. Joe Connor Atlanta, GA $1.065M

21. Tom Sartorv (Buffalo, NY) $805K
22. Johnny Howard (Lexington Park, MD) $730K
23. Bernard Lee (Wayland, MA) $710K
24. Per Hildebrand (Stockholm, Sweden) $645K
25. John McGrane (London, UK) $575K
26. Shahram Shublem (Las Vegas, NV) $310K
27. Ayhan Alsancak (Goteborg, Sweden) $225K
I'm rooting for a Phil Ivey, Minh Ly, Mike Matusow, Andy Black, and Fossilman final table!

By the way, Mark from emailed me his latest lines. Check them out.
Phil Ivey was 25-1 to make the final table before the contest began. Raymer was 80-1.

2005 WSOP Winner:
3-1 Phil Ivey
5-1 Greg Raymer
6-1 Steve Dannenmann
6-1 Mike Matusow
10-1 Tex Barch
10-1 Andrew Black
15-1 Daniel Bergsdorf
15-1 Joe Hachem
15-1 Michael Kessler
15-1 Scott Lazar
20-1 Aaron Kanter
20-1 Minh Ly
20-1 Tim Phan
20-1 Tommy Vu
25-1 Bryant King
25-1 Brad Kondracki
25-1 Oskar Silow
25-1 Connor Tate
40-1 Joe Connor
40-1 Bernard Lee
40-1 Tom Sartori
50-1 Johnny Howard
50-1 Tiffany Williamson
80-1 Per Hildebrand
80-1 John McGrane
100-1 Shawn Sheikhan
150-1 Ayhan Alsancak
See everyone between 2pm and 3pm my time. Cards will be in the air at 3pm.

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