Friday, July 08, 2005

End of Day 1A Chip Counts

I'm exhuasted. I arrived at the Rio a few minutes before 9am my time. I'm going to get breakfast and some trucker's speed so I can stay awake until 3am again. Here are the top 10 chip leaders (thanks to Poker Wire) from yesterday Day 1A. You can click on the link at the end to see entire chip counts from yesterday:
1 Lee Watkinson $145,800
2 Ed Cardona $129,475
3 Anthony Laughing, JR $100,175
4 Kalee Tan $97,325
5 Corey Cheresnick $95,375
6 Kenny "The Kid" Tran $90,500
7 Carmy Banin $89,250
8 Tom Pniak $88,200
9 John Falconer $87,875
10 Thomas Madsen $87,350
For a complete list of the 650+ folks who survived day one, click here.

Here are some notable chipcounts:
Layne Flack $69,775
Randy Holland $64,075
Liz Lieu $57,900
Paul Darden $55,100
Clonie Gowen $50,475
Daniel Heimiller $45,825
Andrew Black $44,150
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer $39,525
John Duthie $38,225
Steven (Lucky) Liu $37,425
Tomer Benvenisti $33,925
Pascal J Perrault $31,975
Matt Dean $26,775
David Plastik $26,500
Harley Hall $21,475
Toto Leonidas $12,500
John Gale $10,050
Tony Cousineau $10,000
Gus Hansen $7,300
Jeff Shulman $5,225
Here's a list of notable bustouts:
Steve Z
Ted Lawson
Josh Arieh
Erik Seidel
Chris Bigler
Scott Fischman
Ted Forrest
Johnny "Fuckin" Chan
David Grey
Mike Sexton
Marco Traniello
Humerto Brenes
Davood Mehrmand
Brad Garret
Barry Greenstein
Martin De Knijff
My Main Man Freddy Deeb
The Unabomber
Carlos Mortenson
Wil Wheaton
Patty Gallagher
Jennifer Tilly
Brett Jungblut
Thunder Keller
Jen Harman
For a complete list of the 650+ folks who survived day one, click here. That's, where I also write. Thanks to Flipchip who did all of those for me while I slept! Don't forget to check out his kick ass WSOP photo gallery.

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