Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 6 World Series of Poker Main Event

Well I finally made it to Binions despite another rowdy night at the Redneck Riviera. There was a big bust last night and Las Vegas Metro police swarmed the area. They took down a drug ring a couple of buildings down. These ragged drug dealers guys are more sophisticated than you think. There are two lookouts, a point man, the muscle, and the contact. The first lookout stands out front in the driveway with the point man who runs up to your car asking you how much "rock" or "tweek" you are looking to score. The second lookout is perched up on the third floor balcony of the bulding across the way. And the contact is the guy who gives you the drugs. He's the guy who hands over the rock. The muscle answers the door and pounds the shit out of you if you make one false move. I heard that the lookouts ran away while the muscle got shot and the contact and pointman were taken away in handcuffs.

Anyway, the laundry room was buzzing about the bust last night. One old lady was bragging that she was interviewed by the local TV station. All I could think was, "Who's getting hauled away next?"

Moving on...

You can read my recap of yesterday's action on Fox Sports. They gave me the headline: Lurking Shark.

I put money on Phil Ivey at 300-1 before this event started that was several weeks ago. I'm obviously rooting for him. The big story is Greg Raymer. If he can make another final table, he'll prove to everyone that last year's win was not a fluke. He's impressed me so far. He made one final table already this year and he's looking for his second. Of course everyone's attention will be on Mike Matusow. Will he maintian his chip lead? Will we witness the "Mike Matusow Meltdown?" As it gets closer and closer to the final table, the bigger the implosion will be... if it happens. Can Tiffiany Williamsen continue her Cinderella story and become only the second female to make it to a final table? Will Andy Black make Ireland proud or can one of the other 27 players remaining survive today's meat grinder and make it to the final table in hopes of trying to snag $7.5M. Can Phil Ivey a regular in the "Big Game" win his first big one? Stay tuned to find out.

****** Live Blogging Update ******

1:45pm... I'm sitting up in the "buffet area" which has been turned into one of two big staging areas. They turned the Chinese place into the Press Room. I'm in the buffet where there are two giant screens. If I can't get inside, I can see the featured table through closed circuit TV. I'm trying to get inside, but as of now... they won't let you in unless you are ESPN. I'll see if I can snag a seat. Binion's is a lot different that the Rio for sure. It looks like you stepped back in time 30 years ago.

2:45pm... I'm in! I was supposed to wait with the masses but I spotted an ESPN guy and he got me in early. Connections baby! Althought I'm hidden in the corner, I'm still in "The Bullpen" where this event has been held forever. I can hear the ghost of Benny Binion laghing his ass offf right now. As I walked into The Bullpen, it gave me the same feeling that I get when I wander into Yankee Stadium. Chills. Goosebumps. I'm on sacred ground here and it's dark as hell.

2:55pm... Flipchip is here and will be taking the best damn photos from inside the Bullpen. Check out his 2005 WSOP photo gallery. As soon as he takes them, I'll post a few.

2:58pm... "You have no idea what it used to be like Pauly," Mike Paulle said, "The never used to give internet guys badges. Five years ago, they never would have let you in." So you folks at home are very lucky. I'll be doing my best to hook you up with the most updates.

3:10pm... We're behind schedule as always. Anyway, The Poker Prof from picked up an aircard for me. It's a little faster than dial up, but it's not as fast as the access at the Rio. So please understand that updates are coming... they might be slow but you'll get them eventually.

3:22pm... Here are today's updated seating assignments:
Seat 1: Mike Matusow 5.140M
Seat 2: Michael Kessler 2.7M
Seat 3: Shahram Sheikhan 310K
Seat 4: Johnny Howard 730K
Seat 5: Bernard Lee 710K
Seat 6: Tom Sartori 805K
Seat 7: Conor Tate 1,265M
Seat 8: Tiffany Williamsen 1.125
Seat 9: Brad Kondracki 3.16M

Featured Table:
Seat 1: Greg Raymer 3.84M
Seat 2: Tim Phan 1.575M
Seat 3: Aaron Kanter 1.925M
Seat 4: Per Hildebrand 645K
Seat 5: Ayhan Alsancak 225K
Seat 6: Phil Ivey 4.635M
Seat 7: Joseph Hachem 3.125M
Seat 8: Andrew Black 2.09M
Seat 9: Joe Connor 1.065M

Seat 1: John McGrane 575K
Seat 2: Scott Lazar 3.025M
Seat 3: Tommy Vu 1.87M
Seat 4: Tex Barch 3.9M
Seat 5: Bryant King 1.44M
Seat 6: Daniel Bergsdorf 2.55M
Seat 7: Oskar Silow 1.44M
Seat 8: Steven Dannenmann 4.3M
Seat 9: Minh Ly 2.050M
3:35pm... Nolan Dalla addressed the crowd and introduced tournament director Johnny Grooms.

3:40pm... Cards are in the air. Button starts at Seat 2. We are at Level 27 with 1 hour and 8 minutes remaining. Antes are $5K and blinds $20K/$40K.

3:48pm... Featured Table update: Greg Ryamer's A-8 called Ayhan Alsancak's K-7. Ayhan Alsancak doubled up when he caught two pair.

3:49pm... Mike Matusow and Shawn Sheikhan both got a 10 minue penalty. Shawn was discussing the hand with the audience while it was going on and Mike dropped the F-Bomb! I already lost my first porp bet. I put 5:3opm down as the time Mike would drop his first "Fuck" of the day.

3:57pm... Featured Table update: Tim Phan's Hiltons Sisters held up against Per Hildebrand's pocket Jacks. Hildebrand came in 27th place. He won $304,680.

4:00pm... I'm having serious connection issues. I keep getting dropped.

4:07pm... Mike Matusow raised with The Hammer (2-7 off). Shawn moved all in with the Hiltons (Q-Q) and his short stack. Mike called. Sahwn's Hiltons held up.

4:20pm... Having problems still. We're working on it. I have a team of experts (er, Poker Prof in his undisclosed location in a bunker in the desert) on it.

4:22pm... Shawn Sheikhan and his A-K was all in against Tom Sartori's pocket sevens. Shawnn flopped a King and he busted Sartori in 26th place. He won $304,680. 25 players left.

4:25pm... Bonucin Round the Room: Since I can't walk around too much, Jay Greenspan and I are yapping about NYC pizza and other food stuffs that we miss about New York. He likes eggplant parm heroes and I like chicken parm heroes. Damn, I miss good food from back home. We've both put on weight eating food we hate. Plus all the Red Stripes at dinner has given me a beer gut. OK here's the set up inside the Bullpen. In front as soon as you wal in, there are two tables. Off to the left is the TV table. Surrounding the table are the stands. On the far end is where I am sitting, in the dark. Card Player got the best spot and I'm in the corner with the rest of the journalists.... Jay, Otis, Mike Paulle, and the Heather and the rest of the Poker Wire crew. Norm Chad is in front of me doing bits. He struggled with one and did it three times. Mike Paulle yelled out, "Hey Norm, even Shana Hiatt does less takes!" One guy yapped, "No she doesn't" You gotta love poker journalist's senses of humor.

4:35pm... Featured Table update: Ahan's 6-6 doubled up against Andy Black's A-10.

4:40pm... Featured Table update: Raymer's pocket Kings were cracked by a river flush and Aaron Kantor doubled up. Raymer moved all in on the turn when two hearts out there. Kantor called with Qh-Jh and spiked his flush. His railbirds were very rowdy on that double up. Raymer was crippled.

4:42pm... Bouncin Round the Room: I skipped out for a piss break and a Snickers bar at the gift shop. The way it's set up, we can walk through a secret passage way through the kitchen to avoid the huge congestion in the hallway. Otis suggested it wa slike that scene from Spinal Tap. I thought it reminded me of that cool tracking shot and Cocabana scene out of Goodfellas. I bought my brother a pack of playing cards in the gift shop and rushed back to catch Raymer's hand.

4:50pm... Players are on a break. Raymer said he has $420K. He's not looking good. When action resumes, we'll be on Level 27. The antes are $5K and blinds are $25K and $50K.

5:00pm... Here are some of Flipchip's kick ass WSOP photos:

Mike after his "time out"

This is my view

Phil's cool shirt

Praying to the poker gods

Fossilman ponders what he's going to eat for dinner.

5:05pm... Featured Table update: Raymer moved all in on the flop of: K-K-7 with A-9 against 5-5. The turn was another King and Raymer was still behind. The turn was a 2 and Raymer was busted in 25th place. The crowd gave him a huge standing ovation. I still say that was quite a run for Raymer this year. I'm impressed he outlasted over 8,000 players the last two years. During his ESPN interview he said, "I don't look at results. Poker is about decisions. And I am happy with the decisions I made this year."

5:35pm... Tiffany Williamsen's A2s doubled up John Howard's Big Slick.

5:39pm... Featured table update: Mayhem has broken out here. Tim Phan moved all in with 10-10. Andy Black called with Ah-Qh. The flop was A-10-9. And the luck of the Irish took over. Andy Black caught running Queens to bust Tim Phan. He finished in 24th place.

5:43pm... Mike Matusow just won a $1.5M pot with a seven high straight against Penn law student Brad Kondracki.

5:45pm... Jack Effel announced the chip leaders. He said Mike Matusow had over $7M. The crowd boooed. Also in the top 3 are Andy Black and Steve "Bloody Mary" Dannenmann.

5:58pm... Featured Table update: Aaron Kantor and Joe Connor were both all in preflop. Kantor had A-A and Connor showed J-J. The flop was King high with all diamonds. Connor had just one out left. The turn was a three and the river was a 2 of diamonds and Kantor's Klowns (my new nickname for his rowdy railbirds) are acting up and chest bumping. Joe Connor was busted in 23rd place. There are 22 players left.

5:59pm... Phil Ivey had $2.5M in chips. Kantor is up to $5M.

6:01pm... Tex Barge won a $2M pot off of Minh Ly.

6:11pm... Minh Ly moved all in with K-K. John McCrane called with A-Q. The flop was 10-6-5 with two hearts. The turn and river were blanks and Minh Ly doubled up. Mike Matusow yelled out, "Speak English Minh! Good job."

5:15pm... Here is today's payout strutcure:
10 - 12 $600,000
13 - 15 $400,000
16 - 18 $350,000
19 - 27 $304,680
6:17pm... Featured Table update: The biggest hand of the Main Event just happened... $5.5M pot. The flop was all clubs... Q-7-9. Andy Black flopped a set with the Hilton Sisters and Joe Hachem flopped the nut flush. The river and turn were blanks and the Aussies on the rail began their chant "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy, oy, oy!" I like them better than Kantor's Klowns. Andy Black doubled up Hachem.

6:21pm... Conor Tate caught a runner runner straight flush to double up against Brad Kondracki. Tate hit his flush on the turn. All the money went in on the flop.

6:27pm... Minh Ly won a huge hand when he hit a set on the turn with his pocket fours against Tommy Vu. Now it looks like Tommy Vu is out in 22nd place.

6:35pm... Featured Table update: On a flop of J-2-7, Steven Dannemann took forver to call Andy Black's all in bet. Andy showed A-J and Steven flipped over 10-10. Andy Black doubled up after Steven's hand didn't improve.

6:42pm... Johnny Howard doubled up with pocket aces against Bryant King. 23 minutes left in this level. The players will be going on a dinner break then.

6:45pm... Bernard Lee moved all in with pocket Aces. Shawn Sheikhan called with the Hilton Sisters. The flop was J-J-9. The turn and river were blanks and Lee doubled up. He now had $1.6M.

6:47pm... This is my blog and I will write what I want. If you are new to this blog which thousands of you are... you need to read my FAQ section.

6:51pm... Mike Matusow went heads up with Shawn Sheikhan preflop. Shawn had K-K and Matusow showed A-J. The flop and turn was all rags. The river didn't help Matusow and Shawn doubled up.

6:52pm... Bryant King was just eliminated by Daniel Bergsdorf's pocket aces in 21st place.

7:01pm... Minh Ly's 99 ran into Daniel Bergdorf's A-A. Yes, he hit aces again.

7:02pm... Featured Table update: Phil Ivey was all in with J-J against Aaron Kantor's pocket Kings. The flop was K-4-8 with two diamonds. The turn was a diamond and Phil Ivey picked up a flush draw. He didn't catch a diamond and was elimianted in 20th place. Fuck. I had money on Phil.

7:05pm... The deck is hitting Daniel Bergsdorf in the face. He picked up K-K and wa sall in preflop again against Minh Ly's A-J. Daniel's K-K held up and Minh Ly was busted in 19th place.

7:08pm... Players are on a dinner break until 8:30pm. Don't hurt yourselves while I am away.

7:53pm... Here are chip counts according to Heather & Jen at Poker Wire:
Aaron Kanter $6.725M
Daniel Bergsdorf $6.5M
Joseph Hachem $6.5M
Mike Matusow $6.3M
Tex Barch $5.975M
Andrew Black $4.6M
Steve Dannenmann $3.1M
Scott Lazar $2.6M
Shawn Sheikhan $2.1M
Ayhan Alsancak $1.9M
Bernard Lee $1.8M
Conor Tate $1.7M
Michael Kessler $1.45M
Johnny Howard $1.215M
Tiffany Williamsen $1.1M
Oskar Silow $605K
Brad Kondracki $500K
John McGrane $310K
8:13pm... Go read my buddy Sapceman's article over at Poker Player Newspaper called Poker and Nascar.

8:15pm... Usually I drink with Otis on my dinner breaks, but I took off by myself and ran down the escalator by the sports book. It felt good to walk around outside instead of being held captive inside the Rio. I wandered over to Golden Gate because I like their Bay City Diner. It was packed so I resorted to walking over the The Plaza and ate Subway while talking to my brother. He told me that the Yankees beat the Red Sox. He gave up on reading through my comments due to the sheer volume. It seems all of my fellow poker bloggers have also stopped reading them too mostly out of the lack of content. I don't blame them. Anyway, I wandered back to Binion's and chatted with Tom from Antes Up Both of his guys Andy Black and Conor tate are still alive. Everyone in Ireland is on the edge of their seat following their prgoress.

8:20pm... When action resumes, we will be on Level 28. Antes will be $10K and blinds will be $30K/$60K. We're down to 18 players and two tables. I'll find out who got moved.

8:40pm... Here's who busted out today:
27 Pre Hildebrand $304,680
26 Tom Sartori $304,680
25 Greg Raymer $304,680
24 Tim Phan $304,680
23 Joe Connor $304,680
22 Timmy Vu $304,680
21 Bryant King $304,680
20 Phil Ivey $304,680
19 Minh Ly $304,680
8:45pm... Brad Kondacki doubled up against Bernard Lee.

8:48pm... John McCrane moved all in with A-9. Joe Hachem called with A-10. Hachem caught a straight on the river so John McCrane was eliminated in 18th place. He won $350K.

8:55pm... New table assignments:
Featured TV Table
Seat 1: Mike Matusow
Seat 2: Oskal Silow
Seat 3: Michael Kessler
Seat 4: Ayhan Alsancak
Seat 5: Steve Dannemann
Seat 6: Shawn Sheikman
Seat 7: Andy Black
Seat 8: Scott Lazur
Seat 9: Daniel Bergdorf

Other Table
Seat 1: Tex Barch
Seat 2: Tiffany Williamsen
Seat 3: Brad Kondracki
Seat 4: Aaron Kanter
Seat 5: Joseph Hachem
Seat 6: Bernard Lee
Seat 7: Johnny Howard
Seat 8: Conor Tate
9:09pm... Featured Table update: Michael Kessler moved all in with A-K versus Scott Lazur's Q-Q. The flop: 10d-4d-Js. The turn was 10s and the river was a 10 and Scott Lazur's Hilton Sisters held up. Michael Kessler finished in 17th place. He won $350K. He got a nice applause from the audience.

9:18pm... Tiffany Williamsen and Brad Kondraki were all in preflop. Tiffany had A-3 and Brad flipped over Big Slick. The flop was K-9-2 and Brad caught top pair with top kicker. Tiffany's hand did not improve and she doubled up Kondraki.

9:26pm... Tiffany Williamsen moved all in with A-10. Joe Hachem called with 6-4o and Tffany's hand held up. She doubled up.

9:32pm... Johnny Howard moved all in with the Hilton Sisters and Aaron Kantor called with A-10. The flop was: K-J-7. The turn was a Ten and the river was a Queen. Yes, Kantor caught a runner-runner straight to bust Johnny Howard. He finishes in 16th place and won $350K.

9:43pm... Tiffany Williamsen moved all in with pocket fives and Tex Barch called with J-8. Tex caught a Jack on the turn and took the lead. The river was no help for Tiffany Williamsen and she finished in 15th place. She's finished better than any other women. She has the highest cash ever at the WSOP main event for a women. She won $440K. Andy Bloch mentioned that she had the highest percentage finish out of any other female in history... which he felt was more impressive. Say what you want about her play... she outlasted 5003 players.

10:00pm... Action slowed down and it's been very quiet the last 15 minutes. I've finally caught up on reading my mail in one of my email accounts!

10:06pm... Some chip counts: Andy Black has $6.3M. Mike Matusow has $3.5M. Dniel Bergdof has $5.5. Steve Dannemann has $4.1. Joe Hachem has $6.3. Tex Barch has $6.5. And Aaron Kantor is the chipleader with $7.7M.

10:21pm... Sweden's Oskar Silow, an online qualifier, moved all in with A-10 and Aaron Kanter called with pocket Queens. Kanter flopped a set and it was all over. Oskar goes home with $400K after his 14th place finish. Too bad he's gone. He's part of the reason all those hot Swedish girls were around.

10:23pm... Featured Table update: Andy Black won a big pot after he raised to $250K preflop and got 3 callers. He moved all in on the flop and everyone folded.

10:29pm... Featured Table update: Mike Matusow is starting to steam. He said, "I haven't seen a hand over 8-4 off suit in two hours." He mucked his cards hard and they almost flew off the table.

10:38pm... Bernard Lee moved all in on a flop if K-6-3 with K-7. Aaron Kanter called with Q-6. Aaron Kanter caught a 6 on the river and his trips were good enough to knock our Bernard Lee. He finished in 13th place and collected $400K.

10:40pm... Featured Table update: Andy Black is being moved off the feature table and to the other table. Matusow picked up two pots. Players are on a break.

11:05pm... Break time is over. Cards are in the air. Level 29 is beginning. $10K antes and $40K/$80K blinds.

11:06pm... Here are some quick chip counts:
Table 1:
Seat 1: Tex Barch $6.2M
Seat 2: Brad Kondraki $2.6M
Seat 3: Aaron Kantor $9.6M (chipleader)
Seat 4: Joe Hachem $6.3
Seat 5: Andy Black $6.3M
Seat 6: Connor Tate $2.3M

Feature Table:
Seat 1: Mike Matusow $4.9M
Seat 2: Ayhan Alskantk $2.4
Seat 3: Steve Dannemann $3.9M
Seat 4: Shawn Sheikhan $570K
Seat 5: Scott Lazur $5.4M
Seat 6: Daniel Bergsdorf $5.1M
11:18pm... Featured Table update: Shawn and Mike Matusow are jawing at each other. Mike told him, "How about I spot you a million and I'll beat you out of the rest?" That got the crowd all fired up. Shawn is the guy who disrespected the dealer last night and made her cry.

11:22pm... Battle of the Irishmen: Andy Black has K-K and Conor Tate flipped over Big Slick. Andy's pocket Kings held up and Conor Tate was eliminated in 12th place. He won $600K. Andy Black might have almost $9M... don't know exactly, but he has at least $8M.

11:23pm... Bouncin Round the Room: I left the room during the break. Benny's Bullpen is located upstairs and I took the escalator to the first level near the poker room, which was packed. Outside on Fremont Street, it was crowded with tourists who were listening to a band. I contemplated getting a deep fried Twinkie across the sctreet but settled for a quick beer downstairs in the sports book.

11:27pm... Featured Table update: Shawn Sheikham and Mike Matusow finally went heads up after jawing at one another for the last thirty minutes. Matusow had K-Q or the Kournikova. Shawn showed A-J and flopped A-10-4. Matusow had outs when a Queen fell on the turn, but a King on the river gave Shawn the Broadway straight and he doubled up.

11:37pm... Featured Table update: Mike Matusow won a small pot and the crowd cheered. Matusow threw up his arms in the air and welcomed the clapping. Mike Paulle mumbled, "They're not cheering for you Mike. They just feel sorry for you." Ouch. Even from press row, Matusow is getting railed on.

11:45pm... Andy Black is our new chipleader with $11M. He's running over his table. Matusow had $4.7M.

11:51pm... Featured Table update: Mike Matusow won a $1.5M pot with pocket kings.

12:06am... Featured Table update: Mike Matusow knocked out his nemesis... Shawn Sheikham when he caught a nut flush. Shawn took 11th place and won $600K. We're comsilidating to one table. 10 players remain.

12:09am... Erik Seidel and Andy Bloch (who had been here most of tonight) are now hanging out in press row.

12:20am... The cards are back in the air! After 5619 players, we are down to 10. There is one hour left at this level. Here is the final table:
Seat 1: Joe Hachem $7.1M
Seat 2: Andy Black $12.5M (chipleader - pictured above)
Seat 3: Tex Barch $4.8
Seat 4: Ayhan Alanchak $2.4M
Seat 5: Daniel Bergdorf $4.1M
Seat 6: Mike Matusow $6.3
Seat 7: Aaron Kantor $8.3M
Seat 8: Brad Kondracki $1.1M
Seat 9: Steve Dannemann $6.3M
Seat 10: Scott Lazar $3.7M
There are players represented from Australia, America, Sweden, and Ireland.

12:35am... We've began an intense discussion in media row on two sponsors here at the WSOP: Milwaukee Best Light and Levitra. "What are they trying to tell us?" Andy Bloch asked? My answer, "Get drunk and get laid."

12:40am... Play has tightened up.

1:05am... We're rapping with the ESPN crew, specifically the second unit. They are sitting down, kinda bored too. They are reduced to waiting to tape the expressions on the faces of wifes and families just in case one of their loved ones go all in.

1:09am... I decided to begin my write up about today's action... multi-tasking... as I wait for an interstinghand to happen. The Main Event Final Table bubble is slow, tedious, and not-as-much-fun-as-you-think... especially when you have to take a piss and are holding it in!

1:12am... In a pot with $1.5M, Andy Black bet $1M on the flop with K-Q-9 and two hearts. Everyone folded and he showed just 10-8 for 10 high. Gotta love that move.

1:16am... The short stack is Brad Kondraki with $880K. Andy Black is our chip leader with $13.9M.

1:27am... Players are on a 15 minute break. Ayhan Alsancak is the short stack with $1.1M. Matusow has $6.7M.

1:45am... We are on Level 10. The blinds are $50K/$100K and antes are $10K.

1:49am... Andy Black won a big pot when he rivered a straight against Tex Barge.

1:52am... Flipchip posted a great entry about Greg Raymer called Goodbye Raymer & Thanks

1:53am... The Aussies just chanted after Hachem won a pot.

2:02am... On a flop of 10-4-4, Joe Hachem and Daniel Bergsdorf both moved all in. Bergsdorf had pokcet aces and Hachem showed pocket nines. Bergdorf's aces held up and he doubled up against Hachem.

2:13am... Everyone is tired. From the ESPN crew, to the annoucners, to the media reps, and the crowd... fatigue has set in. I'm expecting to be here another hour.

2:20am... Here are some chipcounts:
Seat 1: Joe Hachem $4.5M
Seat 2: Andy Black $13.1M (chipleader - pictured above)
Seat 3: Tex Barch $4.4M
Seat 4: Ayhan Alanchak $1.3M (shortstack)
Seat 5: Daniel Bergdorf $6M
Seat 6: Mike Matusow $7.6M
Seat 7: Aaron Kantor $8M
Seat 8: Brad Kondracki $1.5M
Seat 9: Steve Dannemann $5.7M
Seat 10: Scott Lazar $4M
2:25am... The $10M pot!! Mike Matusow raised in EP. Andy Black called, Tex Barge raised, Matusow mucked, and Andy Black moved all in over the top of Tex Barge. For a few minutes Tex satthere pondering the call. He eventually decided that he had the best hand with pocket Jacks and moved all in. Andy Black reluctantly showed K-J. The crowd rose to it's feet with anticipation. ESPN's camera crew scrambled into action. The flop was: A-3-4. The turn was a Queen, which gave Andy Black few more outs. The river was a 3 and Andy Black doubled up Tex Barch. Yeah, Tex won one of the biggest hands of the tournament and moved into the chiplead.

2:38am... Ayhan Alanchak moved all in preflop with the Hilton Sisters and Scott Lazur called with Ah-Jh. Scott flopped a money card when an ace fell. Everyone was ready to go home. I began to type "Ayhan Alanchak finished in 10th place" when Ayhan Alanchak caught a two outer after a Queen fell. Live poker is rigged. Insanity. Bedlam. The crowd went beserk. I want to go home, but we're staying here for a little while longer.

2:54am... Mike Matusow is on tilt. "I'm so bored!" he yelled, "I'm gonna raise every hand. If no one is going tobust anyone, then I'm gonna do it. No more Rocky. Always leave the hard work to me."

2:59am... At least 45 minutes left in this level. Ayhan Alsancak started the day as the short stack and he survived all the way to the last 10 players. Impressive. I wrote the first draft of today's recap (minus a few sentences) and transferred some cash from my Poker Stars account to my brother's account.

3:04am... Ayhan Alsancak moved all in on a flop of 7h-3h-3c withh Q-Q. Aaron Kantor moved all in with Ah-10h with the nut flush draw. Aaron Kantor caught the flush on the river. Ayhan Alsancak came in 10th and won $600K. We are now down to nine players. See everyone on Friday at 4pm!

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