Sunday, July 03, 2005

Event #36 $5K Limit -- Event #35 $10K Pot Limit Omaha Event -- Event #34 Seniors NL -- Event #33 $3K NL Final Table

The WSOP media director said that someone had been looking for me. Nolan explained to me that someone stopped by the media room twice to seek me out.

My initial response, "Was it a chick? And, was she hot?"

He laughed and told me it was a guy. My fan told Nolan that he was an admirer of my WSOP coverage on this poker blog, on, Poker Player Newspaper, and Fox Sports. Unfortunately, he stopped by the only time I wasn't at the Rio. I have to work seven days a week and have not had a day off since I started covering the WSOP on June 6th. I've been trying to take half days off once a week. Because Friday did not have any final tables (a rarity), I took most of the day off and part of the evening to attend Nolan Dalla's book signing and meet Stu Ungar's widow Madeline Ungar and chat with Peter Alston. I missed the mayor by a few minutes.

The other night, like at 3 or 4am, I was playing in a MTT on Full Tilt. I know, I'm a loser. I live in Las Vegas and I sit in my room on dial up, playing online poker. The main reason I subject myself to that misery is so I can multi-task and read/answer all my email while I am folding all my junk hands. Hey, if I could take my laptop to the table at the Mirage, I'd be doing that. Plus it seems that the Rio is the last place I want to play cards when I get off of work. However, I'm always working late. Once I leave the Rio, I have two or three hours of writing a head of me at home. That's why I never go to sleep before 6 or 7am. Back to my point, I was playing on Full Tilt and some guy name Bdiddie (I'm sure I'm getting the name wrong, I apologize in advance) wrote in the chat box, "How's the Redneck Riviera treating you?"

Wow. I happened to be playing in a MTT with someone who reads my poker blog. Pretty cool, huh? I've been recognized by readers before, but this was the first time since the WSOP started and my readership has increased substantially since then. Too bad I was knocked out early. I also ran into a guy earlier in the week at the Rio who said the same comment about the Redneck Riviera. Otis can verify that strange, yet flattering experience. I also met Debbie that same afternoon and she had been reading my blog for over a year, probably longer.

One of my first fans, NYC Poker Babe, stopped by yesterday. She's been reading my blog since I started it almost two years ago. Anyway, she's in town for a few weeks so at least I have someone from New York to keep me sane. I also bumped into Bill Rini, who is in for the weekend with friends. Again, seeing familiar faces while I'm in the trenches is a definite morale boost. Earlier in the week, Hank987 and his wife stopped by to say hello. Ryan and his wife came by to see Felicia and stopped by to say hello.

Thanks to everyone who sent me nice thoughts and comments regarding my last post. I'm much better than you think. I use my blog to vent and articulate thoughts that are festering inside of the hallways of my mind. Once I get it out, I'm always better. I know that I got 2 weeks left and that rest assured, I'll be enjoying every waking moment that I have here. I mean, how many people get to have Doyle Brunson sit five feet from you while you are at work?

Random Doyle Brunson factoid of the day: He has one black crutch and on the top of the black leather handle, the words "Texas Dolly" are stitched.

I know a lot of friends have been worried about me. I'll be fine. I lose my shit once every two weeks, so it's expected. Jay Greenspan lost his mud the other day. The life of Otis has been a rollercoaster. Everyone who's been here for four weeks knows that at some point you get sick and you lose your mind. I've had both happen to me so I can glide into the final stretch. I'm prepared for the main event.

I'll get plenty of rest when the WSOP is over. I plan on partying for a day or so, then sleeping for a few days. The week after the WSOP will be devoted to relaxing with some time alone to write for myself and away from the blogs. I have friends coming in from New York City including Senor from Rhode Island, so I'll be much better once I can slip into tourist mode and hit up strip clubs with Grubby and wear obnoxious Hawaiin shirts. Plus I have some interesting side trips planned once the WSOP is over. I'll be staying in Las Vegas through mid August and in the meantime, I'll hitting up Santa Fe, L.A., and Boulder over a few weekends. I'm really excited to see Trey Anastasio Band play at Red Rocks with my buddy the Joker. Plus Sound Tribe Sector 9 is opening up for Trey so you know that show is going to be smokin' hot.

Oh, on an unrelated note, I saw a fight this morning, but I'll save that story for Monday or Tuesday.

Moving on...

I will be covering four tournaments today. There will be at least two final tables (Seniors & $3K NL) and possibly a third. Today is day one of the Limit event.

Here is what's going on today:
1. Event #33 $3K NL Final Table
2. Event #34 Seniors NL = Red font
3. Event #35 $10K PLO = Green font
4. Event #36 $5K Limit = Blue font
The $3K NL event started with 1010 players. The prize pool is $2,787,600.

****** Live Blogging Updates ******

2:22pm... Seniors Final Table update: There are 21 players who returned today. Here they are: Marc Durrand, Paul McKinney, Mike "Shoes" Gambony, James Guiry, Peter Vilandos, Daniel Klein, Randall Skaggs, Louis Barkoutsis, Carol Bollinger, Bob Hume, Ed Ross, Paul "Catfish" Fischman, Daniel "Higgins" Jellam, George LaValley, Robert Redman, Jose Rosenkrantz, Charles Zeglube, Dewey Weam, Randall Barnes, Antonio Barietta, and Tom McCormick.

2:27pm... $10K PLO Day 2 update: There are 57 players who survived day one. Here they are: Simon "Aces" Trumper (Chipleader), Peter Costa, Jeff Rine, Derek Baxter, George Mamacas, Zeik Tuit, Michael Keiner, Vinny Vinh, John Juanda, Julian Gardner, Richard St. Peter, Pascal Perrault, Erick Lindgren, Larry Jonsson, Todd Brunson, Doyle Brunson, Henry Nowakowski, Dan Alspach, Jesus, Charles Wight III, A. Swagum, Istvan Novak, Rafi Amit, Lee Watkinson, Huck Seed, Mark Tenner, Billy Mc?, Davood Mehrmand, Ferit Gabriellson, Jacky Chitwood, Jason Gray, Derek LeForte, Paul Maxfield, Tommy Grimes, John Gale, Barny Boatman, Erik Seidel, Thor Hansen, Mel Judah, Don O'Dea, Carlos Mortensen, Surinder Sunar, Max Pescatori, Tony Cousineau, Isabelle Mercier, Mike Wattel, John Shipley, Sharbel Koumi, Tony G, Brian Green, Haralabos Voulgaris, Juha Helppi, Tony Bloom, "Syracuse" Chris Tsiprailidis, Chad Layne, Bruno Fitoussi, and Mick Wernick.

2:30pm... $3K NL Final Table update: Here are today's final table players including chip counts:
1 John Duthie (London, England) $186K
2 Kenneth Blanton (Caddo Mills) $347K
3 Michael Carroll (Carson, CA) $421K
4 Dennis Perry (Williamstown, KY) $660K
5 Matthew Glantz (Laayette Hill, PA) $315K
6 Robert Betts (Albuquerque, NM) $315K
7 Andre Boyer (Las Vegas, NV) $323K
8 Jerry Young (Diamond Bar) $264K
9 Morten Jensen (Aarhaus, Denmark) $257K
3:30pm... $3K NL Final Table update: We have our first bust out. Morten Jensen wa sin the LB and moved all in with a short stack. John Duthie, founder of the European Poker Tour, pushed called in the BB. Duthie had K-J while Jensen showed 8-3 off suit. The table got a big chuckle because last night John Duthie pushed with 8-3o and beat out Jensen's A-10. "It's payback time," Jensen joked. In a rare situation, both players had exactly $100K in chips. The flop: 7-5-3. Morten Jensen took the lead with a pair of threes. His hand held up and John Duthie was eliminated in 9th place. He won $55,750.

3:55pm... $3K NL Final Table update: Morten Jensen was knocked in 8th place by Jerry Young. Jensen moved all in with Ah-6h. Jerry Young called with A-Q. Jensen flopped a flush draw and caught a gutshot straight on the turn. Morten Jensen didn't catch his card and was knocked out in 8th place. He won $83,630.

4:20pm... $10K PLO Day 2 update: Mel Judah was busted and Carlos Mortenson took a big pot off of Doyle Brunson. Carlos is on a roll.

4:40pm... Bouncin Round the Room: Tensions are mounting between media and spectators. And as Otis said, "It's only going to get worse." Over the last few days the crowds are bigger and the railbirds are acting like idiots. I have seen some unruly behavior. People were walking up to Doyle Brunson while he was in the middle of a hand for an autograph and a picture. Some people are incredibly ignorant or they have balls. I got into an almost shoving match with a spectator, and thank God I was saved by a security guard who kicked out all the tourists who are hanging out in a "media access only area." Here's what went down. Whenever there's an all in at a final table out on the floor, the media reps jump up fromt heir computers and go over to see what's going on, me included. I'm taking notes on the flop and chip counts. When the railbirds, most of them in areas they should be hanging out in, rush over too and there's more spectators than media around the table and sometimes it's impossible to see the action. One guy tripped over my power cord. We're out in the middle of the floor today and wires are running all over the place. The area where I am working is blocked off by a rope, but that doesn't prevent people from walking over and running over to the table. Some assmonkey tripped over my cord and I had harsh words with him. He started talking smack and I ripped back into him like, "Where's the apology buddy? This is my job and your on vacation. You are knocking my shit over and don't even have the deceny to apologize." He mouthed off to me and I wanted to drop him. Otis would have had my back if I wanted to rumble. Again, some people don't know any better and I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but other folks are just asswizards and have no semblance of respect for people like myself who are busting their asses to cover the WSOP for different organizations. For now, security has been roving throughout the area after I mentioned something to the tournament director. By the way, Otis is eating a burger from the snack bar out in the hallway. He's a brave soul.

4:45pm... $3K NL Final Table update: There was almost an elimination. Dennis Perry moved all in with A-K. Andre Boyer was all in with A-10. The flop was: 7-7-4. The turn was a2, but the river was a 4 which gave Boyer a miracle chop pot.

4:55pm... $3K NL Final Table update: We have another bust out. Ken Blanton's aces were cracked by Dennis Perry's big blind special. With 4-8, Perry flopped two pair. Both players moved all in on the flop and Blanton didn't catch any other aces. He was eliminated in 7th place. He won $111,505.

5:30pm... Seniors Final Table update: We're down to 9 players. Here's who made the final table:
Seat 1: Peter Vilandos (Houston, TX) $64K
Seat 2: Charles Zeghibe (Las Vegas, NV) $70K
Seat 3: Louis Barkoutsis (New York, NY) $65K
Seat 4: Paul McKinney (Kingsport, TN) $86K
Seat 5: Carol Bollinger (Mandeville, LA) $85K
Seat 6: Paul "Catfish" Fischman (Sarasota, FL) $160K
Seat 7: Robert Redman (Liberty, MO) $85K
Seat 8: Bob Hume (Orlando, FL) $179K
Seat 9: Daniel Klein (North York) $85K
Elis stopped by to sing asong and Oklahoma Johnny Hale gave a speech! Thanks to Otis for the picture.

6:20pm... Seniors Final Table update: We have our first bust out. Carol Bollinger moved all in with Kh-5h. Bob Hume thought about if for a few minutes and called with K-J. He flopped a Jack and Carol Bollinger could not catch up. She was eliminated in 9th place. She won $15,015.

6:35pm... Seniors Final Table update: Charles Zeghibe knocked out Daniel Klein. Both players moved all in on a flop of A-K-8. Zeghibe had two pair with K-8 and Klein showed A-Q. Daniel Klein won $22,525 for 8th place.

6:49pm... $3K Final Table update: Matt Glantz's stack too a big hit when he called Jerry Young's all in bet. Glantz had K-10 and Jerry Young doubled up with A-J. Players are on diner break until 8:15pm.

6:50pm... Seniors Final Table: Paul McKinney and his Ah-Qh doubled up against Bob Hume's pocket Kings. McKinney caught a flush on the turn.

7:30pm... Seniors Final Table update: Peter "The Greek" Vilandos was eliminated in 7th place. Vilandos moved all in on the flop with A-7, while Charles Zeghibe called with A-9. Vilandos' hand did not improve and he was busted. He won $30,030.

8:25pm... Bouncin Round the Room: Otis and I hit bar and I had a few Red Stripes. He did his best to put me in a better mood. He hit quads again! Lucky fucker. Hit quads three times while I was sitting next to him. Blogger had been giving me problems all afternoon. Damn technical issues. Anyway, I heard that even Tom McEvoy was commenting on the unruly railbirds today. Good to know that I was not over reacting. Both Amy Calistri and Heather from Poker Wire are super frustrated with the lack of respect from the spectators.

8:30pm... $3K Final Table update: In the biggest pot of the final table, Matt Glantz scooped it all and moved back into the chip lead. With K-Q he called Robert Bett's all in bet. Betts had Q-Q and Glantz caught a lucky King on the turn to win. Betts was elimianted in 6th place and won $139,380.

8:45pm... Seniors Final Table update: Paul McKinney knocked out Louis Barkoutsis in 6th place. Barkoutsis pushed with pocket sevens and McKinney called with As-Qs. McKinney flopped an ace and caught two par on the river to eliminate Barkoutsis in 6th place. He won $37,540.

8:53pm... Isabelle Mercier picture of the day... courtesy of Flipchip's kick ass 2005 World Series of Poker Photo Gallery.

9:01pm... Seniors Final Table update: Robert Redman doubled up a second time against Charles Zeghibe. Redman had A-K and Zeghibe showed A-8.

10:01pm... Seniors Final Table update: Charlie Zeghibe was knocked out in 5th place by Paul McKinney who moved all in preflop with K-K. Zegnibe showed A-4 and although he flopped a pair of fours, his hand failed to imporve and he was eliminated in 5th place. He won $45,045.

10:02pm... Mike Matusow quote of the day: "I hate poker so much."

10:20pm... $3K NL Final Table update: Michael Carroll raised to $75,000 and Jerry Young moves all in. Carroll quickly called with pocket Kings but young happily flipped over pocket Aces! Young flopped a set and took down the pot. Michael Carroll finished in fifth place and won $167,255.

10:45pm... $3K NL Final Table update: On a flop of Js-6h-3c, Andre Boyer checked and Dennis Perry bet $85K. Boyer moved all in and Perry reluctantly called with A-8. Boyer showed a set of 3s. Dennis Perry was eliminated in fourth place and won $195,130.

11:01pm... Seniors Final Table update: Redman and Humer were both all in preflop. Robert Redman turned over A-Q and Hume flipped over pocket Jacks. Hume's Jacks held up and Robert Redman went home in 4th place and won $52,555.

11:17pm... Bouncin Round the Room: Lisa from Poker Wire and I got into a weird conversation and it eventually steered towards sex. At one point I asked Lisa what the strangest thing she thought about during sex. She quickly responded, "Thinking about clipping my cat's toenails." That had us cracking up for a good ten minutes. It's never a dull here in media row.

11:45pm... Seniors Final Table update: Paul Fischmann was just busted by Paul McKinney who pushed with Ad-3d. Fischmann flipped over Q-4. McKinney flopped a nut flush darw and caught it on the river. Paul Fischmann was eliminated in 3rd place and won $60,060.

11:56pm... $10K PLO Day 2 update: Action is down to 21 players. The top 18 get paid so action has slowed down. Bruno Fitoussi was the last player eliminated. Barney Boatman was also busted along with Huck Seed, Doyle Brunson, Ted Forrest, Tony G, Juha Helppi, and John Juanda. Max Pescatori is still alive and is one of the chip leaders. Vinny Vnh was the chipleader but Erik Siedel moved into the lead a little while ago. Erick Lindgren, Simon Trumper, Julian Gardner, Todd Brunson, Peter Costa and John Gale are all still playing.

12:01am... $3K NL Final Table update: Jerry Young was knocked out in 3rd place by Andre Boyer. Jerry Young pushed all in with K-Q and Boyer called with A-Q. Boyer won the biggest pot of the final table worth over $1.5 million. He became the new chipleader. Jerry Young won $223,010 for third place.

2:00am... $3K NL Final Table update: After two hours of heads up play, Andre Boyer won his first WSOP bracelet. He won $682,810. Matt Glantz, who got ill during the second half of the tournament, finished in second place. He won $364,620. Matt Glantz pushed all in with pocket deuces and Boyer pushed with pocket sevens. The flop was As-Kd-3s. The turn was the 3h and river was a 10h. Matt Glantz's deuces did not hold up and he was eliminated in second place. He won $364,620.

2:32am... Seniors Final Table update: More history was made tonight. Paul McKinney won his first bracelet and became the oldest bracelet winner in the history of the WSOP. Bob Hume won $106,230 for his hard work. Paul McKinney won $202,725.

2005 WSOP Seniors Champion: Paul McKinney

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